Chapter 80 – Heaven Exterminating Sword

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Within the crater, Zhao Fu feebly took out six bottles, which contained roughly 300 or so Little Spirit Pills, and he swallowed all of them with great difficulty. He then consumed the remaining Explosive Spirit Pills.

The instant he swallowed all of these medicinal pills, Zhao Fu felt as if his heart had been gripped by a pair of large hands, causing it to thump with a low sound, and his entire body was wracked with pain by the powerful medicinal energy.

“Arghhhhh!!!” Zhao Fu tilted his head back and screamed in pain, and his body doubled in size as his veins bulged. His entire body became red, and his skin seemed to be on the verge of tearing – indeed, Zhao Fu’s body was almost at the point of exploding.

Zhao Fu stopped screaming as large amounts of blood-colored aura streamed out from his body. Over in the Great Qin Village’s Village Hall, the Twelve Metal Colossi clanged noisily as a massive amount of killing energy flooded into Zhao Fu’s body.


An explosion sounded out as an aura that was extremely powerful burst forth from Zhao Fu’s body.

At the mouth of the crater, the mysterious Skeleton coldly gazed at the black and blood-red aura streaming out.


Suddenly, a figure flashed out like a blur, and the mysterious Skeleton quickly used its sword to defend. However, it was still forced back by 10 or so meters.

There was now a figure where the mysterious Skeleton had originally been standing. Zhao Fu’s appearance had completely changed: is muscles bulged, his expression was savage, and his eyes started to leak blood. Massive amounts of black and blood-red aura streamed out of his body, making him seem like a demonic god.

Zhao Fu gripped a bronze sword with each hand, and four bronze swords floated behind him. The six swords gave off a bronze light, making it seem as if Zhao Fu was dressed in bronze clothing.

Right after forcing the mysterious Skeleton back, Zhao Fu rushed towards it and appeared above it in an instant. The two swords in his hand were filled with terrifying power as they hacked down at the mysterious Skeleton.

The mysterious Skeleton coldly harrumphed, and its 4-meter long golden sword lightly hummed as it also released a powerful slash.


The three swords collided, resulting in a massive explosion. The air seemed to be blasted apart, and even the ground beneath them cracked and sank down to form what looked like the inverse of a tortoise’s shell.

In that instant, a 500-meter wide, 50-meter deep crater was formed.

Under a pile of dirt, a golden sword light flashed, sending dirt and rocks flying, and the mysterious Skeleton crawled out, looking wretched.

It looked at Zhao Fu, who was in front of it, and dragged its 4-meter long golden sword as it roared and charged at Zhao Fu.

The 4-meter long golden sword gave off clear hums as traces of golden aura arose from it. The sword gave off a terrifying destructive aura, and even the ground was unable to withstand its power. As the mysterious Skeleton rushed up, the ground sank down wherever the sword passed over.

Zhao Fu raised the swords in his hands, and adding on the four swords behind him, the six swords hummed as bronze sword light covered the surrounding 100-meter radius area. An extremely powerful sword aura was formed, and under this aura, the ground started to disappear.

The mysterious Skeleton rushed up to Zhao Fu and brandished its massive, golden sword, sweeping it towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu raised the 2 bronze swords in his hand and slashed towards the mysterious Skeleton with an extremely powerful sword aura.


A shocking explosion sounded out as Zhao Fu’s swords crossed with the mysterious Skeleton’s golden sword, annihilating everything around them. It was as if time and space had both disappeared.

Far away, Bai Qi and the others heard the continuous explosions and realized how terrifying the battle was. It was on a level that could destroy the heavens and the earth, and they were as powerless as a group of ants. All they could do was tremble when facing such power.  Back on the battlefield, Zhao Fu and the mysterious Skeleton both flew backwards and crashed onto the ground. Zhao Fu cried out and coughed up a large mouthful of blood, but the mysterious Skeleton did not fare so well this time either – its golden bones had started to crack.

Zhao Fu gritted his teeth and once again stood up before quickly going towards the mysterious Skeleton. The mysterious Skeleton also got to its feet and dragged its sword as it rushed towards Zhao Fu.

Explosions rang out as the two sides faced off in this decisive battle, and everything around them was reduced to nothing.

“Eight Direction Sword Cry!” The mysterious Skeleton used the skill that the Skeleton General had used before – eight massive rays of golden sword qi suddenly shot towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu raised one of the bronze swords as countless black and blood-red auras spiraled around the sword, making this ordinary-looking sword look like a demonic blade. Above the tip, 30 gigantic fireballs instantly appeared, which looked like 30 small suns, and covered the entire area with a destructive aura.

Zhao Fu pointed his sword at the mysterious Skeleton as the 30 massive fireballs flew towards it.


The eight massive rays of golden sword qi and the 30 gigantic fireballs collided. Both contained incredible power, and after slamming into each other, an even more terrifying might was unleashed, resulting in an incredibly destructive shockwave.

Everything around them either collapsed or was reduced to dust, and the shockwaves instantly covered the mysterious Skeleton and Zhao Fu as well.

After the dust settled, a 1,000-meter wide, 100-meter deep hole had appeared. Because of their battle, the area had been expanded.

Zhao Fu, covered in blood, climbed out of a heap of rock shards, while the mysterious Skeleton, covered with fractures, also climbed out of a pile of rubble.

By now, both sides had more or less run out of strength, and even their life forces were flickering. However, this was the moment that would determine victory or defeat.

“Heaven! Exterminating! Sword!” the mysterious Skeleton howled as it stood up and raised its 4-meter long golden sword upwards. A golden pillar of light shot up, forming a cloud layer of sword qi.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Sword qi collided in the air, releasing golden lightning. The golden cloud layer seemed to give off an aura that could exterminate the heavens, the earth, and all creatures.

Zhao Fu also stood up and roared, releasing a black pillar of light that rushed upwards.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Twelve ancient-looking bronze swords appeared above Zhao Fu’s head, and they released black lightning. An aura that seemed as if it could slaughter the heavens and the earth and cause all creatures to tremble in fear slowly emanated outwards.



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