Chapter 131 – A Single Strike

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“Brother, is there some enmity between you two? If you want to kill him, just do it. Isn’t this method a bit too roundabout?” Without even thinking about it, the big man knew that someone who had only cultivated for a few days going up against someone at Stage 0-3 would simply lead to death. He did not believe that Ge Nia would be able to live, so when he heard that Zhao Fu wanted him to find a Stage 0-3 opponent for Ge Nia, he thought that Zhao Fu wanted to use someone to kill Ge Nia!

Zhao Fu smiled and did not reply to the big man. Instead, he turned to look at Ge Nia and asked, “Do you feel confident enough?”

“Yes, young master!” Ge Nia said resolutely as he lowered his head and cupped his fists together.

Because it was not very convenient for his subordinates to address him as ‘Your Majesty’ when outside, Zhao Fu had ordered everyone to call him ‘Young Master’ when they were outside. This sort of address was quite common, so it would not raise any suspicions.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu turned to look at the big man and said, “Just look for opponents around Stage 0-3!”

Since Zhao Fu kept insisting, the big man could only give in and look at the list. The big man said, “There’s a match later against someone at the peak of Stage 0-3 called Evil Tyrant. Brother, are you sure about this? If you are, I’ll arrange it. Don’t blame me when he goes to fight though.”

The big man continuously tried to talk Zhao Fu out of it. After all, he had accepted Zhao Fu’s money, so he felt a duty to act in Zhao Fu’s best interests. Normally, he wouldn’t care, as the fighters’ deaths had nothing to do with him.

Zhao Fu nodded before heading with Ge Nia to the preparation area for fighters and started to wait.

Time gradually passed, and people started to fill up the Arena. By the time the battles started, the Arena was packed with people.

At this moment, a person walked onto the stage and said with a loud voice, “Good morning everyone, I’m Lone Wolf, the MC for this Arena. I’ll now introduce the first fighters for today. We have the notorious ‘Evil Tyrant,’ whose cultivation is at the peak of Stage 0-3; I’m sure everyone’s familiar with him. Last time, he used his massive hatchet to split a person with Stage 0-4 cultivation in half.”

As the MC spoke, a man with a ferocious-looking face walked out with a large hatchet in his hand. Seeing him walk out, countless spectators yelled out his name. It seemed that he was quite popular here.

Hearing these cheers, Evil Tyrant grinned. He enjoyed the feeling of thousands of people looking at him and cheering, and he waved back before walking to the MC’s side.

The MC then continued, “Next, I’ll introduce Evil Tyrant’s opponent. He’s someone who has only cultivated for a few days, and he has not reached Stage 0-1 yet; his name is Sword Training!”

Following this, Ge Nia walked out while wearing his black cloak. However, as soon as he walked out, the cheers stopped, and many people started to complain. They were here to see brutal fights, not boring massacres.

“Why the hell is there someone who has only cultivated for a few days fighting here?”

“That’s right! What’s the point of this fight? Isn’t this just suicide? Hurry up and finish it so we can move on to the next fight!”

The MC felt quite awkward. However, Ge Nia did not react at all, and he went next to the MC.

Following this, the MC started to announce the betting odds: if Evil Tyrant won, those who bet on him would earn a bit less than double, but if Ge Nia won, those who bet on him would earn 30 times what they bet. It was obvious that no one believed that Ge Nia would win.

The spectators all believed that Evil Tyrant would win, so after the MC finished making the introductions, everyone placed his or her bet on Evil Tyrant, as everyone thought that it would be easy money. Seeing this, Evil Tyrant felt quite pleased, and he looked towards Ge Nia and harrumphed. Ge Nia ignored this provocation, remaining cool and expressionless.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu couldn’t help but lightly laugh. He took out 1,000 gold coins and bet it all on Ge Nia!

Zhao Fu felt completely confident in Ge Nia, and if it wasn’t for the fact that bets were limited to 1,000 gold coins per match in order to prevent people from going bankrupt, Zhao Fu would have bet all of the money he had on Ge Nia.

Following this, after everyone made their bets, Evil Tyrant and Ge Nia entered the 100-meter wide cage from opposite sides.

The MC loudly announced, “Let the battle begin!”

At that moment, the countless spectators yelled, “Hurry up and kill him, Evil Tyrant! Finish it quickly so we can move on to the next battle! Give us an easy win and we’ll keep betting on you!”

Hearing the shouts from outside, Evil Tyrant grinned in satisfaction. He was completely confident that he would defeat this person, who had only cultivated for a few days, and he called out, “Oi, if you kowtow three times, I might just spare your life.”

Ge Nia did not reply to Evil Tyrant, and he continued to stand still. The only thing he did was take out his sword, and he did not even take off his cloak.

The cloak could hide his appearance and body, but it would restrict his movements, especially when fighting.

This caused Evil Tyrant and all of the spectators to loudly laugh. They all thought that this person was here to commit suicide.

The MC watched on and said to the big man in charge of registrations, “Bro, did you make some sort of mistake? Why did you put this person, who has only cultivated for a few days, against Evil Tyrant?”

The big man felt quite helpless as he replied, “I didn’t want to do this, but the man in charge insisted that he fight against someone around Stage 0-3!”

“Really?” The MC was quite surprised and looked at Ge Nia. Because of the cloak, he couldn’t tell much, so he didn’t place much hope in this person.

Facing Evil Tyrant’s arrogance, Ge Nia did not react at all. He held his sword with one hand and did not move, making him look like a piece of wood.

Seeing that Ge Nia did not react at all, Evil Tyrant felt quite displeased, and he coldly harrumphed and said, “Since you want to die, don’t blame me!”

Evil Tyrant raised his large hatchet and circulated his cultivation power as he rushed at Ge Nia. Evil Tyrant was quite strong, and he gave off the airs of a massive wild beast.

Soon, Evil Tyrant arrived in front of Ge Nia!

The spectators were all here to see bloody battles, and when they saw Evil Tyrant’s hatchet descend towards Ge Nia, they were all certain that Ge Nia was doomed, so they all cheered loudly.

Evil Tyrant was also certain that Ge Nia was about to die, and he laughed savagely as he swung downwards with his hatchet. At this moment, Ge Nia slowly raised his head, and his icy eyes caused Evil Tyrant’s body to pause.

At that moment, Ge Nia finally moved.


Ge Nia’s sword hummed as an arc of sword light flashed momentarily. That sword strike was incomparably fast, and most people had not been able to see it clearly.


Evil Tyrant’s body froze, a confused look on his face. Blood started to spurt out from his neck, forming a bloody mist, while Ge Nia, who was wearing a black cloak, gave off a terrifying aura.

The raucous Arena instantly became deathly silent.



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