Chapter 171 – Supreme

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As the young man walked in, countless people immediately gathered around him with kind smiles plastered all over their faces, and they tried to express their goodwill. Li Wu walked into the hall like a moon surrounded by countless stars.

The upper-class people around him were people who he could only look at before, but they were now incredibly respectful towards him and trying to curry favor with him. When he looked at these upper-class people, Li Wu, an ordinary person, was incredibly delighted and cheerful.

However, on the surface, Li Wu pretended to look humble and courteous. He knew that he was just a fake that the Ying family had found; these people were trying to curry favor with the status of Great Qin’s Legatee, not himself personally.

What he needed to do was to act as Great Qin’s Legatee as the Ying family wished and become truly powerful with their help. One day, he would make these important and noble figures truly bow at his feet.

After reaching the center of the hall, Li Wu did as they had rehearsed and walked onto the stage with a confident smile on his face as he said, “Everyone, welcome to my banquet. Today is the day that I officially return to the Ying family, and it is the day that the Ying family will rise up. The Great Qin Empire shall once again rise to glory and will be completely unstoppable; Great Qin will be restored to its former majesty. Those who are friends with Great Qin will receive innumerable benefits, but those who are enemies of Great Qin will be scattered like ashes and dispersed like smoke!”

After Li Wu spoke, the hall erupted with tremendous applause. Even though some people didn’t quite understand, they still vigorously clapped; they all knew how important Great Qin’s Legatee was. If they could curry favor with him, their entire family would benefit.

Zhao Fu could understand what Li Wu was trying to do: he was drawing many factions to his side while also quashing any thoughts of resistance against Great Qin. He expressed his power and might while also expressing his amicability and willingness to make allies.

Following this, Li Wu officially changed his surname to Ying, becoming Ying Wu!

If it was Zhao Fu, he wouldn’t change his surname – he would always be surnamed Zhao with his mother. This was something that would never change.

After Ying Wu spoke, he slowly descended from the stage, and countless people surrounded him, wanting to become closer with Great Qin’s Legatee.

“Do you want to go over?” A trace of a smile appeared on Wu Qingniang’s face as she looked over at Ying Wu and spoke to Zhao Fu.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu thought about it but decided not to enter the muddy water, so he shook his head.

Wu Qingniang withdrew her arm from Zhao Fu’s arm and said, “I’ll go over to take a look at Great Qin’s Legatee; wait for me here and don’t run off like last time!”

“This…” That was exactly what Zhao Fu had been planning to do because this sort of place did not suit him at all. He was quite uncomfortable and bored, so he wanted to leave quickly.

He hadn’t thought that Wu Qingniang would guess his intentions, so he could only nod and agree to stay here until she came back.

At this moment, there was already a woman by Ying Wu’s side who had completely drawn his attention. Unsurprisingly, it was Su Yuyan.

Of course, Ying Wu recognized this superstar and was quite drawn to her. Su Yuyan was someone who most men dreamed that they could be with, and before, it would have been impossible for Ying Wu to even see this superstar in person. It would only have been possible for him to meet her in his dreams.

However, now, she was taking the initiative to chat with him, making him feel as if his dreams were coming true. In fact, he couldn’t believe that this was happening.

Su Yuyan was already incredibly beautiful on television, and Ying Wu had never thought that she would be even more mesmerizing in person. Ying Wu’s heart started to race when looking at Su Yuyan’s beauty. He had completely fallen for her. Indeed, if an ordinary man could marry her, he could die happy.

Ying Wu felt indescribable joy in his heart, and he felt as if he was in heaven. He was filled with many wonderful and ecstatic feelings.

“Hello!” Suddenly, a pleasant voice sounded out from beside him, and Ying Wu turned to look over.

It was a woman wearing a red dress with beautiful looks that weren’t inferior to Su Yuyan’s. However, the aura she gave off was different to the one of beauty that Su Yuyan gave off; it was one that made any man desperately want to conquer her.

Ying Wu felt that his status was quite great – he had met so many devastating beauties in such a short period of time, and they had all taken the initiative to talk to him.

However, he had seen this woman standing next to another man before, and she had had her arm in his, making them seem quite intimate.

Ying Wu nodded and greeted her back before turning to glance at Zhao Fu in the distance. When he saw his delicate, handsome face but unimpressive aura, he seemed to be a small figure. Ying Wu didn’t understand how such a person could gain the favor of such a top-tier beauty, and as a man, Ying Wu couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous.

Zhao Fu detected Ying Wu’s gaze and inwardly smiled. However, he continued to stand there calmly and wait for Wu Qingniang.

Wu Qingniang’s arrival caused Su Yuyan to slightly frown because she felt a slight threat from Wu Qingniang. That was what her womanly instincts told her.

However, after the three of them chatted for a while, there wasn’t a sense of an imminent explosion, and everyone spoke quite amicably. It was as if the three of them all knew something, and each of them gave the others a good impression.

Afterwards, Wu Qingniang returned to Zhao Fu’s side and apologetically smiled as she said, “Sorry for making you wait for so long!”

Zhao Fu didn’t mind and shook his head, signaling that it was fine.

“Let’s go then; I know you don’t want to stay here,” Wu Qingming said as they left the hall.

After walking away from the hall, Wu Qingniang’s expression became serious as she sighed and said, “Aren’t you curious as to what I got out of that?”

Zhao Fu looked over in surprise and replied, “A little, what is it?”

Wu Qingniang breathed out before saying, “Indeed, that person wasn’t Great Qin’s real Legatee. Even though his temperament wasn’t bad, he’s far below Great Qin’s real Legatee.”

“Oh,” Zhao Fu calmly replied before looking at Wu Qingniang’s serious expression and asking, “Why do you seem so serious about Great Qin’s Legatee?”

Wu Qingniang rolled her eyes at Zhao Fu as she replied, “Only you don’t know the danger of Great Qin’s Legatee or how terrifying he is. This fellow has refused to show himself, and he hides in the boundless darkness like an evil dragon. Who can be at ease? Who can know what he’ll do in the next moment?”

“Is he really that terrifying?” Zhao Fu suddenly smiled as he asked.

Wu Qingniang nodded earnestly and said, “If you ever meet him, you’ll understand fear that penetrates your very bones and fills your entire soul, becoming your worst nightmare. It’s said that he’s in East Green, which is right next to the Forest of Horrors; Zhao Fu, if you ever meet him, it’s best that you stay out of his way at all costs!”



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