Chapter 126 – Stirring The World

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At a long table within the Li family’s hall, the Li family’s old patriarch sat at the head seat with Li Baiqing sitting next to him. Sitting around the table were other important members of the Li family’s main family.

The Li family’s old patriarch said with a serious expression, “Now, Great Qin’s Legatee has revealed his ferocity, and he has caused an uproar throughout the world. Various factions are trying to investigate Great Qin’s Legatee, the Li family should also make preparations. After all, Great Qin is simply too powerful, and even China’s four Great Families have become incredibly wary of Great Qin. The Great Tang Legacy, which is slightly weaker, should do the same. Tell me what you all think.”

Sitting next to Li Baiqing was a middle-aged man who was the patriarch of another one of the Li family’s bloodlines. However, because Li Baiqing had received Great Tang’s Legacy, all of the other bloodlines had to acknowledge Li Baiqing’s bloodline as sovereign and submit.

When he thought back to the scene from before, his face became somewhat pale. As a patriarch of one of the Li family’s main bloodlines, his bloodline was extremely pure, and he possessed some of Great Tang’s Fate. As such, he had also heard the domineering roar from Zhao Fu’s Fate Dragon.

At the time, he felt as if there was a savage black dragon that was tens of thousands of meters long in front of him, and its terrifying aura made his entire soul tremble. As such, he said, “I believe we should try to establish friendly relations with Great Qin’s Legatee; at the very least, we must not become enemies!”

Those who had pure bloodlines heard the dragon’s roar, and they became somewhat pale. They could not resist the terror within them, so they all nodded and expressed their agreement.

Seeing how cowardly they were acting, the Li family’s old patriarch became quite displeased, and he said angrily, “Look how stupid and cowardly you’re all acting. We have the Great Tang Empire’s Legacy, and we were called the ‘Celestial Empire’ long ago. Do we really have to fear Great Qin’s Legatee when he doesn’t even have the Ying family’s support?”

Hearing this, the others felt a bit more courage and confidence, but they still could not forget the trauma that the dragon’s roar had left on them.

At this moment, Li Baiqing lightly smiled and stood up as he said, “I believe that even though Great Qin is quite dangerous, it’s not yet time to focus on allies and enemies. Right now, the most important thing to do is to upgrade the Advanced Village into a Town, and it’s best if we do this before the four Great Families. Even though roughly 70% of China’s Fate has been gathered by Great Qin, there’s still about 30% remaining. Even though 30% does not look like much, it’s still a massive amount, and it is all that is left for China’s other Legatees. The Li family must not give up on the Fate that is remaining.”

Those who heard Li Baiqing’s words all nodded, and they approved of what he said.

Following this, someone said, “I think that Great Qin’s Legatee must have some conflict with the Ying family, and now that the Ying family has almost gone mad, they still haven’t found him. He must have a very good reason to not join the Ying family. I believe that we should try to convince Great Qin’s Legatee to join us; by openly working with the Wu family, the Ying family is blatantly disrespecting the Li family.”

Many people also agreed with this. However, the problem was that there was no information on Great Qin’s Legatee at all. Let alone trying to curry favor with him, they didn’t even know who he was.

Following this, after discussing some more things, the meeting was concluded. After everyone left, only the Li family’s old patriarch and Li Baiqing were left.

The Li family’s old patriarch’s attitude was no longer as tough – he had also heard the terrifying dragon’s roar, and his expression became grim as he sighed and said, “Qing’Er, right now, Great Qin has taken the number one spot in China. It’s far more dangerous than any other faction, and it will be your greatest obstacle. You must not relax for even a moment.”

Li Baiqing sincerely nodded and said, “I understand, grandpa.”

The Li family’s old patriarch cast aside his worries, and a kind smile appeared on his face as he chatted for a while longer. After this, Li Baiqing left to take care of some other matters.

Watching Li Baiqing leave, the Li family’s old patriarch mused to himself. He was quite satisfied that he had such a talented grandson, and he had no more regrets. He only hoped that his grandson would be able to become Emperor while he was still alive.

As for everything that stood in his way… the Li family’s old patriarch’s gaze became cold as he said, “Butler! Find Great Qin’s Legatee at all costs!”

The butler outside walked in and nodded before leaving.


As for the Ying family, they had nearly gone mad. They had looked almost everywhere, but they still could not find Great Qin’s Legatee.

They didn’t mind searching slowly, but their mysterious Legatee had caused shock after shock, each one greater than the last. Ever since Zhao Fu had obtained the Fate Legacy from last time, the Ying family had been the focus of all of China, and it was now even more so. Now, there were definitely hundreds of spies monitoring the Ying family.

The person who had obtained their ancestor’s legacy had now gathered China’s Fate, which brought them glory and made them the focus of the entire world. However, the Legatee had also indirectly slapped them in the face, as he still refused to join the Ying family.

For the Legatee to obtain Great Qin’s Legacy and cause such a disturbance but not join the Ying family, how could that not be interpreted as a slap to the Ying family’s face?

In actuality, most of the Ying family’s bloodlines had harbored evil thoughts towards the Legatee. They wanted to find him and find a way to take their ancestor’s legacy.

However, things were different now. Great Qin’s Legatee had made Great Qin the focus of the world without any help – this was enough to demonstrate his extraordinary abilities.

With his abilities, he could surpass everyone in the Ying family. Even though they all looked down on the collateral family bloodlines, if he could really bring Great Qin to glory, the Ying family would truly consider submitting to the Legatee.

However, Great Qin’s Legatee refused to reveal himself, and they were at their wit’s end. By this point, a few of the leaders of the Ying family were prepared to kneel down and beg for him to appear. However, this was too shameful, and if it weren’t for the other large families, they most likely would have done something along those lines already.

So far, there were only slight clues as to where Great Qin’s Legatee was, based on the direction that China’s Fate had flowed. From this, people had deduced that he was in the northern area of Midland Continent.

However, the northern area of Midland Continent was a large place, and a single region in the Heaven Awaken World was larger than an entire Province in China. There were thousands of regions in the north, and the total area was five times that of the entire earth’s. Even though they had a general direction, it would still be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

However, the northern area of Midland Continent became a forbidden region to all factions because they all knew that a terrifying existence resided there.



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