Chapter 123 – King’s Blood

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Zhao Fu looked at the woman. She was quite good-looking and was wearing a plain white dress, and she gave off a gentle and wise aura.

Name: Ba Qing

Grade: SSS

Title: None.

Profession: [Merchant]

Achievement Points: Commoner (0/200)

Race: Human

Age: 25 (100)

Loyalty: 100

Stats: Strength: 8, Intelligence: 10, Constitution: 7. Agility: 8

Cultivation: Stage 0

Cultivation Technique: None

Skills: Business Operation

Equipment: Dress, Hairpin

“Ba Qing?” When Zhao Fu saw this name, he remembered the stories about her. Ba Qing was also called Widow Ba Qing, and while she was not as famous as Diaochan and Daji, anyone who was familiar with the Qin dynasty’s history would know that she was a legendary woman.

Ba Qing was China’s first entrepreneur, and her wealth could rival a nation’s. At the same time, she possessed her own army, but she was not a target of the First Emperor of Qin’s suspicions. In fact, the First Emperor of Qin treated her like an elder sister – for an Emperor to treat her like this, it was evident how capable she was.

She contributed a lot of money to the construction of the Great Wall of China and provided a lot of the mercury in the First Emperor of Qin’s tomb. However, her business empire disappeared as Great Qin fell.

These three SSS grade historical figures all had their own strengths. Zhao Fu asked Li Si to make arrangements for them and to introduce them to the Great Qin Village. After Zhao Fu finished taking care of all of his matters, he would go and chat with them at greater length.

Following this, Zhao Fu went to the City Heart and looked at the Great Qin Village’s new stats.

Village Name: Great Qin Town (Legendary)

Level: Basic (140/250,000)

Village Area: 55 square kilometers

Village Territory: 1,680 square kilometers

Residents: 12,950/120,000

Military: 5,640/34,000

Popular Support: 85

Village Special Stats: Territory Crop Output +70%, Territory Crop Growing Time -70%, Population Limit +50%, Residents’ stats can randomly +4, Soldiers’ stats +4%, Population Attraction +60%, chance of attracting higher grade population +60%

Subsidiary Village Limit: 72

Subordinate Villages: Logue Village, Jean Village, Dorun Village, Li Family Village, Wolf Village, Ferocious Tiger Village…

After looking at this information, Zhao Fu found that its stats had once again greatly increased, and most of them increased by an additional 20%.

What’s more, leveling up from a Basic Town to an Intermediate Town required 250,000 EXP, while leveling up from an Advanced Village to a Basic Town required 150,000 EXP. In other words, he now required an extra 100,000 EXP to level up again.

Leveling up from an Intermediate Town to an Advanced Town required an extra 200,000 EXP, which was 450,000 EXP in total. Leveling up from an Advanced Town to a Basic City required an extra 300,000 EXP, which was 750,000 EXP in total.

750,000 EXP looked like a lot, but this was not the most difficult aspect, as the requirements for leveling up an Advanced Town to a Basic City also required one to possess three or more Towns.

In other words, if Zhao Fu wanted to level up the Great Qin Town into a City, he needed to have at least three Towns and three people who were at least Third-Ranked Barons and could act as Mayors.

This demonstrated how difficult it was to level up a Town into a City. However, the Great Qin Town was still only a Basic Town, and it would take some time for it to level up into an Advanced Town, much less a City. Moreover, the system’s main cities were important cities, and they were above even Advanced Cities.

After looking at the Great Qin Town’s stats, Zhao Fu took out the Imperial Seal. The jade Ruler’s Seal went and floated up above the City Heart by itself and gave off a faint, majestic golden light. At this moment, Zhao Fu found that Great Qin’s Nation Armament, the Twelve Metal Colossi, was giving off a faint blue light within its bronze light, so he took a look.

It turned out that the Twelve Metal Colossi had also leveled up. The description said that Nation Armaments required a large amount of Fate to level up, and now that Zhao Fu had gathered China’s Fate, the Twelve Metal Colossi had obtained a large amount of Fate, rising from a Level 1 Nation Armament to a Level 2 Nation Armament.

A Level 2 Nation Armament was much more powerful than a Level 1 Nation Armament, and it could suppress Fate better, making it so that the Fate did not flow away.

Following this, Zhao Fu looked at the Heaven Prayer Platform’s stats.

[Heaven Prayer Platform]: A special structure of an Empire Legacy Village. It can level up with a village. Special Stats: Resistance to natural disasters +50%, Chance of spawning S grade or above villagers +25%

Finally, Zhao Fu went to the Barracks, as there was a system announcement that stated that the Minister and General professions had been unlocked. After arriving at the Barracks, Zhao Fu found two new stone steles.

The two stone steles could allow five people to become Generals and three people to become Ministers. Zhao Fu didn’t have to think much about who to give these positions to – after all, there were many people who he wanted to nurture, but he hadn’t given them a special profession yet.

What’s more, if he already had five Generals, the military stone stele could be used to change a person’s profession to ‘Commander.’ Commanders could have many Generals under their command – in other words, Commanders were ranked higher than Generals. While Generals were responsible for fighting on the field, Commanders were more for creating strategies and giving orders.

Adding on Wang Jian, who recently joined, Zhao Fu now had six Generals, so he could allow one person to become a Commander. Of course, this person was Bai Qi. Zhao Fu called Bai Qi over and told him to change his profession to Commander. The Commander profession was one that led and gave commands, rather than one of personal strength. Zhao Fu had a look at Bai Qi’s new profession.

[Commander]: A grade Military, Description: The evolved profession of General, Effect: Receives skill [Army Command].

[Army Command]: All soldiers being led will receive orders easier, and not only will morale be increased, but soldiers will also not fear death. All soldiers being led will receive all stats +1 (does not stack). Receives the ability to arrange troop formations.

These were the effects of the Commander profession. Not only did it increase morale, but it also made it easier to command soldiers and gave them all stats +1, which was 4 stat points. This was equivalent to having an Exquisite Blue grade piece of equipment, and there was no limit on the number of soldiers who could be led.

However, what was most important was the ability to arrange formations. Even though they would not be able to use incredibly profound formations, they could use some basic formations to enhance defense and strengthen offense. Formations could cause soldiers to turn into killing machines, and formations allowed soldiers to unleash their full might on the battlefield.

After looking at these professions, Zhao Fu went through the other system announcements that he had received. He found that his King profession had also been affected by Fate, and he had reached the second stage, ‘King’s Blood.’



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