Chapter 184 – Ancient Kings and Emperors

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“Dislike it even more than a demon’s aura?” Zhao Fu thought back to the evil and sinful aura that the boy had given off before and looked at the boy, waiting for him to wake up.

The Sky Demon was quite displeased when it heard the three Flower Spirits’ words because it was a Sky Demon. As such, it coldly harrumphed, frightening the three Flower Spirits.

Only after Zhao Fu repeatedly reassured them that they were safe did the three Flower Spirits calm down, returning to Zhao Fu’s side.

Time gradually passed, and soon, the sky had darkened. A bright moon hung in the sky, and Zhao Fu lit a bonfire as he roasted a few rabbits.

The three Flower Spirits were nestled in Zhao Fu’s clothes and had fallen asleep a while ago. Zhao Fu sat beside the bonfire and was about to start eating a rabbit when he found that the boy had woken up.

This fellow had recovered quite quickly. He had seemed gravely injured before, but now, he seemed more or less fine. This was because of the healing pill Zhao Fu had given him, the Kill Equipment Set, and his own constitution.

After waking up, the boy wanted to escape, but he noticed Zhao Fu’s gaze on him. As such, he immediately crawled onto his hands and feet and pressed his head against the ground, looking like a beast showing its submission.

Zhao Fu received a system announcement that the boy had surrendered to him and decided to look at his stats:

Name: None

Grade: SSS

Title: None

Profession: None

Achievement Points: Commoner (0/200)

Race: Human (Sin Devil)

Age: 8 (500)

Loyalty: 60

Stats: Strength: 10, Intelligence: 10, Constitution: 10. Agility: 10

Cultivation: Stage 0

Cultivation Technique: None

Skills: None

Equipment: Beastskin

This boy had no name, but what greatly shocked Zhao Fu was that he was actually SSS grade. What’s more, apart from Human as his race, there was ‘Sin Devil’ in brackets.

“What are Sin Devils?” Zhao Fu wasn’t sure what sort of creature or race they were. All he was certain of was that they were quite powerful, especially in terms of lifespan. After all, this boy’s lifespan was a whole 500 years.

Even dynasties usually didn’t last that long, and this was his base lifespan. When he became stronger, his lifespan would increase as well.

In terms of this, even Zhao Fu’s Level 9 Royal Bloodline couldn’t compare to the boy’s bloodline. After all, Zhao Fu’s Royal Bloodline didn’t increase his lifespan at all; it only increased his power. Perhaps that was why the ancient kings and emperors never lived for too long.


Suddenly, the boy’s stomach started to rumble, cutting off Zhao Fu’s thoughts. Zhao Fu smiled and gestured towards the rabbits, saying, “You can eat!”

Even though the boy couldn’t understand what Zhao Fu was saying, because of the system’s interpretation of Zhao Fu’s thoughts and intentions, he could understand the general meaning that Zhao Fu was trying to convey.

He grabbed a roasted rabbit and didn’t even care if it was still hot or not, and he started to eat it on the ground like a beast. Zhao Fu guessed that the boy had never lived with other humans before and didn’t know how to act like a Human or know any languages. He was more or less a real beast.

Zhao Fu couldn’t guess his background, but he could imagine his experiences. This boy had most likely lived like a beast since he was born.

“Sit up and eat; from today onwards, you’re a human!” Zhao Fu said as he looked at the boy devouring the rabbit on the ground.

Hearing this, the boy raised his head and looked quite confused. He wasn’t quite sure what Zhao Fu’s words meant. Zhao Fu patiently explained to him what he wanted, after which the boy imitated how Zhao Fu sat and sat up uncomfortably, and he started to use his hands to eat.

Following this, the remaining roasted rabbits all entered the boy’s stomach. After eating his fill, his gaze fell on the Kill Equipment Set, and he picked it up. He seemed to like it very much.

“Wawuu… Wawuu…”

The boy didn’t know how to speak, but the meaning behind his noises was that he liked this thing very much.

Since the Kill Equipment Set had been shameless enough to choose a master by itself and the boy liked it so much, Zhao Fu could only nod his head and say, “It’s yours from now on!”

The boy excitedly hugged the Kill Equipment Set as he rolled around on the ground happily.

Zhao Fu wanted to take in this little boy; just his SSS grade alone was something that Zhao Fu couldn’t resist, let alone the Sin Devil bloodline. However, Zhao Fu first wanted to teach this boy how to act as a human.

Because of the affinity between him and the Kill Equipment Set and the fact that he had no name, Zhao Fu decided to name him Little Sha. [TLN: Kill in Chinese is ‘Sha’]

Because the boy didn’t care much for a name and didn’t have any opinions, he accepted this name, and he even seemed quite happy about it. Following this, Zhao Fu started to teach him the basics of being a human.

Early the next morning, the air was quite fresh, and the sun had only just risen. Dew glistened on the green grass as Zhao Fu and Little Sha continued on their journey.

The three Flower Spirits continued to be carefree and without worries, joyfully flying around Zhao Fu. Little Sha was given a bath at night and had some of Zhao Fu’s clothes on. They had also wrapped some cloth around the Kill Equipment Set, which Little Sha now carried on his back.

Because Zhao Fu’s clothes were too big for Little Sha, they were more or less tied to him, which looked quite strange. Even though his appearance was still quite terrifying, he now seemed more like a human than a beast.

Little Sha’s learning abilities were quite astounding; he had already learned how to walk. He no longer ran on his hands and feet like a beast.

Of course, he wasn’t fully used to walking on his feet, and he looked like a toddler as he swayed side to side and followed Zhao Fu.

In order to cater to Little Sha, Zhao Fu didn’t walk too fast so he could keep up.

At this moment, Zhao Fu discovered ten or so animals by a creek that looked like donkeys, and they had gray fur and white manes.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu was quite relieved – they had finally found some sort of mount. He had been walking the entire time, which was not only slow but also tiring.

Zhao Fu told Little Sha to wait by the side as he took out two ropes and made them into lassos. He stealthily snuck over and found that these creatures were called Graystone Beasts.

Using his Assassin profession, Zhao Fu was able to easily reach the Graystone Beasts without the herd noticing him.

At that moment, Zhao Fu threw the two lassos and easily caught two Graystone Beasts. The other Graystone Beasts were given a big fright and immediately ran away, but the two that were lassoed were firmly held onto by Zhao Fu. After getting closer, he used Taming on them to subdue them.

Riding on the Graystone Beasts, Zhao Fu found that their speed was decent. He rode on one and put the other in his Spirit Pet Ring, a ring especially for storing living creatures, while Little Sha continued to practice walking.

If he knew that things would have turned out like this, he would have brought Little Black. With Little Black’s speed, he would have been able to reach the Ninesun City in two weeks. Zhao Fu decided that he would definitely bring Little Black along with him in the future.

Following this, Zhao Fu rode on the Graystone Beast and passed through a small valley when ten evil-looking bandits holding large sabers suddenly jumped out and stopped him.<script>chaptererror();</script>



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