Chapter 183 – Sin Devil

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

“You’re seeking death!” Zhao Fu’s figure blurred and instantly disappeared. The three Flower Spirits, who were sitting on Zhao Fu’s shoulders, flew up in shock, and Zhao Fu’s body reappeared ten or so meters away as he punched the boy again.


The boy rolled on the ground to avoid Zhao Fu’s punch, which had left a crater in the ground.

Following this, the boy jumped up from the ground and sprang towards Zhao Fu. He opened his mouth, revealing his sharp teeth as he tried to bite Zhao Fu like a savage wolf.

Zhao Fu took a step backward and twisted his body as he brought his knee upwards, slamming into the boy’s abdomen. A muffled sound rang out as the boy was sent sprawling backward, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

Even though he had coughed up blood, the boy didn’t look very injured. Rather, Zhao Fu’s attack had enraged him, and he gnashed his teeth as he roared like an animal.

In the next second, the boy turned into a black blur and rushed at Zhao Fu. He raised a claw-like hand, sweeping it towards Zhao Fu as it left behind five icy glints.

“Hmph!” Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed as he suddenly stretched out his hand, grabbing onto the boy’s wrist. He twisted, and a cracking sound sounded out as he broke the boy’s wrist.

The boy’s expression became extremely savage, and he madly charged at Zhao Fu, biting towards his throat. In response, Zhao Fu grabbed the boy’s broken wrist and lifted upwards, bringing his body into the air. Immediately afterward, Zhao Fu slammed him down onto the ground.


The boy’s body smashed into the ground. The impact caused the ground to crack, forming a two-meter wide crater.

Within the crater, the boy was bleeding from all over his body, but he was still glaring at Zhao Fu ferociously.

Zhao Fu could tell from the boy’s gaze that he still viewed him as food. Out of indignance, he decided not to use the Sky Demon Sword to immediately kill this boy.

“You still want to kill me?” Zhao Fu was furious – this was the first time he had encountered someone who wanted to eat him. This feeling felt terrible, and he raised his foot and kicked the boy.

However, the boy twisted his body, avoiding Zhao Fu’s foot. However, in the next moment, Zhao Fu brought back his foot and kicked with the other one, sending the boy several meters away.

“Roarrr!!” the boy roared like a beast as he tried to stand up.


Before he could stand up, Zhao Fu once again appeared at his side and sent him flying with another kick.

“Roarrr!!!!” The boy was completely infuriated, and a black aura erupted from his body. This aura looked incredibly evil, and it seemed to be filled with sin.

The boy gave off a terrifying aura as he rushed at Zhao Fu, using his good hand to grab Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu unleashed his black King’s Power from his body. However, this blackness was different compared to the boy’s aura: it was one filled with dignity, majesty, and domineeringness. Looking at the boy charging at him, Zhao Fu tightly clenched his fist as he punched out towards the boy’s hand.

“Arghhhh!!” another pitiful cry sounded out as the boy was once again blasted backward. That arm now hung powerlessly by his side – it had been broken by Zhao Fu in one punch.

By now, the boy knew that he definitely wasn’t able to beat Zhao Fu, so he decided to run away. However, his gaze said that he decided to retreat so that he could eat Zhao Fu another day.

Zhao Fu felt even more indignant and once again stepped forwards, sending the boy flying with a kick.

By now, the boy had one broken wrist and one broken arm, and he was unable to run like a beast anymore. He could only stand on his feet, but as soon as he did this, Zhao Fu hit him with a roundhouse kick, breaking both of his legs.

Despite being unable to use all four of his limbs, the boy still hatefully glared at Zhao Fu as he lay on the ground.

Zhao Fu walked over with a cold gaze and walked to his side, slowly clenching his fist. A large amount of King’s Power gathered within his fist, causing it to glow with a dark light, and it gave off terrifying energy ripples.


Zhao Fu’s punch slammed down onto the boy’s chest, resulting in dull explosion. The ground caved in, and the boy coughed up a mouthful of blood, several of his ribs breaking.

Only then did Zhao Fu let out a breath. He decided to stop venting his indignance against this person; it was better to just kill this person immediately. Even though the enemy was a child, Zhao Fu had no other choice, as this boy was quite dangerous. Zhao Fu wasn’t a weak and emotional person, and he grabbed the boy’s neck, raising him up.

Zhao Fu wanted to break the boy’s neck and end his life. How could he spare this fellow when he had wanted to eat him?

The boy’s bones seemed to have all been broken by Zhao Fu, and the boy seemed like a pile of sludge. Facing Zhao Fu’s eyes, which were filled with killing intent, a slight change appeared in the boy’s eyes.

It was a trace of fear and terror. In the end, the boy revealed an expression that said that he wanted to live on; he didn’t want to die. It was a look of pleading!

However, Zhao Fu had already decided on killing him. He started to tighten his hand, preparing to snap the boy’s neck.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu detected some strange movement within his King’s Ring. This caused him to stop and send his mind into the ring, feeling quite confused. Following this, he took an item out.

More precisely speaking, it was an equipment set.

It was the Kill Equipment Set that reacted strangely. It gave off waves of bloody light as if it wanted to make the boy its master, surprising Zhao Fu. It was the first time that he had seen equipment choose a master for itself.

In order to make sure of this, Zhao Fu placed the boy on the ground and placed the Kill Equipment Set on the boy’s body. The Kill Equipment Set gave off an even stronger bloody light as if was expressing its joy. This allowed Zhao Fu to confirm that the Kill Equipment Set had indeed chosen its master.

However, Zhao Fu hesitated. He had been set on killing this boy, but it seemed that the Kill Equipment Set liked this boy very much to the point of even choosing him. This meant that there was definitely something special about the boy.

Finally, after thinking for a while, Zhao Fu decided not to kill the boy to see why he was special. From the boy’s black pupils, sharp teeth, and scales, he definitely wasn’t a normal human.

Zhao Fu took out an expensive healing pill and fed it to the boy. Under the immense medicinal strength of the pill, the boy’s broken bones started to mend, and he started to recover from his injuries.

The boy had fallen unconscious, but the Kill Equipment Set that Zhao Fu had placed on his body gave off waves of bloody light, slowly healing the boy and seeming incredibly loyal and protective, making Zhao Fu feel quite speechless.

“Zhao, why aren’t you killing him? The aura he gives off is so despicable; I dislike it even more than a demon’s aura!” the three Flower Spirits said meters away with an expression of contempt, unwilling to even come close.



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