Chapter 52 – Danger

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After returning to the real world, Zhao Fu left his room and prepared to go down to the restaurant that was for members of the collateral family. The collateral family has lower status than even the branch families because the branch families have pure Ying family blood.

Even though the treatment of the collateral family was not as good as the main family or branch families’, it was still not bad. Members of the collateral family could eat whatever they wanted and however much they wanted, and it would be paid for by the Ying family.

It was a clear day today, and there were very few clouds in the sky. The sun was high in the sky, and its rays were quite hot.

Within a building, a slightly-skinny middle-aged man watched Zhao Fu walk through his sniper scope. A trace of a smile appeared on his face as he slowly aimed the sniper rifle towards Zhao Fu’s head and slowly pressed down on the trigger. He acted as if he had already seen Zhao Fu’s head explode as his brain and blood splattered everywhere.

Zhao Fu was walking down the path when he saw that someone had dropped a $1 coin. That person must have been quite rich and satisfied to not bother picking up a $1 coin, and Zhao Fu bent over to pick it up.


Zhao Fu’s hairs stood on end when he heard the gunshot. He felt something shoot over his head, causing his mind to go blank. His heart rapidly thumped, and he felt as if time had slowed down as he breathed heavily.

In the next second, Zhao Fu dove into the shrubbery beside him, and after crawling through, he started to run for his life.


Another gunshot rang out by the time the nearby people also reacted and started to chaotically run around. Zhao Fu took this opportunity to run back into his room and slam the door shut. He leaned against the door, his body slightly trembling. He never expected death to be so close to him; if he hadn't bent down, his head would have been hit by that bullet.

The middle-aged man silently cursed as an ugly expression appeared on his face when he saw Zhao Fu run back into the building. The man threw away his sniper rifle and chose to escape because he knew what he was doing.

This man was called Zhou Qian, and he was part of an assassin organization. When he first received this request, he was quite hesitant because he knew how terrifying the Five Great Families were. Even a top-tier assassin organization wouldn’t dare to easily offend them.

However, the request this time was a member of the collateral family who did not look too important. He wasn’t part of the main family and killing him wouldn’t draw too much attention. The reward for this request was $60 million, and $30 million had been transferred to him already. Moreover, the client would provide a way for him to escape overseas, which was why Zhou Qian dared to take such a great risk.

In the beginning, he had tried to infiltrate the district, but this was no ordinary district. Even though only members of the collateral family were living here, the security was still top notch, so Zhou Qian could only try to snipe Zhao Fu.

However, now that he had failed, he had to escape. The Ying family would soon come here to investigate.

In his room, Zhao Fu gradually calmed down. Without needing to think about it, Zhao Fu already knew who was behind this. Apart from the Li family, who saw him as a threat and wanted to get rid of him, who would do such a thing? They must have found out that he possessed the Ying family’s bloodline and were worried that he would establish himself and make trouble for the Li family, so they tried to kill him quickly.

“Li family! One day, I’ll destroy your entire family,” Zhao Fu said icily.

In her last words, Zhao Fu’s mother had told him not to seek revenge against the Li family. Even after he obtained the Great Qin’s legacy, he had gone about his own matters and did not think about his past with the Li family, nor did he consider harming the Li family.

However, the Li family had crossed Zhao Fu’s bottom line time and time again, and he had nearly died just then. Zhao Fu’s hatred towards the Li family reached its peak, and he clenched his fists and gritted his teeth.

However, after Zhao Fu came back to his senses, he realized that he was nothing in the real world. He had no money or power, so how could he escape from such a powerful family?

Today they had sent a sniper, but tomorrow they could send people to kill him directly, and the day after they might choose to use poison. Since he had become a thorn in their hearts, they would do everything they could to kill him.

Perhaps he could reveal that he was Great Qin’s Legatee and receive the full support of the Ying family. After all, the Ying family was one of the Five Great Families and was much more powerful than the Li family.

Even though the Great Tang Empire was a ‘Celestial Empire’ and was much more powerful than the Sui Dynasty’s Yang family, the Qin Dynasty’s Ying family had gathered its strength for hundreds of years more than the Li family. As such, he could use the Ying family to destroy the Li family.

If Zhao Fu could wipe out the Li family and make Li Zhe kneel in front of his mother’s grave and repent before killing him, it would simply be perfect!

“Hahahahaha…” Zhao Fu suddenly started to laugh at his own naivety. “Do you think that the Ying family will passionately welcome you and treat you as the master of the Ying family if you stand up and yell that you’re the Great Qin’s Legatee? Do you really think that’s possible?”

Zhao Fu couldn’t help but mock himself. He was merely an outsider that had a bit of the Ying family’s blood, so how could they give him the Ying family? Who would accept the Ying family being given to an outsider?

The main family members looked down greatly on those who were even worse than the branch families. If the Ying family built an empire in the Heaven Awaken World, the collateral family members would be at the lowest rank of the hierarchy, and they would only be used to consolidate the Ying family’s rule.

Once he announced his identity, the Ying family would announce him to be the master of Great Qin on the surface. However, the Ying family would secretly use many methods to control him. If the main family could take the Great Qin Legacy away from him, he would lose his value and most likely be killed by them.

“In this world, brothers can kill brothers and fathers can kill their sons for their own gain. Anyone would do anything for his or her own benefit, so how could they not lay their hands on you, who they see as an outsider?”

As such, even if Zhao Fu announced his identity, he would not necessarily be safe. He would be in a precarious situation with the Li family threatening him openly and the Ying family threatening him secretly. It would be almost impossible for him to protect himself.

Right now, anyone could easily crush him to death – that was how weak he was.

That was the problem: the Li family and the Ying family were both incredibly dangerous, and he could escape from neither of them. What should he do? Zhao Fu lapsed into deep thought.

Suddenly, someone knocked on his door, surprising him. Zhao Fu turned to look at the door.

“Is Mr. Zhao available?” A woman said. Zhao Fu was familiar with this voice, and when he looked through the peephole, he saw a woman standing outside with a few security guards.



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