Chapter 161 – No Return… The Path of Kings!

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Within a silent valley, a heavily injured person covered with blood lay within a grassy area. There were also three strange humanoid creatures flying around him and shining colorful rays of light on him.

Zhao Fu slowly opened his eyes – the sunlight was quite bright, so he used his blood-stained hands to block out the rays of light.

Suddenly, the three humanoid creatures flying around him cried out and spoke in a strange language. Only then did Zhao Fu notice them.

They were about as big as a palm and looked like little girls. Their facial features were cute and delicate, and they wore clothes made from flower petals and had a pair of leaf-shaped transparent wings on their backs.

The only thing that was different among them was the flowers on their heads. One had a rose flower on her head and seemed quite lively; one had a lily flower on her head and seemed quite gentle and quiet; and the other had a peach blossom flower on her head and seemed quite shy.

“Flower Spirits?”

Seeing the creatures flying around him, Zhao Fu realized that they were most likely Flower Spirits.

At this moment, the Flower Spirit with a rose flower on her head shot out a red light towards Zhao Fu, allowing him to understand their words.

“Human, we were the ones who saved you!” The Flower Spirit with a rose flower on her head placed her tiny hands on her hips as a pleased smile appeared on her face.

Zhao Fu still felt quite weak, but he mustered up a smile and replied, “Thank you all!”

The Flower Spirit with the rose flower on her head laughed happily as she replied, “No need to thank us! We’re kind and pure Flower Spirits!”

At this moment, the Flower Spirit with the lily flower on her head said quietly, “Don’t listen to her, human. We only saved you because your body gives off an aura that attracts Flower Spirits greatly.”

“Ah! Lilylily!”

The Flower Spirit with the rose flower on her head cried out unhappily when she heard the other Flower Spirit reveal the truth.

Zhao Fu remembered the Flower’s Embrace blessing that he had received during the Ten Thousand Flower Festival. It increased his charm towards females and made it easier for spirits to like him.

Zhao Fu had never thought that the blessing would be useful in such a situation. After conversing with the three Fairy Spirits for a while, he learned their names.

The Fairy Spirit with the rose flower on her head was called Roserose; the one with the lily flower was called Lilylily; and the one with the peach blossom flower on her head was called Peachy.

Because of the blessing and Zhao Fu’s amicable attitude with them, they became quite familiar with Zhao Fu. The Flower Spirits didn’t hide anything from him and told him all of their abilities.

The first was an attack-type skill that could control plants to attack others or defend themselves.

The second was a special skill that reduced the withering speed of flowers wherever they were by a factor of six.

The third was a healing skill that possessed advanced life magic.

The fourth was a plant skill that could reduce the time it took to grow plants by up to a factor of five.

Of course, the one that shocked Zhao Fu the most was the fourth skill. Reducing the time it took for plants to grow by a factor of five was simply terrifying.

The last part of the Flower Fairy’s Blessing was a chance to attract Fairy Spirits, which showed how rare and powerful they were.

What’s more, right now, they were only able to reduce the time it took plants to grow by a factor of five, and as they grew more powerful, so would their skills.

Zhao Fu had already decided to take these Flower Spirits back to the Great Qin Town. As such, he started to act like a lolicon who was tempting lolis, and he started to describe the Great Qin Town as a beautiful paradise.

Then again, what Zhao Fu said wasn’t a lie – after obtaining the Level 3 Flower Fairy’s Blessing, the Great Qin Town had countless flowers growing around it, and even the air contained a faint flower fragrance.

Of course, the three pure and naïve Flower Spirits didn’t have many reservations and agreed to go with Zhao Fu to the Great Qin Town. After talking with him for a while, they found out that his name was Zhao Fu, but they liked to just call him ‘Zhao.’

At that moment, Roserose said that she was hungry and went with the other two Fairy Spirits to find some fruits. However, Zhao Fu stopped them and took out three Black Forest Fruits.

Each of the three Flower Spirits hugged a fist-sized Black Forest Fruit and took a bite. They found that it tasted quite good and started to happily eat. Roserose ate in large mouthfuls, causing the juice to spurt everywhere, whereas the other two ate much more elegantly. Zhao Fu was quite surprised to find that they were not weak at all.

After watching them eat the Black Forest Fruits, Zhao Fu looked down at himself and couldn’t help but sigh.

This was most likely the most injured he had ever been, and it was even worse than when he had fought against that mysterious Skeleton. This was because there was an azure energy within his body that was stopping him from healing.

This azure energy had some sort of sealing power, and it was hard to get rid of, making it difficult for him to recover.

What made Zhao Fu’s heart ache the most was that he had expended nearly all of Great Qin’s Fate. Zhao Fu didn’t take the Nation Armaments out lightly, as they consumed a great amount of Fate. Because Fate could determine an entire nation’s path, it was quite valuable.

He had used up most of the Fate he had but not to the point that the foundation was damaged. He would gradually regain the Fate in the future, but he wouldn’t be able to use the Nation Armaments again in the future because he would risk the foundation of his Fate being destroyed.

Nation Armaments should only be used when making extremely great decisions, such as taking down another nation or fighting against a main city. At the very least, there had to at least be great benefits, such as obtaining an ancient King Armament Shard.

Back then, after Zhao Fu’s battle with the mysterious Skeleton, he had used up a lot of the Fate he had, but after obtaining the ancient King Armament Shard, he regained a lot of the Fate. It was clear just how powerful and important that ancient King Armament Shard was.

Now, even though Great Qin’s Fate would recover, he did not receive any benefits. If he had been able to take down Heavenstone City, not only would he have regained all of that Fate, but he would have also been able to gain enough to the point that he could level up his Nation Armament again.

However, it was a pity that Zhao Fu could not take down Heavenstone City by himself. Even if he had 40,000 Stage 1 soldiers, he wouldn’t be able to conquer Heavenstone City, but not including the Skeletons, he only had 6,000 soldiers, most of whom were not at Stage 1 yet.

Right now, a main city’s power was not something normal people could resist. Zhao Fu somewhat regretted this battle – even though he knew that Heavenstone City had suffered disastrous losses, it had been a pyrrhic victory, and no one had received any benefits.

Back then, Zhao Fu had sensed that there would be danger, but he had never thought that Heavenstone City would be so unrelenting and ruthless, which had completely enraged Zhao Fu.

He had suppressed his anger and had continuously tried to escape, but in the end, he was unable to contain his rage.

After obtaining Great Qin’s Legacy, Zhao Fu found that his personality had gradually changed. He seemed to be becoming madder, more violent, more bloodthirsty, and even colder.

Now, even Zhao Fu wasn’t sure what sort of person he would become; he didn’t know whether or not he would become someone who would create millions of corpses whenever he was angered.

No matter what sort of person Zhao Fu would become, it was something that had already been determined. After all, when he stepped onto the Path of Kings… there was already no turning back.<script>chaptererror();</script>



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