Chapter 136 – Six Effects

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Upon realizing that Great Qin had gathered most of China’s Fate and had obtained the Seven Murders Star, many of the famed espers and ability-users determined that Great Qin would become an incredibly powerful faction in the future. As such, some of them even started to have thoughts of joining Great Qin.

As for the ones who already had lords, they reported this matter with serious expressions on their faces to their Legatees, causing that ear-piercing name, Great Qin, to once again sound in their ears.

The matter about Great Qin gathering the Fate of China had already caused a lot of anger and dissatisfaction, and now, the last thing the other Legatees wanted to hear about was Great Qin. However, it wasn’t likely that the Seven Murders Star belonged to Great Qin, so the waves caused by this information were not as great. However, it still resulted in some worry.

He Xianru stood on the balcony of a building and looked towards the Great Qin Town. She couldn’t help but beautifully smile and say, “Your Majesty, you didn’t disappoint me at all!”

“Beautiful teacher, what are you doing out here? There are things that require your attention in the kitchen!” Hue Qing asked curiously when he saw He Xianru standing outside.

He Xianru turned around and looked at Huo Qing before shaking her head and saying, “I’ll leave whatever needs to be done in the kitchen to you; I need to go out of the Heaven Awaken World for a short while!”

“Okay!” Huo Qing replied as he watched He Xianru’s body slowly fade. He looked towards the kitchen, and now that he was in charge, he laughed happily. He wanted to see how his skills had improved.


Zhang Heng was currently riding his donkey towards Battle City, and while looking at the disappearing Seven Murders Star in the sky, his expression became serious and solemn as he said, “Great Qin is destined to become one of the most powerful nations in the future!”


Within Demon Tree City, an elderly person and a young person, both from the Mohists, watched the Seven Murders Star disappear. The man called ‘Uncle Lin’ sighed as he said, “What powerful killing intent. In the future, that man is bound to draw a lot of blood.”

“Mm!” the youth beside him agreed as he said, “He gives me a very uncomfortable feeling!”

Uncle Lin nodded and replied, “Mohism believes in universal love, the condemnation of offensive war, economy of expenditures, the will of heaven, and ghosts. It is only natural for such killing intent from a General Star to make your Heavencraft Ink-Eyes feel uncomfortable.”

The youth nodded and did not say anything, and he continued to play with the wooden puppet in his hands.


After everything ended, Bai Qi looked at the disorderly scene around him and apologetically cupped his hands towards Zhao Fu as he said, “I apologize, Your Majesty.”

Zhao Fu lightly laughed – how could he blame him? He shook his head to show that he did not mind, and even Zhao Fu hadn’t expected a General Star to appear when fusing a General Armament. Zhao Fu was confused about all of this.

As such, Zhao Fu curiously asked, “Bai Qi, how does it feel to have your General Star unlocked?”

Bai Qi thought for a moment before replying, “Your Majesty, my stats haven’t changed, but I feel much stronger than before.”

After listening to his vague answer, Zhao Fu realized that unlocking the General Star must have changed Bai Qi’s Fate, which could not be seen through physical means, so he didn’t ask him any more questions about it.

Zhao Fu turned to look at the blood-red sword in Bai Qi’s hand. Zhao Fu was quite interested in it, as it had fused with a General Armament and seemed to possess a connection with a General Star. As such, its effects should be quite extraordinary, so Zhao Fu took it and had a look.

[Seven Murders Sword]: Grade: Epic, Stats: Strength +25, Intelligence +15, Constitution +15, Agility +15, Description: A Half-Legendary grade weapon that has become rusty over time. However, after fusing with a General Armament and the power of the Seven Murders General Star, it has become a General Armament, and it has six powerful special effects.

Special Effect 1: [General’s Power]: All soldiers led will receive all stats +5. This effect can be stacked up to four times, but the effect will be decreased with each additional stack.

After looking at just the first effect, Zhao Fu was quite happy because all stats +5 was equivalent to 20 points of stats. This was on the same level as a low-grade Gold grade piece of equipment. When Bai Qi led soldiers, it would be as if all of them had a free piece of Gold grade equipment – anyone would be overjoyed at this.

The most shocking thing was that the effect could stack up to four times, but the effect would decrease with every stack. For example, if Zhao Fu had multiple Generals with General Armaments, the first would give all stats +5; the second would give all stats +4; the third would give all stats+3; and finally, the fourth would give all stats +2.

If he had four General Armaments, that would be a bonus of 56 points of stats for every soldier, which was simply monstrous. It would almost be as if every soldier had a Legendary grade piece of equipment. However, right now, it was impossible to obtain so many General Armaments.

Special Effect 2: [General’s Courage]: Greatly raises morale and increases soldiers’ mental fortitude. Increases resistance towards illusions and formations by 200%. This effect can be stacked up to six times.

This effect was also quite good. In future battles, they would definitely face people who were proficient in illusions and formations, which would make this effect quite useful. After all, it could reduce the effectiveness of illusions by 200%, and it could stack six times. This meant that illusions could be 12 times less effective.

Special Effect 3: [General’s Light]: Increases soldiers’ recovery rates and has a slight healing effect. This effect can be stacked up to 12 times.

Special Effect 4: [General’s Soldiers]: Increases the limit for one’s Unique Military Profession, and all soldiers with the Unique Military Profession will have an additional 50% bonus to Special Effects 1, 2, and 3. This effect cannot be stacked, and the bonus only applies to the base Special Effect.

This meant that Special Effect 1, Special Effect 2, and Special Effect 3 would be 50% more effective to those who had Bai Qi’s Unique Military Profession. However, if, for example, there were two General Armaments, causing Special Effect 1 to have an additional stack, the 50% bonus would only apply to the base all stats +5 and not the additional stack from the second General Armament.

Special Effect 5: [Soldier Aura Formation]: Each soldier gives off his or her own soldier aura, and the soldier auras can fuse to form a powerful weapon or beast.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu realized how powerful the fifth Special Effect was. It could gather every soldier’s aura and fuse them all together. For example, if a thousand soldiers’ auras were fused into a tiger, it would have the might of a thousand soldiers and be an utter killing machine on the battlefield.

Next was Special Effect 6!



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