Chapter 166 – Extreme Great Qin

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If Zhao Fu wanted to obtain 1,200 sword essences, he would have to kill 1,200 Hobgoblins. Zhao Fu doubted that there were that many Hobgoblins because until now, he had only seen 50 or so. That was far from enough from the 1,200 required. However, because of how difficult it was to obtain Legendary grade equipment, Zhao Fu understood why the requirement was so difficult to fulfill.

After killing the Hobgoblin, the Sky Demon Sword released a formless attraction force and devoured the Hobgoblin’s fleshly essence. From this, Zhao Fu could tell that the previously dormant Sky Demon Sword had woken up.

However, after the three Flower Spirits felt this power, they flew out from Zhao Fu’s chest with pale faces and cried out, “This power feels so evil; I hate this sort of feeling. Zhao! That’s a demon sword!”

Zhao Fu nodded, not minding too much.

On the other hand, an eerie laughter came out from the Sky Demon Sword, and demon qi started to stream from the sword, causing the warm surroundings to become much colder. It seemed as if a demon was about to descend. Following this, the Sky Demon Sword greeted the three of them, “Hello, three little fellows!”

“Ahhh!!” the three Flower Spirits cried out and said, “This demon sword can speak, and the demon inside is so powerful. Zhao, hurry and throw it away so you don’t get taken over by it!”

Zhao Fu smiled and replied, “Don’t worry; this sword is fine.”

“Really?” Roserose and the others didn’t seem to be convinced.

Zhao Fu rapped his fist against the Sky Demon Sword, and within the sword, the Sky Demon lightly harrumphed as it withdrew the demonic qi and said, “Alright, I shouldn’t have scared you fellows just then.”

Hearing those words and seeing that Zhao Fu seemed to be in full control, the three Flower Spirits relaxed before flying over to the Sky Demon Sword and looking at it with a mixture of fear and curiosity.

As a high and mighty Sky Demon, being looked at by the three Flower Spirits like it was some sort of novelty item made it feel quite displeased. However, because Zhao Fu quite liked them, it decided to let it go. However, when would its stingy yet powerful owner like it to the point that he would allow it to devour anything it wanted? That would be the best.

The Sky Demon looked at the General Soul within Zhao Fu’s King’s Ring and licked its sexy lips.

Zhao Fu looked at the three Goblins bound by vines and tossed a Hell Fireball, ending their lives.

Following this, the three Flower Spirits once again flew back into his clothes. Because of his battle with Shi Jian, the Sky Demon had also fallen into a deep sleep. Now that it had woken up, Zhao Fu wanted to use its power again.

Zhao Fu once again lured over a group of Goblins and used his Assassin skills to deal with the ranged Goblins, the Goblin rock Throwers. However, he was once again discovered by the Hobgoblin, who rushed at Zhao Fu.

“Sky Demon!” Zhao Fu equipped the Sky Demon Sword, and large amounts of demonic qi entered Zhao Fu’s body. Instantly, Zhao Fu felt an evil energy enter his body.

Zhao Fu parried with his sword, flicking the Hobgoblin’s sword away before thrusting his sword towards the Hobgoblin’s throat.

The Hobgoblin was quite shocked and quickly tilted his head to the side.

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu’s lips as his stabbing motion immediately became a slashing motion, causing a dark arc of light to flash out. The Hobgoblin’s head separated from his body, causing a large amount of blood to spurt out from his neck. The Hobgoblin’s body stood there for a few seconds before finally falling down.

The remaining Goblins were scared into scrambling away, but Zhao Fu chased after them and sent out a few arcs of black sword light, ending their lives.

The Goblins’ corpses were once again devoured by the Sky Demon. With the Sky Demon Sword’s power, it was much easier to deal with these Goblins. Because Zhao Fu was injured, he only gained a little bit less than half of the stats that he normally received from his equipment. Otherwise, just with the Sky Demon Sword’s terrifying stats, he would be able to massacre these Goblins.

Following this, Zhao Fu continued to use this method to kill Goblins and to collect various shards and sword essences.


Two days later, Saar led his division and found an Intermediate Village with roughly 1,200 or so people. Great Qin was now prioritizing growth, with war as the main method.

Each division had Great Qin’s best equipment, and every division also spent a large amount of money to buy good quality skills for the soldiers to learn. Moreover, each person carried two spirit pills; one could raise his or her strength for a short period of time, while the other could quickly heal injuries. Each division was also given a few medics.

Saar’s division was comprised mainly of Orcs. After discovering this village, Saar first observed it for a while. This could not be done carelessly because if something went wrong, the General would take all responsibility. Even if Bai Qi did not kill him, he would be stripped of his rank.

After observing the village, Saar found that it was an ordinary village with mediocre defenses. In the end, Saar chose to force a direct fight. Normally, unless the leader died or the village was conquered, it was difficult to get the villagers to surrender.

As such, if he wanted to gain a lot of people to boost Great Qin’s population, he would have to quickly conquer the village or kill its leader.

As the sun gradually set, the glow of the sunset fell on the peaceful village, and plumes of smoke started to rise as families started to cook dinner.

Saar and his division had long since made preparations, and he raised his large saber and roared. He charged out on his Black Forest Horse, leading 300 Orc Cavalrymen from one side, while Shieldbearers, Infantry, and Archers rushed out from another side.

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

The sudden attack caused the villagers to loudly yell in terror, and the entire village descended into chaos.

Swish! Swish! Swish…

The arrows and bolts that the Archers and ballistae shot tore through the air and landed in the village, eliciting a wave of screams.

Arrows immediately shot out of the village in retaliation. Saar, who was leading the charge, brandished his large saber and gave off a saber light that deflected five or six arrows. Some soldiers hid behind their shields, while others did their best to dodge. However, some people were still injured.

By now, Saar had reached the entrance of the village. 300 Orc Cavalrymen ferociously smashed through the village’s wooden defenses, and then, the rest of the soldiers streamed in.

Soon, the two sides started to clash!

Saar looked around and couldn’t find a leader, so he directly rushed towards the Village Hall while the King’s Undead Cavalryman and the 300 Skeletons controlled the situation.

Saar and his 300 Cavalry swept through the village with irresistible force and were simply unstoppable. Soon, he saw an important-looking middle-aged man who seemed to be the leader of the village. Saar rushed over, disregarding whether he would surrender or not. As long as the man did not show any signs of surrender, Bai Qi had given him the power to execute him.

Because time was of paramount importance, Bai Qi had ordered all of the Generals to finish each battle quickly to preserve their forces and the population of each village.

As long as the Generals complied with this order, they could use any methods, regardless if they were honorable or shameless. All Bai Qi wanted was results, and now, Great Qin had started to embark on an extreme path that gave off a terrifying aura.



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