Chapter 89 – Orc City

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Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he said, “I’ve brought the things that you want the most: lots of food and equipment. This matter is extremely important, and I’m sure that your great Lord Kaki will be very willing to meet with me!”

The Orc leader asked with a shocked expression, “How did you know that we were great Lord Kaki’s people?”

Inwardly, Zhao Fu thought about the quest that required him to kill Kaki. It had given him the rough location, and after continuously teleporting northward, he had arrived in Kaki’s territory. Now that he had met these Orcs, Zhao Fu had deduced that this was most likely Kaki’s territory. Now that these Orcs had admitted it, Zhao Fu was even more certain.

Of course, he couldn’t say such a thing to these Orcs. Zhao Fu said, “I’ve long since heard of Lord Kaki’s great name, and I’ve brought some generous gifts to present to him. I hope you can take me to meet him or at least report this matter.”

After hearing that Zhao Fu had brought gifts, with the Orcs’ personalities, how could they do as Zhao Fu asked? They savagely laughed and prepared to rush up and take the items by force.

Zhao Fu’s expression did not change in the slightest when he saw this because he was no longer the same person as before. Now, he had not only gained the King profession, but he had also gained King’s Power. Zhao Fu slowly drew the Silver grade sword at his side when he saw the Orcs rush at him and casually slashed them with it.


A massive wave of sword qi rushed out, knocking back the 10 or so Orcs at the front by 10 meters. The aura around Zhao Fu also became abnormally powerful, and the black cloak he wore gave off an incredibly deep and mysterious feeling, causing the other Orcs to retreat.

“Will you report this to your Lord now?” Zhao Fu calmly asked.

The Orcs did not have any principles, and they only understood that strength was supreme. The 10 or so Orcs on the ground quickly got to their feet – of course, Zhao Fu had restrained himself so as to not kill them. Following this, the Orcs’ gazes towards them changed from viewing them as prey to viewing them as powerful enemies.

Some of the Orcs departed to report this, while the rest continued to surround Zhao Fu and the two Scholars.

Soon, a group of Orc Cavalry riding on Grey Wolves arrived. This was the first time Zhao Fu had seen Orc Cavalry, surprising him.

“Human, come with us,” the muscular Orc in the lead said as he looked at Zhao Fu.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded. He was glad that Kaki wasn’t an idiot and hadn’t sent an army to kill him. Anyone who was able to build a city of Orcs was definitely intelligent, and he probably had abilities that greatly surpassed those of ordinary Orcs.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu and his two Scholars followed the Orc Cavalry to a city. The city looked quite crude, and its walls were built from large rocks. There were many Orc Archers stationed on the walls, and the city gave off a mighty feeling. This was truly an Orc City.

After entering the city, the Orcs on the streets curiously looked at Zhao Fu and the two Scholars.

Zhao Fu silently observed the Orc City’s strength as he walked along. Apart from Orcs, he saw other races kept as slaves, such as Goblins and Gnomes. However, there were no Humans because Humans were usually immediately killed by Orcs.

Furthermore, the Orc City had a great variety of military professions. Apart from Wolf Cavalry and Archers, they also had Heavy Shieldbearers. However, the Orcs did not have much armor because they could only forge simple equipment. At the same time, they were not a farming race and primarily obtained their food from hunting. As such, the food and equipment that Zhao Fu had offered were quite tempting to the Orcs.

After continuing onwards, Zhao Fu saw a few Orc Shamans waving bone staffs on top of an altar, and a green light shot out. He had no idea what sort of ceremony they were performing.

Finally, the Wolf Cavalry took the three of them to a large tent. The leader of the group spoke to the guards before bringing Zhao Fu and the two Scholars in.

After entering, Zhao Fu saw an elderly Orc sitting within. Zhao Fu felt that he was not the Lord because he did not give off the unique aura of a Lord. However, he definitely had an important status.

The elderly Orc’s eyes were filled with intelligence, and he smiled as he stretched out his hand towards them and said, “Please sit, esteemed guests!”

Zhao Fu nodded and sat on a chair covered with bear fur.

“My name is Gunador, Kaki City’s Vice-Lord! You can tell me what you have to say; I make decisions about things in Kaki City,” Gunador, the elderly Orc, said.

Zhao Fu did not beat around the bush because he could sense that Gunador was quite a wise Orc, so he got to the point and said, “Respected Vice-Lord, I’m sure you know about the Ten Thousand Flower Festival. Today, I have brought large amounts of food and equipment to exchange for Flower Tears, which are useless to you.”

Only the system’s main cities had stone steles that could be used to exchange Flower Tears for rewards, so Flower Tears were useless to Outlanders. Zhao Fu had realized this, and he had daringly come all this way to Kaki City.

Gunador smiled and nodded. Orcs were not a farming race, and they relied on hunting. Because Orcs all had large appetites, they sometimes lacked food if hunting did not go well. Moreover, they were not skilled at forging, so they could only forge simple, crude equipment.

Since Flower Tears were useless to Outlanders, it would be better to trade them for things that they actually needed – this was something that Gunador knew very well. He had long since guessed that this was the purpose for Zhao Fu’s visit, so he had personally received him.

After a lot of negotiating and bargaining, Zhao Fu and Gunador settled on a price for the food and equipment. Zhao Fu was incredibly happy – dealing with intelligent people was quite pleasant.

Zhao Fu took out thousands of kilograms of food and hundreds of pieces of equipment from within the King’s Ring. These pieces of equipment were ones that were no longer used by the Great Qin Village, and some of them were from the passage. Only a small portion of them was bronze concentrate equipment.

After Zhao Fu fused the ring with the King Armament Shard, the storage increased from 300 square meters to 10,000 square meters, which was why he was able to bring so many things.

After taking these things out, Zhao Fu smiled and cupped his hands as he said, “These are just a small gift to Vice-Lord; I hope that we’ll be able to work together more in the future!”

“Ah, yes, yes!”

Gunador laughed and agreed. Indeed, there were many more opportunities for them to work together in the future. Gunador also gave Zhao Fu a command medallion – with this command medallion, Zhao Fu would be able to come and see Gunador anytime, so Zhao Fu accepted it.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu ordered Bai Shan and the other Scholar to construct another teleportation channel that connected to the teleportation channel at the Great Qin Village. Zhao Fu set this teleportation channel to be only usable by the Great Qin Village’s villagers and hid it in an extremely concealed place.

Now that there were over 200,000 Orcs collecting Flower Tears for him, Zhao Fu was ecstatic. Moreover, Zhao Fu did not have to worry about the Orc City becoming more powerful – that was something for the system’s three main cities to worry about. It would perhaps be difficult for a single main city to deal with the Orc City, but it would be no problem for the three main cities working together to defeat the Orc City.

Right now, the Great Qin Village could not keep up with the Orc City’s demand for food. Zhao Fu planned to go to the main cities to buy some food, and he did not have to worry about the price – after all, food was one of the cheapest resources right now!



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