Chapter 153 – Shocking Demon’s Roar

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

As the arrow shot towards Zhao Fu, who was in the middle of escaping, he was given a big fright, and his hairs stood on end. He turned to look at the terrifying arrow flying at him and flicked the sword in his hand, sending it flying towards the arrow. The arrow then exploded in the air, creating a large shockwave.

At that moment, a figure appeared at Zhao Fu’s side, who gripped a long saber with both hands. The saber gave off a shocking saber light as it chopped towards Zhao Fu.


The sound of metal colliding sounded out, causing sparks to fly as Zhao Fu circulated his King’s Power and used his sword to block the long saber.

However, Zhao Fu was shocked to find another figure, and he quickly retreated many steps as a spear dancing with light stabbed through where he had just been.

Zhao Fu looked at the three people in front of him with a serious expression. The man holding the long saber was a soldierly-looking middle-aged man called Yue Linping, the first of Heavenstone City’s three Great Generals. The man holding the violet bow was a handsome-looking youth called Gu Feng, and he was the second of Heavenstone City’s three Great Generals. The man holding the golden spear was a big man named Liu Sheng, the third of Heavenstone City’s three Great Generals.

The arrival of Heavenstone City’s three Great Generals caused all of the city guards to feel incredibly excited. With three of Heavenstone City’s strongest existences here, it would not be difficult to apprehend Zhao Fu.

Seeing the three Great Generals arrive, the players all conscientiously retreated hundreds of meters away. As part of Heavenstone City, they knew how powerful these three Great Generals were, and they also knew that what would ensue was a battle that they could not interfere in. However, they still hoped to come in at the end to reap some rewards, so they did not retreat too far away.

Seeing these three people, Zhao Fu’s expression became incredibly grim. If he was facing a single General, he definitely wouldn’t be at a disadvantage. However, it would be impossible for Zhao Fu to face the three of them working together.

As such, Zhao Fu could only choose to escape. He swept out with the Sky Demon Sword, pretending to attack, but in the next moment, he immediately turned and ran away.

Of course, Zhao Fu’s actions were unable to fool these three experienced Generals. Gu Feng coldly laughed as he drew the large bow in his hands, and an arrow containing monstrous strength streaked towards Zhao Fu like a meteor.

As the arrow came within a few centimeters of Zhao Fu’s back and looked as if it was just about to hit him, Zhao Fu suddenly twisted his body, causing the arrow to miss him and stab into the ground in front of him.


The arrow slammed into the ground with an immense amount of force, and the hard ground was unable to endure this, exploding into a 5-meter wide crater.

Just as Zhao Fu dodged this arrow, Yue Linping raised his long sabre and fiercely slashed at Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu could only parry with his sword, but Liu Sheng once again arrived at his side and drove his spear towards Zhao Fu’s chest.

Zhao Fu could only once again dodge, unable to extricate himself from these three people. He unleashed his King’s Power, engaging in a massive battle with the three Great Generals. Sword light and saber light shot out everywhere, and their powerful auras gave rise to massive gusts of wind.

The three Great Generals’ cooperation was seamless, and Zhao Fu was completely suppressed. As the city guards watched the three powerful Generals fight, they couldn’t help but feel their blood boil.

Suddenly, just as Zhao Fu blocked one of Yue Linping’s strikes and was about to counterattack, an arrow shot towards his face, forcing him to tilt his head.

The arrow brushed past Zhao Fu’s head, and the arrow was like a sharp knife, leaving a gap in Zhao Fu’s hood. A few hairs fell and a gash opened up on Zhao Fu’s face, through which blood slowly flowed out.

Feeling the pain on his face, anger welled up within his heart, and his King’s Power exploded out into his sword. The Sky Demon Sword gave off an immense sword light and a shocking demon’s roar, and it seemed to contain the might to destroy everything as it slashed out.

Facing this vicious attack, Yue Linping roared and exploded out with power. Countless golden auras streamed out from his body, forming a golden aura flame around him.


As the sword and saber clashed, a massive explosion sounded out, resulting in a powerful shockwave that caused even the ground to crack.


At that moment, Gu Feng used his full strength to shoot an arrow. That arrow shined with a brilliant violet light and carried with it the image of a massive violet roc as it rushed towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu gritted his teeth and once again released a lot of his King’s Power to form a black, semicircular shield at his side.


The violet roc smashed into Zhao Fu’s black dragon-inscription shield with a massive amount of force, resulting in another explosion.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Zhao Fu’s black dragon-inscription shield started to crack like a mirror.


The violet roc disappeared as another arrow slammed into the area with the most cracks and pierced through the shield, burying itself into Zhao Fu’s chest.

“Pft!” Zhao Fu felt a pain in his chest and coughed up a mouthful of blood. At that moment, Liu Sheng grasped this opportunity and swept out with his spear, completely obliterating the black dragon-inscription shield. The shaft of the spear landed heavily on Zhao Fu’s body, sending Zhao Fu’s body flying 20 meters away before he crashed to the ground.

The city guards cheered loudly. The three Great Generals were incredibly powerful, and Zhao Fu’s capture seemed like a certainty. It looked like there was no chance that Zhao Fu would escape.

The players all inwardly sighed, as it seemed that this man did not have a chance anymore. However, he was indeed quite powerful – even though he was definitely going to lose against the three Great Generals, this battle would make him incredibly famous.

Yue Linping’s expression was cold and calm, and he was about to walk over to capture Zhao Fu.

It became incredibly silent, and everyone watched to see if Yue Linping would kill Zhao Fu.

At this moment, on the ground, Zhao Fu stretched out his hand to wipe the blood from his mouth and slowly stood up. He looked at the three people with blood-red eyes as his body radiated a sinister and murderous aura.

“Do you… really think… I’d… fear you?” Zhao Fu roared as he raised the Sky Demon Sword and pointed it at the heavens.


A massive explosion sounded out, seeming to shake even the clouds in the sky as a boundless killing intent descended. Everyone was incredibly astounded and felt a terrifying power descend, and their bodies and spirits all trembled. The three Great Generals also stared at this scene, completely dumbfounded.

The sky became a blood-red color in an instant, and countless blood-red rays of light descended. Zhao Fu raised his head and seemed to be bathed in the blood-red rays of light. His black cloak was torn to pieces, revealing Zhao Fu’s true appearance: his handsome, delicate face; his black hair that reached his waist and blew around even without any wind; his black clothes; and his blood-red eyes, which were filled with killing intent.

An aura that was extremely powerful burst forth from within Zhao Fu’s body, and the murderous aura completely twisted the space around him, making it impossible to see Zhao Fu’s true appearance.



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