Chapter 94 – Holy Light Group

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Zhao Fu was quite surprised when he heard the Sky Demon’s tone change so quickly. However, he still refused, saying, “I don’t have any more!”

“Hmph! What a stingy human.”

This Sky Demon’s attitude changed incredibly quickly and Zhao Fu was left speechless. After saying this, the Sky Demon fell silent, and Zhao Fu looked at its stats again.

[Sky Demon Sword]: Grade: Epic, Stats: Strength +30, Intelligence +25, Constitution +20, Agility +20, Description: An extremely powerful demonic sword forged from a Sky Demon’s corpse.

Each of the four stats had been increased by 10 points, and there seemed to be some special power within it that could not be displayed by the system’s numbers. For equipment with equipment spirits, one had to rely on the equipment spirit to release the special power.

Some equipment, such as the Sky Demon Sword, allowed the user to wield high-tier powers. Zhao Fu tightly gripped the Sky Demon Sword, and large amounts of demonic qi flowed out from it as he flicked his hand.


A ray of black sword light flashed, and a 5-meter long gash appeared in the ground, with traces of demonic qi rising up from it. This was [Sky Demon’s Power], which was many times more powerful than a normal demon’s power.

After looking at the Sky Demon Sword’s stats, Zhao Fu put it away within his King’s Ring. He felt quite content after obtaining the Sky Demon Sword, and it solved the problem of him lacking a suitable weapon.

Moreover, after the latest transaction with the Orcs, Zhao Fu now had 10 azure Flower Tears. He combined them to form an azure orb, which he used to obtain the Level 2 Flower Fairy’s Blessing.

As for the violet Flower Tears, Zhao Fu now had three drops. Because of how rare they were, Zhao Fu was not sure if he would be able to collect 10 before the end of the Ten Thousand Flower Festival – once the Ten Thousand Flower Festival ended, all of the Flower Tears would disappear.

Now that he had obtained the weapon that he wanted, Zhao Fu started looking at the other items. It was already the fourth day, and the Ten Thousand Flower Festival would end in another three days. As such, he could most likely obtain a few more items.

Zhao Fu went to Holy Light City and looked at the Exchange Stone Stele. He was surprised to find that the top 10 pieces of Legendary ranked equipment had all suddenly disappeared – just what had happened? Of course, Zhao Fu did not know about the panic that he had caused after purchasing the Sky Demon Sword.

Zhao Fu started looking at the other items. There were almost no City Creation Stones left because there were not many to begin with. As such, he started to look through the skills, medicinal pills, and special items.

In the end, he found a few useful things. However, it was a pity that he had already used up all of the Flower Tears he had, and he could only look at the items for now.

After going through the remaining items, Zhao Fu was about to leave when he saw a youth wearing a set of armor leading a large group of players to the Exchange Stone Stele. The players all made way for him and started to discuss in low voices, saying, “I wonder how the Holy Light Group’s harvest has been this time. I heard Liu Nanmi took them into the inner regions of the Forest of Horrors!”

“Holy Light Group?” It was the largest player faction in Holy Light City. Zhao Fu glanced over and felt that the youth in the lead was quite interesting. He was giving off faint ripples of Holy Light energy, but Zhao Fu understood that everyone had their own fortuitous encounters, so he did not take it to heart. In the end, Zhao Fu decided to remain in the crowd and spectate.

When Zhao Fu was wearing his cloak, apart from those who knew him well, it was very difficult to recognize him. After all, Zhao Fu wasn’t the only one wearing a cloak – in the Heaven Awaken World, one’s appearance and voice did not change. If someone offended a person in the Heaven Awaken World, the offended party could easily find the offender in the real world from his or her appearance and voice. As such, many people wanted to avoid trouble by wearing cloaks.

Liu Nanmi walked to the Exchange Stone Stele to exchange Flower Tears for Flower Tear Points, while the Holy Light Group stood behind him. At this moment, a spectating player curiously asked someone from the Holy Light Group, “Bro, I heard that the Holy Light Group went into the inner regions of the Forest of Horrors, and I respect you all a lot. Can I ask how many Flower Tears you guys collected?”

The person who was asked had a pleased smile on his face and replied, “But of course – the Holy Light Group is the strongest faction in Holy Light City. This is how many Flower Tears we’ve obtained.”

After saying this, the person smiled and raised one finger.

Seeing this, the player who had asked was quite surprised and asked in shock, “10,000 Flower Tears?!”

Hearing this, the person from the Holy Light Group laughed and replied, “No, 100,000 Flower Tears!”


The people around them were greatly dismayed and revealed expressions of shock as the person who had originally asked said, “The Holy Light Group obtained that many Flower Tears?! I’d already be overjoyed if I had 100 Flower Tears.”

Hearing the discussions around them, a look of pride appeared on the Holy Light Group’s members’ faces. Everyone else looked at them with admiration, and someone immediately asked, “Captain Liu, is the Holy Light Group still accepting people?”

By now, Liu Nanmi had finished at the Exchange Stone Stele and smiled as he replied, “The Holy Light Group will always be accepting anyone who can pass our test.”

“I want to join!”

“Me too!”

“Please take me, Holy Light Group!”

Countless people shouted out, and the scene became quite lively and raucous. Zhao Fu smiled – to him, who had already spent more than 5 million Flower Tears, 100,000 Flower Tears was nothing. However, to normal people, it was already an astronomical figure.

Those who heard that the Holy Light Group had obtained 100,000 Flower Tears were given a big fright, but if they heard that Zhao Fu had obtained more than 5 million Flower Tears, they would have been shocked to death.

Currently, Zhao Fu didn’t plan to establish a player faction because it was quite difficult to manage. No one wished to be bound by rigorous rules, and loyalty would be quite low. No one would be willing to be completely loyal and make great sacrifices for him, and when danger came, they would be the first to turn tail and run.

What’s more, if players died, they would respawn at another place. If Zhao Fu spent a lot of time and resources nurturing an elite and he or she died, all of that would have been a waste.

As such, the large family’s factions very rarely recruited players. Rather, they nurtured people who were completely loyal to them – it was much better to spend resources on those who they could count on rather than those who were there to leech resources.

Even though the large families did not have many people, in terms of battle strength, player factions might not be able to win against the large family’s factions. As such, the player factions with foresight would not accept just anyone. The resource consumption would be too great, and nurturing those without loyalty or ability would simply be a waste of their time.

As such, only by developing a strict test, allowing only those with value to join, and then slowly developing their sense of belonging would they be truly loyal.

Zhao Fu knew this very well, and because he had many things to take care of, he didn’t plan, at least for now, to establish a player faction. Perhaps in the future would consider it.



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