Chapter 120 – Confidence to Rule the World

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This was the Great Qin Village’s first academy, so Zhao Fu took some time to think about it. The academy could be the Great Qin Village’s future, and it could become an existence similar to Tsinghua University and Peking University in China.

Zhao Fu thought about it for a while, and he decided to name it ‘Rising Qin Academy.’

The meaning behind this name was quite simple. First, this was an academy created by Great Qin; second, this academy would witness the rise of Great Qin; third, this academy would foster many talents.

Meng Haoran became the first Principal of Rising Qin Academy, and it would be impossible for him to teach all of the students by himself. However, he had long since thought about this problem, and while the academy was being constructed, he had found 10 or so people who could read. He taught them how to teach and gave them some training before making them teachers.

What made Zhao Fu surprised was that Asani actually chose to be a teacher. Even though she was still quite young, she passed Meng Haoran’s tests and became a teacher.

Rising Qin Academy only accepted children at or below 14 years of age, as those above 14 years of age were considered to have passed schooling age. In the Heaven Awaken World, they couldn’t use the same schooling system in the real world because in a few years, those children would start working or join the army.

As soon as Rising Qin Academy opened, many people brought their children to enroll. There were Humans, Elves, Orcs, and many other races. Because they knew how much Zhao Fu valued education, who wouldn’t want their sons and daughters to rise like dragons and phoenixes? By enrolling their children in the academy, their children would greatly benefit. This was something that they all wanted.

Seeing so many people enroll, Zhao Fu decided to expand Rising Qin Academy – not in education but in military strategy and tactics. Zhao Fu decided to split Rising Qin Academy into a Civil Branch and a Military Branch in order to develop both Ministers and Generals.

After dealing with these matters, Zhao Fu went to a vacant piece of land in the Great Qin Village and chose to use the Special Den. Using a Den was the same as using a City Creation Stone – a ripple of light spread out as a round stage came into existence.

Zhao Fu then brought out the Void Beast from within his clothes and told it to conquer the Den. The Void Beast obediently jumped down, went to the silver clay, and chose to conquer it.

Following this, the Den’s information changed:

[Den – Void Beast] (Basic: 0/5000): Grade: Silver, Description: A Den of Void Beasts that will spawn one Void Beast every three days.

It really could spawn Void Beasts, and Zhao Fu couldn’t help but laugh in delight. Because of this, he would be able to open paths to the entire world.

Zhao Fu would be able to send his subordinates to every corner of the world ahead of everyone else and silently observe the other factions, gaining comprehensive intelligence reports. He could also create a Merchant Group and import and export goods. He would be able to buy ordinary things in this region for low prices and sell them for high prices in other regions, and the more valuable the items, the greater the profits would be.

At the same time, with his status as a Second-Ranked Baron, he could continue to open restaurants and expand his restaurant empire throughout the world. If the entire Heaven Awaken World was filled with his restaurants, his wealth would rival that of nations.

Zhao Fu smiled and picked up the Void Beast before stroking its head and stretching his hand out towards it. The Void Beast nodded before closing its eyes and grimacing, and the rhombus-shaped crystal fell from its head.

As the owner of this Void Beast, Zhao Fu now understood that he didn’t actually have to kill the Void Beast to use its Void Crystal. However, it took Void Beasts a very long time to condense a Void Crystal, so he could not mass-produce them.

After the Void Crystal fell from the Void Beast’s head, the Void Beast became quite weak, and Zhao Fu stroked its head and fed it a Little Spirit Pill, saying, “Don’t worry, I definitely won’t neglect you in the future. From now onwards, I’ll call you Little White!”

Little White ate the Little Spirit Pill and weakly mewed before licking Zhao Fu’s finger a few times. Seeing this, Zhao Fu smiled and held it in his arms.

Now that this Den could spawn a Void Beast every three days, this meant that Zhao Fu could open up a path to the outside world every three days. This was incredibly important to the Great Qin Village, and if Zhao Fu wasn’t confident that he could rule the world before, he now had a trace of confidence.

This matter was so important that it completely changed Zhao Fu’s future plans for the Great Qin Village. Zhao Fu held Little White in his arms and gathered Li Si, Bai Qi, and his other important subordinates before starting to talk with them.

This discussion was the longest one that they ever had, and it went on for more than a day. Despite this, they had only made rough plans, but that was all they could do for now. In the future, they would develop those plans more.

After concluding this discussion, it was night time, and Zhao Fu went 50 kilometers east of the Great Qin Village to use the Gold grade City Creation Stone that he had recently obtained.

That seemed quite far away from the Great Qin Village, but Zhao Fu was thinking long term. Gold grade City Creation Stones were quite rare, and they would give many stats bonuses.

In the future, it would also become an important city, which was why Zhao Fu had placed it so far away. First, Zhao Fu wanted to completely solidify his rule over the 100-kilometer radius area around the Great Qin Village, and after making sure of this, he would expand outwards.

Zhao Fu placed the Gold grade City Creation Stone on the ground and ripples of golden light spread out. Buildings started to come into existence, and a few people appeared as well.

“System announcement! Congratulations, you have used a City Creation Stone. Please give your village a name.”

When using a City Creation Stone that had never been used before, one could name the village whatever one wanted. Zhao Fu originally wanted to call it Eastquell Village, as its purpose was to suppress and quell the area east of the Great Qin Village. However, at that moment, the sun started to rise, casting light over the darkness and creating a glorious scene.

The majesty of this scene caused Zhao Fu to change his mind, and he named the village Eastdawn Village in the hopes that it would be like the sun dawning in the east. After giving the village its name, Zhao Fu looked at the three people who had appeared with the village: the Blacksmith, Tailor, and Apothecary, who were all A grade.

Zhao Fu sent many soldiers to guard this village and then decided to use the Void Crystal from Little White to open up a path to another region.

At this moment, one of the exploration teams finally conquered an Intermediate Village elsewhere, causing a large amount of EXP to pour in. The Great Qin Village’s City Creation Stone clanged, and a black light exploded out from it and rushed up into the clouds.



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