Chapter 103 – Assassin – Order

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After looking at this stone stele, Zhao Fu entered the historical remnant. There were already torches lit within the historical remnant, so it wasn’t too dark inside. The Ratfolk must have explored at least part of it already, and the Assassin profession was most likely from here.

Zhao Fu continued to advance and arrived in a large hall. The hall was 30 meters wide; the ground was made from glossy marble; and there were paintings on the ceiling. The paintings depicted people living happily in blissful days, and the people had joyous smiles on their faces.

The only thing in the hall was a stone stele in the middle. The stone stele looked like a Profession Change Stone Stele, but it was different compared to the ones Zhao Fu had seen before: this stone stele was white and had six sides.

Zhao Fu walked over and looked at it:

[Assassin – Order] (Juvenile): B grade Military, Description: An assassin who worships the light and aims to create a wonderful world, Effect: Receives skill [Assassination Technique].

This was most likely the Assassin profession that the Ratfolk Assassins had. B grade professions were quite powerful, and even though Zhao Fu had SS grade King’s Undead Cavalry, there were only 10 of them, while many people could change their professions to the Assassin profession.

What’s more, it was quite useful. In the future, he would be relying on them for intelligence and assassination tasks, and their names would become famous together with Great Qin, causing countless people to shiver at their names.

Zhao Fu looked forwards and saw a tightly-shut pair of large doors. It seemed that the Ratfolk had not explored past this area, and Zhao Fu walked over to the doors to open them. However, a wave of energy from the doors pushed Zhao Fu away, and a system announcement told him that only those with the Assassin profession could open these doors. Zhao Fu thought about it for a second before returning to the Profession Change Stone Stele and placing his hand on it.

Right now, Zhao Fu had the King Profession and the Demon Priest Profession. However, these were both fairly special professions: the King Profession did not count as a military profession and the other was a religious profession. Of course, Zhao Fu did not believe in or worship Kerr.

Zhao Fu wondered if he could obtain the Assassin profession and decided to test it out. However, he did so primarily so that he could open those doors.

After placing his hand on the stone stele, a system announcement sounded out in his head!

“Would you like to become an Assassin?”

Zhao Fu apprehensively chose ‘yes,’ following which the stone stele gave off a faint light. The scene before Zhao Fu’s eyes blurred as he appeared in another place. This place was quite similar to the hall that Zhao Fu had been in, but it was quite dim. It also gave off a mysterious and dignified feeling.

Apart from this, there was now a person in front of Zhao Fu. This person’s attire was similar to what the Ratfolk Assassins from before wore, and he also wore the hood that covered his facial features. The clothes he wore below the waist were also quite tight, but they would not restrict his movements. From the shape of his body, he seemed to be a man.

He stood there silently as if he didn’t exist, and his icy eyes stared at Zhao Fu from under the hood.

Zhao Fu stood there calmly and looked back at the man while wondering what was going on. He remembered choosing to accept the profession before appearing at this place.

The man continued to stare at Zhao Fu when the pendant on his chest suddenly gave off a faint white light, and he slowly said with a slightly hoarse voice, “Preserve the light in your heart, remember that you are an Assassin. We work in the dark to serve the light; nothing is true, everything is permitted; under our hidden blades, all are equal!”

After the man spoke that final sentence, the scene before Zhao Fu’s eyes blurred and he returned to the hall that he was in before, as a system announcement sounded out, “Profession change successful!”

This profession was not simple at all, and Zhao Fu decided that he needed to examine it closely. Zhao Fu was surprised that he had to be judged before he could obtain the profession, which was different to all of the other professions.

Zhao Fu looked at his Assassin profession. He obtained not only stat bonuses but also many skills: Stealth, Blur, Assassination Technique, Ghost Form, Knife Throwing, and Hidden Blade Control.

Of course, with Zhao Fu’s status, he wouldn’t be using the profession to carry out assassinations or intelligence-gathering. However, it would still be useful to him because it allowed him to see what was on the other side of those doors.

Zhao Fu stood in front of the doors and pushed them open. This time, the doors did not reject him, and he was able to open them easily.

Behind the doors was a dim passageway. Zhao Fu thought about it for a second and ordered his soldiers to prepare for him the black hooded clothes and the two hidden blades. Zhao Fu guessed that since the doors required the Assassin profession to open them, what lay beyond them was related to the profession, so he had to make sufficient preparations.

“Your Majesty, do you want some of us to come with you? It might be very dangerous inside!” Zhao Fu’s trusted subordinates asked with worried expressions on their faces.

Zhao Fu shook his head and replied, “No need. It might be quite dangerous inside, but because it could be a type of Legacy Trial, there shouldn’t be any fatal dangers inside. Don’t worry too much!”

Hearing this, Zhao Fu’s subordinates retreated to one side.

After making preparations, Zhao Fu stepped into the passageway, and the doors slowly closed behind him. Zhao Fu did not move one he entered. Instead, he observed his surroundings before finally walking forwards after not finding anything.

His surroundings were quite quiet, and the only sound he could hear was his own breathing. Combined with the dim environment, the atmosphere was quite frightening.

Zhao Fu followed the passageway until he arrived in a strange region. The region was incredibly big, and it seemed like a forest. It was still quite dim in this forest, and the sky was a grey-white color, while the grass and trees were a deathly grey color. The ground was covered with rotten and withered leaves, and the entire region was filled with the aura of death.

Zhao Fu looked around for a moment, planning what to do, when a large tree in front of him seemed to come to life, whipping its branches towards him.

This was simply too unexpected, and Zhao Fu quickly tried to jump backwards. However, the branches were simply too big, and it was impossible for Zhao Fu to fully evade them. As such, he quickly crossed his arms and unleashed his King’s Domain, forming a 2 meter wide black protective shield that was covered with dragon inscriptions, but he was still sent flying backwards.

After landing on the ground, Zhao Fu tried to go another way, but when he came near the forest, the large trees once again came to life and started to attack Zhao Fu. Luckily, he was prepared this time and managed to evade them. This happened a few times, making it impossible for him to enter the forest.

Zhao Fu could only stand still and think to himself for a moment. If he wanted to advance, he would have to pass through this forest, but with the trees attacking him, it was impossible for him to enter the forest. He must have overlooked something.

Suddenly, a realization flashed in Zhao Fu’s mind as he smiled with understanding. He marveled at his momentary stupidity and thought back to the words that the man had said to him when he obtained his profession: “Preserve the light in your heart, remember that you are an Assassin.”

Before, he had been thinking as a normal person, rather than as an Assassin. Now that he was an Assassin, he should be thinking as an Assassin did.

First, in order to enter a place as an Assassin, he would have to suppress his breathing and his aura. Zhao Fu used Stealth to hide his aura, and even his breathing was barely detectable. After he suppressed his aura and breathing, he slowly approached the large tree.



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