Chapter 76 – Exceptional and Famous Swords

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Editor: Modlawls123

Zhao Fu called Xiao Jian over, and by now, most of his injuries had recovered. However, his body was still quite weak, and there were a few scars on his face, making his decent-looking face seem quite terrifying.

Zhao Fu offered to give him some medicinal pills to help with the scarring, but Xiao Jian refused, saying, “I want to keep these scars to remember everything that happened and to motivate myself to become stronger.”


“This is for you, Xiao Jian!” Zhao Fu handed Xiao Jian the SS grade Orb.

Xiao Jian received it with some hesitation, but after looking at it, he felt incredibly emotional. He knelt down on one knee and said, “Thank you for your great favor, Your Majesty!”

Zhao Fu lightly nodded and replied, “I value you greatly, so don’t let me down.”

Xiao Jian quickly nodded and promised that he wouldn’t. He then thought of something and quickly took out a blueprint before saying, “Your Majesty, this is a wine brewing recipe from our village; perhaps it will be of use to Your Majesty.”

Zhao Fu took it and looked at it.

[Hundred Flower Wine Recipe]: Can create fragrant and enchanting wine from flowers.

After looking at the recipe, Zhao Fu decided that it could be the signature wine of the Westfall Restaurants. Right now, they were using normal wine that any village could create, so the Hundred Flower Wine would attract quite a few customers.

Zhao Fu accepted the recipe and chatted with Xiao Jian for a while before a soldier came in to report that the General Platform had been completed. Zhao Fu went over to the General Platform and thought about who he would make Generals. In the end, he decided on the three people who had been with him since the beginning: Old Logue, Zhang Dahu, and Liu Mei.

After taking care of these matters, Zhao Fu took the teleportation channel to Holy Light City and went to a Smithy. The guard outside respectfully saluted him, and Zhao Fu nodded before walking to the door and knocking.

Gongsun Lin said from within with an annoyed voice, “Who is it? Go away and don’t bother me!”

An awkward expression appeared on Zhao Fu’s face as he replied, “It’s me!”

Hearing Zhao Fu’s voice, Gongsun Lin quickly ran over to open the door. When she saw Zhao Fu, she asked, “Zhao Xin, why are you here?”

Zhao Fu looked at Gongsun Lin, whose face and clothes were covered with soot, and she was no longer as cute as she had been at the auction. Now, she looked like a real blacksmith.

Zhao Fu smiled before taking out the Black Iron Ore and giving it to her. Gongsun Lin immediately exclaimed happily, “Zhao Xin! You obtained yet another Gold grade material!”

Zhao Fu nodded and replied, “I want to use this to make a large saber.”

Gongsun Lin happily nodded and replied, “I’ll forge it after I’m done with the shield!”

Zhao Fu asked, “How long will it be until the shield is completed?”

“About that…” Gongsun Lin tilted her head in deep contemplation before saying, “Maybe another five or six days!”

Zhao Fu talked with Gongsun Lin a bit more, and when he saw just how crazy she was about forging, he reminded her not to overwork herself because he wasn’t in a rush for the shield.

When she heard Zhao Fu’s caring words, her face became red, and she nodded, indicating that she understood, before running back in to work on the shield.

After that, Zhao Fu left the Smithy. Some people may have been curious as to why Zhao Fu trusted Gongsun Lin so much as to even give her such precious materials.

In actuality, he believed that she was someone from the Gongsun family from the very beginning because the aura she gave off was not one that anyone could have. Moreover, every large family had pride – for example, ancient forging families have forged many exceptional and famous swords, but none of them had ever used them for themselves. As such, it was unlikely that Gongsun Lin would be blinded by greed and betray him.

Moreover, Zhao Fu was now a massive force among players. If anyone dared to steal his materials, that person would not be able to live in the Forest of Horrors anymore. Right now, players could only develop where they had spawned, and it was almost impossible for them to run away.

Just as Zhao Fu arrived at the Westfall Restaurant, someone came to report, “There are two people here to see you!”

Zhao Fu nodded and went to the guest hall. He saw that both people were military men with deep auras. Zhao Fu understood what was happening and a slight smile appeared on his face as he asked, “Hello, what matters would you like to discuss with me?”

The leading middle-aged man did not try to hide anything and said forthrightly, “My name is Tang Zhan and this is my subordinate Qiu Wenjie. We’re from the military faction in the Forest of Horrors. We would like you to join our military faction and work for our country. The country will definitely greatly reward you in the future.”

Zhao Fu’s smile did not change as he immediately refused, “Sorry, but I’m not interested in joining the army.”

What a joke – which large family would join the military faction? It would be better to be a king of robbers than to be restricted by so many rules and regulations. And the rewards? Zhao Fu was the Legatee of the Great Qin Empire, so why would he want rewards from the country? Moreover, who could guarantee that the military faction would be able to unify the world? Who didn’t have their own ambitions?

Qiu Wenjie said with displeasure, “What sort of attitude is that? Serving the country is a very glorious matter.”

Zhao Fu lightly chuckled – taking glory in serving one’s country was indeed an attitude people would have taken in the past, but times had long since changed. After a long time of peace and enjoyment, people’s hearts had changed. Those words couldn’t move anyone now, and they were instead taken as a joke.

However, Zhao Fu felt some respect towards the soldiers who were loyal to their country. He respected them for being willing to sacrifice their lives for their country, and he also respected them for the effort they put in and the price they paid to be soldiers. However, if they became enemies, he would not show any mercy when destroying them.

Even though Zhao Fu didn’t want to do such a thing, if it really came to it, he would not hold back. In the Heaven Awaken World, it was currently a very chaotic and violent period of time.

Qiu Wenjie was quite angry when he saw Zhao Fu’s expression, but just as he was about to say something, Tang Zhan stopped him and said, “Mr. Zhao, we hope that you will think about this some more. The military faction will welcome you at any time; we have some other matters to attend to, so we’ll be taking our leave now.”

Zhao Fu nodded and replied, “Take care, I won’t be seeing you out.”

After leaving the Westfall Restaurant, Qiu Wenjie said unhappily, “Captain, what was with Zhao Xin’s attitude? The military faction put down its pride to invite him, but he didn’t even think about it before refusing.”

Tang Zhao sighed and replied, “Alright, that’s enough. Times have changed, as have people’s hearts. What you said just then won’t be able to win anyone over, and in such a chaotic world, I don’t even know if what we’re holding on to is the right thing.”



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