Chapter 81 – King Armament

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The entire region trembled under the influence of these two terrifying forces, and it even affected the surface above them. Countless creatures reacted as if they had sensed a natural disaster, and the birds quickly flew away as the beasts started to run away.

In the underground area, the two sides started to release their destructive might.

The mysterious Skeleton tightly gripped its golden sword and roared as it sent all of its power into the golden sword, causing golden lightning to start encircling it.


The mysterious Skeleton’s strike towards Zhao Fu was simply indescribably powerful, and it seemed as if its sword could split the heavens and earth and destroy all life.

“Arghhhh!!!” Zhao Fu spread out his arms as he roared, and he was completely dyed in blood. The twelve bronze swords above his head released shocking black sword lights and let out a torrential amount of killing intent.

Zhao Fu brought his hands together with great difficulty, and the twelve bronze swords fused into an incredibly terrifying black sword light that shot towards the mysterious Skeleton.

This black sword light was also powerful beyond description, and it seemed as if it could destroy all natural laws and kill even gods.

Very soon, the golden sword light and black sword light collided.


An apocalyptic explosion sounded out as everything collapsed and turned into nothing. The golden pillar of light and black pillar of light rushed up through to the surface and into the clouds, causing the blue sky to suddenly darken.

Everyone in the Forest of Horrors heard this sound, and it was extremely terrifying. The Flood dragon in the Forest of Horrors, the pure-looking young woman in Holy Light City, the man in armor in Soldier Forest, and the elder in green robes in Demon Tree City were all frightened by the sound, and they all looked in the direction of the Great Qin Village.

The ordinary people quickly recovered after receiving a small fright. They were quite curious about the sound and started to discuss it among themselves.

The Flood dragon quickly moved its nest as far away from the Great Qin Village as possible. It was deathly silent around where the pillars of light had come from – all of the birds and beasts had long since run away, and even the remnant power made it so that living creatures did not dare to go near. Soon, the two pillars disappeared by themselves.


Five days later, Zhao Fu weakly opened his eyes and looked at Asani, who was carefully feeding him medicine.

Asani was carefully holding a bowl and using a spoon to feed Zhao Fu medicine. She was about to finish feeding him the medicine, and she was going to start healing him, as she was an Elven Priest. Even though her combat strength was not very strong, because she was still a young girl, her healing skills were abnormally powerful. As such, Li Si asked her to stay by Zhao Fu’s side and take care of his injuries.

When Asani saw that Zhao Fu had woken up, she excitedly ran out and yelled, “His Majesty’s alive!”

Following this, everyone ran over to Zhao Fu’s side. When they saw that he was awake, they all let out sighs of relief, and Zhao Fu couldn’t help but smile and say, “What are you all worried about? As a player, I won’t really die. At most, I won’t be able to enter the Heaven Awaken World for 10 days.”

“What are you saying, Your Majesty? Even though you won’t really die, you’re our esteemed Majesty, so how could we not feel worried about you?” Li Si said as he cupped his fists together.

Zhao Fu felt a warmth within his heart.

At this moment, Bai Qi handed a sword-shaped shard that was glowing with a golden light to Zhao Fu and said, “Your Majesty, this was the only thing that dropped after you killed the mysterious Skeleton.”

Zhao Fu received the shard. It was the shard that had been embedded in the mysterious Skeleton’s chest. Zhao Fu hadn’t expected to survive the battle, nor did he expect that he would have been able to kill the mysterious Skeleton. All he wanted to do was use all of his strength to land a final blow on it.

The shard was 10 centimeters long, and one side was a part of the edge of a sword, while the other side was fragmented. However, it still gave off a brilliant, golden light, and Zhao Fu looked at its description with a curious expression on his face.

[King Armament Shard]: A shard of what used to be a King Armament. It contains Ancient King Power, and it is an extremely dangerous item.

“So this is a fragment of a King Armament, which can only be obtained after possessing 24 General Armaments. And what’s Ancient King Power?” Zhao Fu suddenly thought of the golden light around the mysterious Skeleton – could that have been Ancient King Power? Could it be that the mysterious Skeleton had been so powerful because of this shard?

It was probably possible to fuse this shard with other things. Right now, the highest grade item that Zhao Fu had was the Star Slashing Sword, but this shard was supposed to be fused with General Armaments. Right now, he had 89 Soldier Souls, so he might be able to use it quite soon. There were also two other pieces of Gold grade equipment. Since five days had passed, Gongsun Lin had most likely finished forging the Gold grade shield, and she should be working on the saber now.

Those 2 pieces of Gold grade equipment were not for Zhao Fu to use, nor did he want to use them. An idea suddenly flashed in his mind as ordered for Rhode to be summoned.

Bai Qi immediately used the teleportation channel to go to Rhode Village and brought Rhode to where Zhao Fu was. The big-bearded Grey Dwarf came to Zhao Fu’s bed and asked respectfully, “What have you summoned me for, Your Majesty?”

Zhao Fu took out a rusty bronze command medallion – it was the Undead Command Seal that he had obtained from before. Zhao Fu then took off his Silver grade spatial ring and handed them to Rhode before asking, “Is it possible to fuse these two items together?”

Rhode looked at the command seal and the spatial ring closely before answering, “I can indeed fuse them, but it will take a few days, Your Majesty.”

Zhao Fu nodded and said, “Please fuse them then!”

Following this, Rhode took the two items and left.

Zhao Fu turned his mind to more serious matters and asked, “Did anything happen during the few days that I was asleep for?”

Li Si thought for a moment before replying, “There are no big internal matters to speak of. General Bai Qi created four teams to continue exploring the Forest of Horrors, and he created a team for exploring the passages in the region of bones.”

Hearing that last matter, Zhao Fu said with a serious expression, “The region of bones isn’t simple at all, and we don’t know how it was formed. Tell the exploration team to be extremely careful. If they encounter any danger, they must retreat at once.”

Li Si nodded.

There was nothing much apart from that, and Zhao Fu focused on getting better. A few days passed in the blink of an eye, and because Asani stayed by his side to take care of him, they became much closer. Now, Asani was no longer as shy and scared around Zhao Fu.

Rhode soon returned to the Great Qin Village and brought the new ring to Zhao Fu.



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