Chapter 113 – Evil-Warding Talisman

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Rays of light were added to the Sky Demon Sword, and every ray of light contained a different power. Apart from this, Zhao Fu also used his King’s Power and the sword’s Sky Demon’s Power, causing demonic qi to stream out from the sword.

The Ironback Demon Bear moved incredibly quickly, bringing with it a monstrous aura. It reached Zhao Fu in the blink of an eye, but Zhao Fu still didn’t move. To the berserk bear, he looked like a twig.

The Ironback Demon Bear showed no mercy and raised its paws, which seemed like they could destroy mountains, and swung them towards Zhao Fu. If they hit, Zhao Fu would be turned into meat paste.

Zhao Fu continued to stand still, and just as the paws were about to connect with his body, making everyone feel incredibly worried, he smiled and waved his hand.


The Sky Demon Sword hummed as it transformed into a black arc of light, sweeping through the air. The Ironback Demon Bear’s movements and expression instantly froze, and time seemed to stop around them as everything went silent.

The gigantic bear’s head flew about 10 or so meters away, and large amounts of blood spurted out from the Ironback Demon Bear’s headless neck, making it rain with blood.


A heavy sound rang out as the Ironback Demon Bear’s headless corpse fell to the ground. Everyone’s jaws dropped, and they stared at Zhao Fu – they knew that their Majesty was no longer the same Majesty as before, but no one expected him to be so powerful that he could kill the berserk Ironback Demon Bear in a single strike.

Even when it died, the Ironback Demon Bear never expected that the black-cloaked figure, who seemed to be protected by everyone else, could be so powerful. With just a single strike, Zhao Fu annihilated the Ironback Demon Beast, and it wasn’t even able to think about defending. He was undoubtedly the Great Qin Village’s ultimate Boss.

This sword strike had seemed very casual, but it contained all of Zhao Fu’s strength.

The Ironback Demon Bear’s blood seemed to be collected by an unseen force and streamed into the Sky Demon Sword, causing the Ironback Demon Bear’s body to wither.

“You can have its fleshly essence, but don’t touch the items!” Zhao Fu lowered his head and said to the Sky Demon Sword. Gold grade materials could be used to forge Gold grade equipment, so Zhao Fu didn’t want to waste them.

“Don’t worry; I know!” The Sky Demon Sword happily devoured the Ironback Demon Bear’s fleshly essence. A Lord grade creature was great nourishment for it, and it seemed very cooperative with Zhao Fu.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu was satisfied, and he thought of the Underworld Demon Crystals that he had collected. He had many of them, so he decided to give the Sky Demon Sword a few to strengthen it. He asked, “I have many Underworld Demon Crystals; do you want some?”

“Those grey crystals in the spatial ring? Their energy is too strong and hard to digest, and it rejects my power. I thought that they would be good and devoured some, but they made me uncomfortable for a few days!” the Sky Demon said unhappily.

The Sky Demon said this casually, but Zhao Fu frowned as he asked, “You’re able to move around within the spatial ring and devour things?”

Hearing this, the Sky Demon laughed, “Human, you look down on us Sky Demons too much. You should know that we Sky Demons are a high-grade race within the Demon Abyss; why wouldn’t I be able to do such a small thing?”

Zhao Fu’s expression immediately became cold as he said, “Did I give you permission to devour those Underworld Demon Crystals?”

Only then did the Sky Demon realize that it had slipped up, and it abruptly stopped speaking. However, it could tell that Zhao Fu was quite angry with it, so it said, “Human, don’t be so stingy. Weren’t they just a few crappy crystals?”

Hearing what it said, a thought surfaced in Zhao Fu’s mind, “Should I re-forge the Sky Demon Sword?”

The Sky Demon Sword was connected to Zhao Fu and could tell what he was thinking, and it quickly cried out, “Human! You want to re-forge me?!”

Zhao Fu did not try to hide this and replied, “That’s right, I want to re-forge you because you’re not very obedient.”

As a sword spirit, if the Sky Demon Sword was re-forged, it would impact it greatly. What made the Sky Demon Sword even more scared was that from Zhao Fu’s tone, he seemed to want to erase it as a sword spirit, so it quickly said, “Human! No, owner! Owner, I’ll listen to you in the future, alright?”

Of course, Zhao Fu didn’t believe it, as he knew how quickly its attitude could change.

“Please believe me! Owner, I’ll be completely obedient in the future.” The Sky Demon squeezed out a few tears, and it looked extremely apologetic.

These acting skills made Zhao Fu speechless, so he replied, “Alright, it’ll have to depend on your behavior in the future.”

In actuality, that was just him thinking to himself, and he did not actually plan to do so because he did not have anyone who could re-forge the Sky Demon Sword. If anything went wrong, the person might accidentally destroy the sword.

Hearing Zhao Fu’s words, the Sky Demon let out a breath before saying, “Owner, can you please not put me in the spatial ring in the future? It’s so boring in there; please help me make a sheath.”

Zhao Fu agreed. Wearing the Sky Demon Sword by his side and hiding it within his cloak would be better – he wouldn’t have to worry about it being discovered, and he would be able to use it in places where spatial rings were unusable.

Following this, Zhao Fu looked over at the items that the Ironback Demon Bear dropped. Apart from a large pile of gold coins, it dropped four items.

The first item was a cube that glowed with a golden light. Zhao Fu was quite familiar with this sort of item, and he was quite surprised by his luck. This was a Gold grade City Creation Stone.

[City Creation Stone]: Grade: Gold, Description: After using it, one can create a Gold grade Village. The Village will give off a might that will make it so that most wild beasts will not dare to approach it.

The second item was a round orb. The orb was white-colored and was roughly as big as a pebble. It seemed quite special, and Zhao Fu looked at its description.

[Soul Crystal – Ironback Demon Bear]: The Soul Crystal of a powerful creature that can summon the specific creature. The creature’s strength will be 80% of what it was before, and it can only be used once.

This item was quite interesting, and it was the first time that Zhao Fu had seen such a thing. Indeed, the Heaven Awaken World was incredibly vast and contained many mysterious and hidden things. It was possible to find something new almost every day.

Zhao Fu turned to look at the third item, which was an Innate Orb.

[True Energy Bomb]: Grade: C- grade, Description: This skill condenses pure energy into a bomb.

It was only a C- grade skill, and compared to the first two items, this item wasn’t as great. After looking at it, Zhao Fu gave it to Daisy to learn.

Zhao Fu then looked at the fourth item. It was a snow-white talisman, and strange runes were drawn on it with black ink, giving off a mysterious feeling.

[Allmonster Warding Talisman]: An extremely powerful type of Evil-Warding Talisman that can cause all monsters within 1,000 kilometers to retreat. Duration: 7 days.



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