Chapter 182 – Comrade

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Zhao Fu, who was right now in an unidentified location, had diverted most of the Achievement Points in the future to Bai Qi – this simple notification showed that Zhao Fu was alive.

This allowed all of Great Qin’s subjects to finally relax and let out a sigh of relief. At the same time, they were all happy that Zhao Fu was safe because Zhao Fu was the master of Great Qin, and he everything to Great Qin.

Very soon, the upper-level members of Great Qin gathered together and discussed this matter. They understood why Zhao Fu had diverted most of the Achievement Points to Bai Qi – to carry out his biggest goal right now. Bai Qi continuously opened up regions to the north, and he had already created paths to six regions in the north. They were now only one region away from entering the territory of Vietnam.

Because Bai Qi’s status was too low, he hadn’t been able to buy any properties or open any restaurants. However, the Merchant Alliance had entered each of these regions, bringing massive profits to Great Qin.

Unfortunately, most of these profits had been consumed by the war to buy medicinal pills, skills, and other consumables. All of those things required a great amount of money to support.

Even though they spent so much money, the effects were astounding. In the past 20 or so days, Great Qin had gained more than 70,000 subjects, and this figure was nearly at 80,000. Moreover, the surrounding 300-kilometer radius area was officially under the control of Great Qin.

This speed was many times greater than before, and most of the Generals had broken through to Stage 1 and had started to train their own Unique Military Professions. What’s more, some of the soldiers had even broken through to Stage 1.

This was because Bai Qi had not only bought healing and strength-boosting pills but also a large amount of high-grade medicinal pills that could greatly boost one’s cultivation speed to use as rewards.

When it came to rewards, there was anything that the soldiers could want. These rewards stimulated the soldiers’ battle spirit and greatly lifted Great Qin’s morale.

As it was written in the ancient Odes of Qin:

How can you say that you have no clothes? I will share my robes with you.

The king is raising his forces, and I will prepare my lance and spear to fight the enemy with you!

How can you say that you have no clothes? I will share my underclothes with you.

The king is raising his forces, and I will prepare my spear and halberd to take the field with you!

How can you say that you have no clothes? I will share my lower garments with you.

The king is raising his forces, and I will prepare my armor and weapons and march along with you!

This was what Bai Qi envisioned for Great Qin’s soldiers. Equipment, skills, cultivation, and professions were all quite important, but the most important thing was fighting spirit. Bai Qi wanted to create an army for Zhao Fu that could conquer and kill all enemies.

Currently, Great Qin’s main medicinal pills were Little Spirit Pills. They were still growing the Hundred Origin Grass, so they couldn’t mass-produce the Hundred Origin Pills yet.

Even though the countless battles had caused Great Qin to rapidly develop, an oppressive atmosphere seemed to hang over all of Great Qin. On the streets, everyone seemed quite hurried, and they all had serious expressions on their faces.

This was because everyone had something that he or she was rushing to do, and everyone barely had any time. It was as if no one had the time to chat for a few minutes. Even though the population of Great Qin had increased, the things that had to be done had also increased. They were short on hands for everything, and Great Qin constantly operated at a very fast pace because it was growing at an extreme rate.

When news of Zhao Fu’s survival reached Great Qin, it was as if a sliver of light had pierced through a dark haze!


Elsewhere, Zhao Fu conquered the village and chose to [Relocate] it, gaining EXP and a Man Tear. These Man Tears had similar effects to Xianbei Tears, and after looking at it, Zhao Fu put it away.

Following this, Zhao Fu took the City Creation Stone and the surrendered Man people to the Rolan Historical Remnant.

After returning, Zhao Fu looked around and chose a place to put down the City Creation Stone. A wave of blue light spread out as the village appeared. This village was called Lone Mountain Village, and Zhao Fu registered it as a subsidiary of the Great Qin Town.

At the same time, Zhao Fu chose one of the Man people to be the Village Chief. Because this village was a Blue grade village and it had bonus stats from being a subsidiary of the Great Qin Town, it could spawn six to seven people per day. In a month or so, the village would be at the same population as before.

Zhao Fu left 300 sets of equipment with them – this equipment was not from Gu Feng but from himself. They were pieces of Blue grade equipment forged from Bronze Concentrate.

Zhao Fu called over the new Man Village Chief, who was an elderly man. Because most of the young and able men had been killed by the Goblins and the remaining ones were not very useful, he had chosen this elderly man, who had some management experience, to be the Village Chief.

Zhao Fu told him to build some defenses using the historical remnant around them after they had more people, and he also told him about some things that he had to be wary about. Zhao Fu wasn’t sure when he would return here, so he made sure that the village would be prepared against all sorts of dangers.

At the same time, Zhao Fu ordered all of his Goblins to remain here to defend the historical remnant with the Man people. The benefits they could gain from this historical remnant were massive, and Zhao Fu hadn’t explored Gloomy Jungle that much. This meant that the true value of Gloomy Jungle was far greater than what he had seen at the surface level, so he didn’t want anything to happen to this place.

After taking care of these matters, Zhao Fu and the three Flower Spirits headed towards Ninesun City.

One day later at noon, Zhao Fu was walking along a small path. There were not many clouds in the blue sky, and the wind blew gently against his face.

The three Flower Spirits were sitting on Zhao Fu’s shoulder, and each of them was hugging a Black Forest Fruit as the three Flower Spirits happily ate them. Zhao Fu looked down at his map as he walked along.

He felt that he was somewhat lost and had strayed from the direction of Ninesun City. As such, he found a high place and looked around to try to find out where he was.

It was currently noon, and Zhao Fu was quite hungry. He decided to catch some wild game to eat when suddenly a dark figure rushed at him from the grass.

Zhao Fu’s pupils contracted, and he punched out vigorously. Even though Zhao Fu’s strength had been suppressed by the azure energy, after recovering, his strength was nearly at Stage 2. If he was at the peak of his strength, he would be close to even Stage 3.

The black figure was sent flying, but surprisingly, it seemed to be fine. It once again leaped at Zhao Fu, surprising him. This black figure was incredibly fast, and it came before Zhao Fu in an instant.

This time, Zhao Fu clenched his fist even tighter, causing his bones to crack as he punched out with even more strength, knocking this black figure back 10 or so meters.

Only then did Zhao Fu see the black figure clearly. It was a 7 or 8-year-old boy who had long hair and was wearing beastskin. His appearance was quite terrifying: his pupils were completely black, and his teeth were incredibly sharp. His body was also covered with scales, and he crawled like a wild beast on the ground as he glared at Zhao Fu.

Even though his opponent was a child, he had attacked Zhao Fu first and was giving off killing intent. However, Zhao Fu despised the look that the child had in his eyes: the child was viewing him as food!



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