Chapter 193 – Natural Disasters

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Zhao Fu was overjoyed that Great Qin had obtained yet another famous Commander. After discussing some more matters, they concluded their talks.

Zhao Fu went to Great Qin’s City Heart and took a look at Great Qin’s stats now that it had become an Intermediate Town.

Village Name: Great Qin Town (Legendary)

Level: Intermediate (4,890/450,000)

Village Area: 100 square kilometers

Village Territory: 2,180 square kilometers

Residents: 62,950/120,000

Military: 9,640/34,000

Popular Support: 85

Village Special Stats: Territory Crop Output +80%, Territory Crop Growing Time -80%, Population Limit +60%, Residents’ stats can randomly +5, Soldiers’ stats +6%, Population Attraction +70%, chances of attracting higher grade population +70%

Subsidiary Village Limit: 142

Subordinate Villages: Logue Village, Jean Village, Dorun Village, Li Family Village, Wolf Village, Ferocious Tiger Village…

The Great Qin Town’s stats had increased by the normal amounts, and he could now have an additional five Generals. The overall resistance to natural disasters was 70%, and 60% of that was because of the Heaven Prayer Platform’s stats after it had leveled up. The Earth Temple had also developed well, and many residents had made sacrifices of incense, helping it level up into a Level 1 Earth Temple.

[Level 1 Earth Temple]: Contains a trace of divine power and can protect a piece of land. It requires sacrifices of incense, and the more incense there is, the more powerful the Earth Temple will become. Current stats: Crop production time -20%, crop output +20%, resistance to natural disasters+10%

“System announcement! Your Town’s overall crop production time has reached the limit of -100%. Normal crops’ growing time will be their base growth values; Stage 1 and above spirit plants will have diminished buffs depending on their Stage.”

This was because the Great Qin Town’s base stats and the Earth Temple’s stats combined to 100% reduction to crop production time. Theoretically, this meant that when Zhao Fu’s people planted crops, they would mature nearly instantaneously.

However, this wasn’t necessarily the case. Every crop had its own base growth value, which special stats couldn’t affect. For example, the food crops that Zhao Fu’s people grew had a base growth value of 12 days, so the minimum time it took them to mature was 12 days.

In the future, even if the Great Qin Town leveled up and its stats increased, it wouldn’t be able to reduce the growing time for those food crops – 12 days would still be the absolute minimum.

However, this didn’t mean that the stats were completely useless. Even though they couldn’t reduce the growing time for food crops, they were still useful for reducing the growing times for spirit plants above Stage 1. After all, spirit plants had different growth rates.Now that the three Flower Spirits had joined the Great Qin Town, with their special skills that reduced growing times by a further 50%, Great Qin’s spirit plants would grow much faster. Soon, the Hundred Origin Grass matured, and they started to mass produce pills out of it.

After taking care of many matters, Zhao Fu started to walk around the Great Qin Town, looking at the changes in the Great Qin Town that had happened while he was gone. Some things greatly shocked Zhao Fu.

Finally, he went to the Den and found Little Black, Little Gray, and Little White.

They had been playing about, but when they saw Zhao Fu, who they had not seen in a long time, they rushed up and affectionately rubbed against him. Zhao Fu smiled as he patted their heads and played with them for a while.

After checking up on them, Zhao Fu called Bai Qi, Wang Jian, and Wei Liao, Great Qin’s three most important Commanders, and headed towards North Nam.

North Nam was the name of a region, and after so long, Great Qin had finally opened up a path to Vietnam. North Nam was the boundary between China’s domain and Vietnam’s domain.

There were both Chinese people and Vietnamese people in that region, and because of the location, the indigenous residents there knew both Chinese and Vietnamese and practiced the cultures of both countries. It was just like a border from the real world.

Zhao Fu had called the three of them together to plan out how they were going to take over the entirety of Vietnam. From the very beginning, Zhao Fu had planned to leave the chaotic region of China, and he was going to use Vietnam as a stepping stone to take over all of China.

Bai Qi, Wang Jian, and Wei Liao were all famous historical military leaders, so they were most likely more farsighted than he was. Zhao Fu brought them along because he wanted them to personally take a look and see if they had any suggestions.

The four of them all put on black cloaks and repeatedly used teleportation channels until they reached North Nam!

North Nam had four main cities: Cowtooth City, Paleoroom City, Freelight City, and Saber City, and they first went to the Freelight City.

The first of those two main cities were controlled by Vietnamese-speaking indigenous residents, while the latter two were controlled by Chinese-speaking indigenous residents.

This region wasn’t very peaceful – differences in language, culture, and traditions often resulted in conflict, making this border region quite chaotic.

Moreover, most of the nations around China were quite antagonistic towards China. After all, many of them had been subjugated by China in the past, and none of them were willing to accept this. As such, they often mocked and provoked China.

However, ever since Zhao Fu had gathered China’s Fate and released that domineering dragon’s roar, the massive shock caused the surrounding nations to temporarily settle down. But, there were still countless small clashes.

Zhao Fu and his party first observed the situation in Chinese-controlled Freelight City before going to the Vietnamese-controlled cities.

They found that the cities were like two nations at war with each other. What surprised Zhao Fu was that while North Nam’s four governmental factions didn’t directly participate, they also set up camps for battle.Vietnamese players who killed Chinese players, or vice versa, would receive one Camp Point, which operated like the Merit Points of other cities. They could be used to exchange for equipment and items, but they would only be gained for killing players and not indigenous residents.

One Camp Point was worth 10 silver coins, which was 1,000 copper coins. That was $10,000 in the real world, which was quite a hefty sum of money. This made all of the players in North Nam quite bloodthirsty.

At the same time, the main cities didn’t restrict the usage of teleportation channels. Vietnamese people and Chinese people could go wherever they wanted, but the governmental factions didn’t care at all about the fights between them.

Back then, when Zhao Fu and his party had visited the Vietnamese-controlled cities, ten or so people set their eyes on them with ill intentions and openly attacked them. They were easily killed by Bai Qi, and their corpses lay there peacefully. Everyone who passed by didn’t even bother to look at those corpses as if this was completely normal. No one bothered to do anything about those ten or so corpses, shocking Zhao Fu.<script>chaptererror();</script>



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