Chapter 111 – Void Energy

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After discussing it for a few hours, they had mostly planned out the path forwards for the Great Qin Village. Moreover, they would continue this discussion in the future, as it was not complete yet.

Following this, Zhao Fu started preparing to open up routes to the outside world. Because Intermediate teleportation channels could only take 50 people at once, Zhao Fu decided to bring 15 Infantrymen, 15 Shieldbearers, and 10 Archers. Because horses also counted as people, Zhao Fu did not bring any Cavalry.

For the remaining 10 people, Zhao Fu decided to bring five Scholars, who were responsible for quickly building teleportation channels, as well as Zhao Fu himself, Bai Qi, Daisy, Doke, and Gatly, an Orc who Zhao Fu had decided to nurture. He was the one who Zhao Fu had given the Gold grade Shield to.

After these preparations were completed, Zhao Fu used the teleportation channel like how he had when he was finding the Orc City before, and he used it to travel northwards. This was because Little Valley, which was closest to the Great Qin Village, was in that direction.

The scenery in front of them blurred as they appeared about 5,000 kilometers away. Just like before, they found a hidden region to construct a teleportation channel before repeating this another 20 or so times.

“System announcement! The region ahead is a boundary and possesses Void Energy, and it cannot be passed through using a teleportation channel.”

The space between regions was a 5,000-kilometer wide Void Zone, and teleportation channels could not be used within Void Zones. All spatial skills were restricted as well, so one would have to physically travel between regions.

Because Zhao Fu had been preparing for this for a long time, he had asked Holy Light City’s Internal Affairs Minister, Qin Nan, about this already.

This was why most factions had to remain within their own respective regions. If there weren’t any Void Zones, anyone could use a Basic teleportation channel to travel 100 or so times to reach the outside world. Moreover, there were many ferocious wild beasts at boundaries, and if one was unlucky, one could encounter magic beasts that were Stage 2 or above.

“Be careful, everyone,” Zhao Fu reminded them as he briefly explained to everyone the dangers here.

After listening to this, everyone understood the dangers in front of them, and their expressions became serious. No one dared to be careless, as this concerned their lives.

Following this, after everyone made sufficient preparations, they advanced to the Forest of Horrors’ boundary. As they walked, they saw that there were less and less of those large, strangely-shaped trees, and the area became more and more empty.

Everyone advanced carefully, and in the beginning, they did not encounter anything. At noon, Zhao Fu told his party to stop and to prepare for lunch.

If they had to walk the all 5,000 kilometers like this, they definitely wouldn’t make it by the end of the month. Moreover, even if Zhao Fu and his party walked for a month and reached the Little Valley, they wouldn’t be able to return using a teleportation channel. They would have to walk there and then walk back.

Zhao Fu had long since considered this problem, and he had never even thought about walking there. That would take too much time and effort, and taking a long walk would be the only thing they would accomplish.

There was an item that would solve this problem. At the boundary of regions, there was a type of beast called the Void Beast. By killing Void Beasts, one could obtain an item called a Void Crystal, which could allow one to use teleportation channels to cross boundaries. This was what Zhao Fu had envisioned.

However, Void Beasts were quite rare, and finding one required a certain degree of luck. It was hard to say how long it would take to find one, so Zhao Fu was not in a rush.

After everyone ate, they continued onwards, and the day went by quite peacefully.

The second day, just as the sun rose over the horizon, the party continued onwards. Luckily, their luck was better than yesterday, and not too long after they started walking, they heard a massive roar from the forest ahead of them.

Soon, a massive beast appeared in front of the party. It was a giant bear that was 3 meters tall, and its back was covered by a metallic material. Zhao Fu decided to call this bear an Ironback Demon Bear.

The Ironback Demon Bear gave off powerful energy ripples, and it was definitely well past Stage 1 in terms of cultivation. It was also more powerful than a Chief grade beast, so it was most likely a Lord grade beast. Killing this level of creature could drop Gold grade materials and even Gold grade City Creation Stones.

Right after it appeared, the Ironback Demon Bear immediately started charging at Zhao Fu’s party.

Zhao Fu’s soldiers quickly got into formation, and the Shieldbearers raised their shields as the Archers nocked arrows onto their bows.

“Fire!” Bai Qi ordered as the Archers released their arrows. Sounds of the air being torn could be heard as the arrows instantly reached the Ironback Demon Bear. However, the bear swiped the arrows with its paw and an invisible energy pulsed out, sending the arrows flying away. What’s more, as they were knocked away, many of them were broken into fragments.

Seeing this, Bai Qi, Daisy, Doke, and Gatly walked forwards. They could tell that the Ironback Demon Bear was not something that ordinary soldiers could fight against.

Right now, the soldier with the highest cultivation was only at Stage 0-7, and most were only around Stage 0-5. Most of the soldiers that Zhao Fu had brought this time were at Stage 0-5 or 0-6, and they could only deal with normal Stage 1 creatures. However, against the Lord grade Ironback Demon Bear, they would not be able to take even a single hit.

As such, in order to reduce casualties, Bai Qi led the other 3 people out. Bai Qi’s cultivation had already reached Stage 1-0, Doke and Daisy’s cultivation was at Stage 0-9, and Gatly’s cultivation was at Stage 0-8. With high-grade equipment, they would be able to contend against with the Ironback Demon Bear.

Bai Qi was the main force, and he clashed with the Ironback Demon Bear while the others supported him.

After a few exchanges, the Ironback Demon Bear was injured a few times by Bai Qi’s sword. Bai Qi’s Star Slashing Sword was quite close to Legendary grade, so it could easily tear through the Ironback Demon Bear’s defenses. Because of the bear’s thick fur and hide, normal arrows could not pierce through its defenses at all.

The injured Ironback Demon Bear was now fully enraged, and it madly attacked Bai Qi. Bai Qi also attacked with his full strength, meeting the bear blow for blow.

Suddenly, the Ironback Demon Bear opened its mouth, condensed six energy bombs, and sent them flying towards Bai Qi. Bai Qi quickly dodged them, and each energy bomb that hit the ground created a 2-meter wide crater. Even though it was quite difficult, Bai Qi managed to dodge all of the Ironback Demon Bear’s attacks.

At this moment, just as the Ironback Demon Bear wanted to continue attacking Bai Qi, the other three people acted.



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