Chapter 195 – Blood God

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When she saw the City Creation Stone in Zhao Fu’s hands, Ly Qinqian looked quite surprised. She knew the value of City Creation Stones – each one of them could be sold for an incredibly high price. What’s more, the one in Zhao Fu’s hand was a Blue grade one.

He had said that he would treat her well, but she had never thought that he would give her something so valuable so quickly!

Ly Qinqian’s hatred towards Zhao Fu greatly decreased, and because she hoped that he would continue to treat her well, she started to take off her clothes.

“What are you doing? Hurry up and use it!” Zhao Fu said to Ly Qinqian with a confused expression on his face.

Hearing this, Ly Qinqian also looked quite confused, not understanding Zhao Fu’s intentions.

Zhao Fu was quite frustrated and said, “Use the City Creation Stone now!”

Ly Qinqian finally realized why they had come here, and she squatted down and pressed the City Creation Stone against the ground. It fused into the ground, and after a blue wave of light rippled out, a few buildings materialized.

“This village is yours from now on. If you want to manage it, you can manage it yourself. If not, you can give it to someone else to manage,” Zhao Fu said before turning and leaving.

Ly Qinqian stood there, flabbergasted – she hadn’t expected things to just end like that. Zhao Fu hadn’t tried to do anything to her, and after almost taking off her clothes a few times, she felt as if she had misunderstood something.

Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Town and called Bai Qi, Wang Jian, and Wei Liao over because he wanted to listen to their plans for Vietnam. As for Ly Qinqian’s village, he would be able to start putting it to use once it had spawned some villagers.Half a day passed, and Zhao Fu and the three others finally finished their discussion. They had finished making plans for the early stages, and Zhao Fu’s assets would slowly move into North Nam in preparation for his servant plan.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu remembered something he had forgotten – he had two corpses that he hadn’t refined yet. One was Gu Feng’s SSS grade Corpse, and the other was Zhang Hong’s SS grade corpse.

If he refined them, he would obtain an SSS grade Orb and an SS grade Orb. Most of Zhao Fu’s current Generals were S grade. He wasn’t sure who to promote, so he had some difficulty deciding on who to give these two Grade Orbs to.

However, after thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided to give the SSS grade Orb to Xiao Jian. His performance while Zhao Fu hadn't been around had been excellent; just his team alone had brought back 20,000 people. Bai Qi had said many favorable things about him when reporting to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu didn’t have anyone in mind for the SS grade Orb, so he decided to put it in the military rewards to encourage his soldiers.

Zhao Fu took these two corpses to the region of bones. There wasn’t much change here, and it still looked the same. There was still an eerie atmosphere about the place, and Zhao Fu placed Gu Feng’s corpse within the formation. 30 or so energy crystals immediately disintegrated as a formless energy covered Gu Feng’s body, and his fleshly essence slowly dissolved, revealing his bones.

Finally, Gu Feng’s fleshly essence was completely refined, and the formless energy disappeared. Gu Feng’s corpse turned into a pile of useless bones and fell to the ground. What surprised Zhao Fu was that apart from a Grade Orb, there was also a blood-red pill that gave off a bloody light.“What is this?” Zhao Fu walked over and picked up the blood pill. This blood pill was about as big as a longan fruit, and it gave off a faint bloody light. It seemed like it was completely formed of blood and even gave off a striking gory smell.

[Blood God Pellet]: Stage: Stage 3, Description: A medicinal pill refined from a Stage 3 corpse that contains massive cultivation power. After using it, it can greatly increase one’s cultivation, but it is limited to those at Stage 2. This pill can only be used once.

Zhao Fu had never thought that he would obtain this Blood God Pill from refining a corpse. What was significant about it was that it could greatly increase one’s cultivation.

Zhao Fu couldn’t help but feel excited. He then suddenly thought of something, and he quickly placed Zhang Hong’s corpse onto the formation.

Following this, the formation activated!

20 or so of the energy crystals disintegrated, and a formless energy covered the corpse. Zhang Hong’s corpse was refined, and apart from a Grade Orb, there was another Blood God Pill.

[Blood God Pill]: Stage: Stage 2, Description: A medicinal pill refined from a Stage 2 corpse that contains massive cultivation power. After using it, it can greatly increase one’s cultivation, but it is limited to those at Stage 1. This pill can only be used once.

This Blood God Pill was Stage 2, as it had been refined from a Stage 2 corpse. Its description was more or less the same as the Stage 3 Blood God Pill, though its restrictions were different – the Stage 3 Blood God Pill could only be used by someone at Stage 2, while the Stage 2 Blood God Pill could only be used by someone at Stage 1. A person could only use a medicinal pill of each stage once.

Zhao Fu found that he had guessed correctly – refining corpses with a high cultivation level would yield Blood God Pills. In that case, what about Stage 1 corpses?Zhao Fu excitedly traveled to Battle City and collected a few Stage 1 corpses to test his theory. Because of how many battles happened at Battle City, it was easy to find and take corpses.

Zhao Fu threw the corpses onto the formation and obtained Stage 1 Blood God Pills. These Blood God Pills could only be used by someone at Stage 0, and it could also only be used once.

Now that he had confirmed it, Zhao Fu was so excited that he couldn’t help but burst into laughter. He had greatly underestimated the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation – no less than expected from a Heaven-Defying Magic Formation.

Now that he had these Blood God Pills, Zhao Fu didn’t have to worry about not having high-Stage soldiers. He could easily create an army filled with high-Stage soldiers and sweep across the world. Who would be able to stop him?

“Hahaha…” Zhao Fu simply couldn’t express the joy he felt, so he could only laugh loudly. At the same time, he felt silly for discovering such a heaven-defying effect so late.

However, he had to first test the effectiveness of these Blood God Pills. Zhao Fu excitedly returned to the surface and called over a few soldiers of different cultivations.

These soldiers were at Stage 0, Stage 0-5, and Stage 0-8. Zhao Fu gave each of them a Stage 1 Blood God Pill and told them to consume it. After consuming the pills, they sat down and started to cultivate as blood-colored auras started to rise from their bodies.

Time gradually passed, and Zhao Fu waited beside them. Soon, he felt their auras becoming stronger and stronger.

The first soldier opened his eyes. He was the Stage 0 soldier, and his cultivation immediately leaped to Stage 0-4. The second was the Stage 0-5 soldier, and his cultivation immediately progressed to Stage 0-8. Finally, the Stage 0-8 soldier opened his eyes – his cultivation had risen to Stage 1.

This was enough to demonstrate the Blood God Pills’ incredible effects, and Zhao Fu was relieved. It was a pity that one could only use the Blood God Pill for one’s current Stage only once. Otherwise, he would be able to produce Stage 1 soldiers with just a few Blood God Pills. Nevertheless, the Blood God Pills would be able to greatly shorten the amount of time it took to increase his soldiers’ cultivations.



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