Chapter 84 – Godly Armament List

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The two of them talked and laughed as they came out of the room, and they were seen by Huo Qing. He quickly ran over and said, “Beautiful teacher, I’ve been looking for you for a while. What were you doing with the boss in that room? Don’t tell me that the boss did something to my teacher in that room?”

Zhao Fu was speechless and stared at Huo Qing. After monitoring him for a while, Zhao Fu found out that Huo Qing might have some sort of special background, but he did not mention it. Zhao Fu did not know why He Xianru had accepted him as a student either.

He Xianru glared at Huo Qing and said, “You impudent student, go cut a hundred radishes!”

A bitter expression appeared on Huo Qing’s face as he replied, “Please, no! Beautiful teacher, I was wrong; I just want you to teach me how to cook.”

He Xianru and Huo Qing returned to the kitchen, while Zhao Fu went to the entrance of the Westfall Restaurant. He poured out 3 bowls of flower wine and placed them on a table at the front of the Westfall Restaurant, causing the intoxicating fragrance to spread into the street.

Countless people crowded around and asked, “Boss Zhao, what sort of wine is this? It’s so fragrant!”

Zhao Fu smiled and replied, “These are three types of flower wine that Westfall Restaurant has developed. Right now, they’re all 50% off, but this will only be for three days!”

“Alright, alright, Boss Zhao, please sell me one pot!” Countless people swarmed into the Westfall Restaurant to try the three types of flower wine.

Zhao Fu set the price of the Flower Fragrance Wine at 8 silver coins, the Moon Flower Wine at 30 silver coins, and the Drunken Flower Wine at 500 silver coins.

In actuality, brewing the Hundred Flower Wine only cost 20 copper coins per bottle, and the returns were incredibly high. This was especially so for the Drunken Flower Wine, which cost the equivalent of 50,000 copper coins. That was more than 2,000 times the original cost. One could even say that Zhao Fu was committing daylight robbery.

However, it was not Zhao Fu’s fault for setting prices so high. People oftentimes didn’t eat food for its taste but as a show of their status and wealth. If the price was not high, the value of the wine couldn’t be shown. The third type of wine, Drunken Flower Wine, was for upper-class society, and to them, 500 silver coins weren’t much.

News of the Westfall Restaurant’s flower wine quickly spread, and many people came just to try the wine. Business became many times better, making many people feel both admiration and envy.


Following this, Zhao Fu went to a Smithy and knocked on the door before walking in. Gongsun Lin was preparing something, and when she saw Zhao Fu walk in, she smiled and said, “Zhao Xin! I’ve finished forging both pieces of Gold grade equipment. Have a look!”

Zhao Fu looked over and saw a large, golden shield. It was about half as tall as a person and was rhombus-shaped. There was also a saber that was long and thin, and it had a groove in the middle. The blade was also exceptionally sharp.

Just as Zhao Fu was about to look at the stats, he curiously asked, “Why don’t they have names?”

Gongsun Lin took out a small book and ran over while saying, “I haven’t thought of names for them yet; Zhao Xin, what do you think they should be called?”

Zhao Fu thought about it before replying, “Heroic Shield and Nine Mystic Sabre?”

Gongsun Lin happily nodded as she smiled and replied, “Zhao Xin, your naming sense is much better than mine. I thought about it for a long time, but I still wasn’t able to think of anything.” After saying this, Gongsun Lin took out a pen and started to write in the book.

“What are you doing?” Zhao Fu asked with a curious expression on his face.

Gongsun Lin replied while she wrote, “This is a tradition held by forging families. Every time we forge an item that we’re satisfied with, we record it in detail. This is our ‘Godly Armament List,’ and everyone has his or her own. It records everything that we’ve forged in our lifetimes.”

“Oh!” Zhao Fu said as Gongsun Lin waved her hand, causing rays of light to shoot into the two pieces of equipment. Now, they both had names.

[Heroic Shield]: Grade: Gold, Stats: Strength +10, Constitution +12, Description: A large shield forged from Hardearth Rock. It has an extremely strong defense.

[Nine Mystic Sabre]: Grade: Gold, Stats: Strength +8, Constitution +8, Agility +6, Description: A saber forged from Black Iron Ore. It is incredibly sharp.

“I’m going now, Zhao Xin. Let’s meet again in the future if we have the opportunity!”

As Zhao Fu was looking at the equipment, Gongsun Lin finished writing in her book. She put it away as she spoke to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu felt a strange sense of disappointment in his heart when he heard that Gongsun Lin was going to go. However, he understood that she was only making equipment for him, and now that she had finished them, it was time for her to leave.

Zhao Fu thought about it – since players couldn’t leave the Forest of Horrors for now, with Gongsun Lin’s ability to forge Gold grade equipment, Zhao Fu couldn’t help but ask her to join him.

However, Gongsun Lin lightly shook her head and refused, saying, “Thank you, Zhao Xin, but I’m from a forging family. We wander here and there and spend our lives finding exquisite materials and forging godly armaments. As such, we won’t stay at the same place for a long time. Plus, there are other places that I want to see.”

Zhao Fu understood that she wanted to leave the main cities and the Forest of Horrors and journey to other places. However, considering her age, could she really survive in the wilderness? The Great Qin Village was in the wilderness, and Zhao Fu understood just how dangerous it was, so he couldn’t help but remind her, “It’ll be quite dangerous!”

“Mm, I know,” Gongsun Lin replied as she lightly smiled.

Seeing how fearless and resolute she was, Zhao Fu couldn’t resist but ask, “Is forging really that important to you?”


Gongsun Lin looked mature beyond her years as she said, “We live to forge and die for forging. Perhaps that’s the fate of everyone from the forging families!”

Zhao Fu fell silent, and Gongsun Lin did not say anything else. She packed her things and looked at Zhao Fu before squeezing out a smile and saying, “Let’s meet again, Zhao Xin!”

Zhao Fu sighed and said, “Wait a moment!”

Gongsun Lin nodded with a curious expression on his face.

Zhao Fu left the Smithy and came back after a while, and he placed a ring in her hand.

This ring could store living things, and it was worth 10 times more than a normal spatial ring. It was also smaller than a normal spatial ring because it only had around six square meters of space. Within it was a good quality Black Forest Horse.

The main cities still did not sell horses, and normal people used ordinary brown horses. Anyone who saw Zhao Fu’s Black Forest Horses would be incredibly shocked. Zhao Fu gave this Black Forest Horse to Gongsun Lin in the hopes that she would be able to escape if she met any danger. Black Forest Horses were incredibly adept at going over obstacles, and it could outrun almost anything.

“Thank you, Zhao Xin!” Gongsun Lin said happily to Zhao Fu.

“It’s nothing; I wasn’t even able to properly thank you for forging those two pieces of Gold grade equipment for me.”

“Not at all, we were helping each other – I need high-quality materials to develop my abilities.”

Afterwards, the two of them said their goodbyes. Zhao Fu watched Gongsun Lin’s figure slowly disappear into the distance and sighed before returning to the Great Qin Village.



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