Chapter 59 – School of Yin Yang

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Everyone else went over with looks of curiosity because everyone had also felt the same anticipation that Zhao Fu had felt. The plate of julienned radishes looked incredibly delicious, yet Zhao Fu had spat out a mouthful after trying it.

Some of the waitresses walked over and also tried a mouthful each before they all spat out the radishes. Huo Qing felt awkward to the point of death, and he could only stand there and sigh to himself.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu tried the other dishes. Most of them were quite good, and the final dish he tried was also a plate of julienned radishes. They looked quite similar to Huo Qing’s and were presented quite well as well. After his last horrible experience, Zhao Fu felt quite wary, but in order to be fair, he still tried it.

Zhao Fu immediately tasted a flavor that was not something that a normal person could come up with. The radishes were sweet and crisp without a trace of spiciness or zest. After trying a mouthful, it made Zhao Fu immediately want to eat another mouthful.

“Who made this?” Zhao Fu looked up towards the chefs.

At this moment, a tall and slim young woman wearing an old-fashioned long skirt and a veil stepped out. Even though no one could see her facial features, everyone knew that she was definitely a beauty.

A beauty like this with such astonishing culinary skills definitely wasn’t here for the high wages. Zhao Fu’s expression became serious and said to the others, “Go outside for a while and wait for me to announce the results!”

The others felt that something was strange and all left.

After seeing Zhao Fu’s expression when eating those julienned radishes, Huo Qing looked as if he had seen a true master. He ran over with a big smile and said enthusiastically to the mysterious woman, “Beauty, I’ll come to learn from under you as my master in the future!”

After saying this, Huo Qing happily raced off.

“Who are you? A great goddess like you isn’t fitting for my little restaurant,” Zhao Fu said as he looked at the mysterious woman.

The mysterious woman slightly smiled and said, “I’m not a great goddess; I’m just a little commoner who thinks that food is the first necessity of man.”

Zhao Fu frowned in surprise before his expression became even more serious. He never thought that he would meet someone from the Hundred Schools of Thought so early on – ‘Food is the first necessity of man,’ was definitely something only someone from the School of Gourmet would say.

“People from the Hundred Schools of Thought all have prestigious statuses; this little restaurant is not suitable for such a grand figure like yourself. It’s better for you to seek employment elsewhere!”

Everyone from the Hundred Schools of Thought was quite dangerous, so how could Zhao Fu dare to keep someone like this woman around without knowing her intentions? Anyone who underestimated the Hundred School of Thoughts would die a horrible death.

The woman heard the wariness in Zhao Fu’s voice and did not seem angry at all. Her countenance did not change at all, and a faint smile appeared on her face as she said elegantly, “Sir, there’s no need to be so wary of the School of Gourmet; we’re just a small group of people and don’t have any wild ambitions. We’re not at all interested in conquering the world or establishing an everlasting kingdom; we just want to peacefully make food and see satisfied smiles on the faces of our customers.”

The wariness in Zhao Fu’s heart receded slightly. However, he still asked, “How do you know I can create that peace for you?”

“Sir, even though everyone from the Hundred School of Thoughts belongs to a School, we all still have their own overriding interests and masters. Some have our own faith, others want to realize their grand ambitions, and others simply want peace in the world. This lowly one cannot represent the entire School of Gourmet, but I can say on behalf of myself that all I want is for you to give me peace and security, ‘Your Majesty!’”

Zhao Fu felt incredibly stunned, and his gaze became cold as he asked the woman, “How did you know my identity?”

The mysterious woman lightly laughed as she replied, “Even though this lowly one is part of the School of Gourmet, my little sister is a Lesser Arbiter of Fate of the School of Yin Yang’s Five Elements Branch. As such, I also understand some of the School of Yin Yang’s Yin Yang Techniques.”

“Yin Yang Techniques?” Zhao Fu frowned. What this woman was talking about seemed quite fantasy-like, but after seeing god Kerr himself, he realized that supernatural forces did indeed exist here.

Even though Zhao Fu was quite doubtful of the supernatural, China’s history was quite mysterious and profound, so perhaps such things really existed.

At this moment, the mysterious woman started to explain, “Your Majesty, this lowly one can see that the fate above your head is a Dark Gold Dragon Light. It’s a fate that only those with a Legacy have, which was how this lowly one was able to guess your identity.”

Zhao Fu let out a sigh of relief. She only knew that he was a Legatee, and his personal identity had not been somehow leaked.

“Your Majesty, since you want to hide your identity, this item can help you mask your fate here, though it won’t be able to hide it in the real world. Even though one cannot bring things from the Heaven Awaken World into the real world, your fate is something that remains with you. However, you don’t need to worry about meeting someone from the School of Yin Yang or the School of Taoism – it’s rare for them to see the fate of a Son of Heaven.”

As she spoke, the mysterious woman handed Zhao Fu a normal-looking and slightly crude jade pendant. Zhao Fu looked at it curiously.

[Jade Pendant – Concealment]: Description: A normal jade pendant that has been affected by Yin Yang Techniques, and it can hide one’s fate.

Zhao Fu felt quite surprised when he saw the description. It seemed that the system recognized the existence of Yin Yang Techniques, so those supernatural things really did exist in this world. The Hundred Schools of Thoughts truly had mysterious and wonderful abilities.

Zhao Fu decided that he would believe this mysterious woman’s words for now. Of course, he would only give her a position as a chef, and he would not reveal anything important to her. He looked at her and said, “I can hire you, but I hope what you said is true. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless.”

The mysterious woman lightly nodded. From her self-introduction at the beginning of the session, Zhao Fu knew that her name was He Xianru.

Zhao Fu left the matter at that and let out a breath. When he thought about everyone else still waiting outside, he went out to announce the results. He Xianru gave a smile that could topple cities and followed Zhao Fu out.

After walking out and seeing the group of people waiting for the results, Zhao Fu announced the five people who he had chosen, including He Xianru. Of course, he did not hire Huo Qing, that scammer.

The other people who were rejected left dispiritedly, but Huo Qing ran over to He Xianru and said, “Beauty, can you please take me as your disciple? I promise that I won’t cause you to lose face!”


Everyone, including Huo Qing, was quite surprised when He Xianru immediately agreed. After thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided that keeping him around to chop some of the ingredients and do some of the odd-jobs wouldn’t be too bad.

After tying up some loose ends, Zhao Fu spent some more money and made two signs. Both of these signs were made from Blue grade wood, and their color was quite pleasing to the eye.



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