Chapter 162 – Three Great Generals

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Of course, Zhao Fu did still reap some rewards from the battle. The first thing was Gu Feng’s corpse, which Zhao Fu had put into his King’s Ring.

As one of the three Great Generals of Heavenstone City, Gu Feng’s corpse was, without a doubt, SSS grade. With this corpse, Zhao Fu could once again develop a top-notch General. Moreover, Gu Feng had a normal Legendary grade piece of equipment and four Gold grade pieces of equipment.

The Legendary grade piece of equipment was the large violet bow that he had used!

[Great Spirit Roc Bow]: Grade: Legendary, Stats: Strength +15, Intelligence +10, Constitution +10, Agility +10, Description: A piece of equipment forged from a Spirit Roc’s corpse. It has the Spirit Roc’s soul sealed within it and contains many of the Spirit Roc’s abilities.

The Great Spirit Roc Bow’s stats were quite ordinary, and Zhao Fu had no idea as to what sort of abilities it had. However, its most powerful skill was most likely the one that released the violet roc!

Because of this skill, Gu Feng had been able to break through even Zhao Fu’s King’s Domain. Even though it was a King’s Domain that he had put up hurriedly and didn’t contain the full defensive power of his King’s Domain, it still demonstrated the might of the Great Spirit Roc Bow.

It was a pity that Zhao Fu didn’t have a General who used a bow. As such, Zhao Fu could only keep the bow with him until he found someone suitable for it.

Out of the four Gold grade pieces of equipment, there was leather armor that was already badly damaged and required repairs, while the other three were a short sword, a pendant, and a pair of boots

They were all exquisite Gold grade pieces of equipment, and their stats were quite good. There was nothing too special about the first three, but the boots were quite eye-catching.

[Windwalker Boots]: Grade: Gold, Stats: Strength +5, Intelligence +5, Constitution +10, Agility +12, Description: Wearing these boots gives Wind’s Blessing and increases walking speed.

Out of the four Gold grade pieces of equipment, only the pendant and boots were somewhat of use to Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu then looked at Gu Feng’s spatial ring, which was Gold grade. After looking into it, he found that there were roughly 300,000 gold coins inside, as well as many materials. Six of these materials were Gold grade materials.

With these Gold grade materials and the ones Zhao Fu already had, all of his Generals would be able to have a piece of Gold grade equipment.

Apart from this, the spatial ring contained some other items and skills, which were all quite ordinary.

However, there was one item that seemed quite unique.

The item looked like a talisman paper, and half of it was black while the other half was white. The runes drawn on it were also in black and white, which made it look quite strange.

[Reversal Talisman]: Twists and reverses the properties of Gold grade items or below for 12 days.

This talisman could most likely turn things that were black white and cold hot. Zhao Fu could not think of any uses for it right now.

The gains from Gu Feng’s body were quite plentiful. After all, he was one of the three Great Generals of Heavenstone City, and Zhao Fu felt some regret that he had not been able to kill the other two Great Generals.

However, all in all, the losses did not make up for the gains, as Zhao Fu had used up simply too much Fate. Following this, he took out an azure stone that was about as big as a fingernail.

The stone looked incredibly ordinary except for the fact that it was azure, and it seemed like the type of stone that could be picked up off the ground anywhere.

Zhao Fu knew what this small azure stone was. It was a small shard from the City Lord Seal – right now, the City Lord Seal was in a damaged state, which meant that Heavenstone City could not be leveled up or conquered, and many of its functions would be missing.

As long as Zhao Fu had this shard of the City Lord Seal, Shi Jian would be unable to use Heavenstone City’s power to deal with Zhao Fu. In fact, Zhao Fu could even use this shard to fight for or steal the City Lord position.

Now that he had established complete enmity with Heavenstone City, Zhao Fu would definitely take his revenge someday. He would take down Heavenstone City, and this shard of the City Lord Seal would be incredibly important for that.

Those were all of the things that Zhao Fu had gained from the battle, and Zhao Fu sighed, feeling that he had made a loss.

“Zhao! When will you take us to the Great Qin Town?”

Roserose finished her Black Forest Fruit very quickly, and her stomach bulged from how full she was. She lay comfortably on the ground as she asked Zhao Fu.

This made Zhao Fu feel quite troubled – this matter, which should have been quite simple, had become extraordinarily difficult.

He had to use the main city’s teleportation channel to return to the White grade Village he had created before he could return to the Great Qin Town.

However, it was simply impossible for him to return to Heavenstone City, so he would have to go to one of the three other main cities in East Green.

Zhao Fu immediately took out his map and found his position. The nearest main city was tens of thousands of kilometers away. If he had to walk, just how long would it take him?

Perhaps Zhao Fu could take down a village, but the problem was that he didn’t know how to build teleportation channels.

As such, Zhao Fu would have to find a village that already had a teleportation channel so that he could go to a main city and return to the Great Qin Town. Otherwise, he would have to walk.

However, therein lay another problem: very few villages in the wilderness had teleportation channels, and finding one would take great luck. After thinking about this, Zhao Fu replied to Roserose, “We need a teleportation channel for that, so we can’t go right now. Let’s see after my injuries get better!”

“Okay!” Roserose did not seem to mind and continued to lay comfortably on the grass. She closed her eyes and smiled happily as she rubbed her round belly.

Zhao Fu once again lay back on the ground and took out a Black Forest Fruit. He ate it as he looked at the deep blue sky, watching white clouds slowly drift past. It was rare for him to enjoy such a leisurely period of time.

Three days later…



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