Chapter 198 – Ghost Moon

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Zhao Fu suspected that He Xianru knew something – there seemed to be something hidden within that smile of hers. This caused Zhao Fu to slightly frown.

In response, He Xianru faintly smiled and elegantly put some food onto Zhao Fu’s plate with her chopsticks. She looked at Zhao Fu as she said softly, “Your Majesty, do you not trust me?”

When he heard this, Zhao Fu stopped frowning. After such a long period of time, Zhao Fu had long since stopped being guarded against He Xianru, and he had started to view her as one of his own people.

Zhao Fu apologetically laughed and raised his wine cup, draining it in one gulp.

He Xianru stood up and once again filled Zhao Fu’s cup as she asked, “What are Your Majesty’s thoughts on the Ghost Festival?”

Zhao Fu thought about it, but he didn’t have any concrete plans yet. After all, he didn’t know much about the Ghost Festival, so he could only go about it step by step. As such, he told He Xianru about his very basic plans.

He Xianru’s expression didn’t change as she took out 12 small statues from her spatial ring. They were about 30 centimeters tall and made of peach wood. They were statues of divine generals, and they looked quite real and imposing. Zhao Fu took them and had a look:

[Yin General Ghost-Suppressing Formation]: A powerful formation strengthened by Yin Yang techniques. When set up within a structure, it can reduce Ghosts’ strength by a certain amount.

After seeing this information, Zhao Fu felt quite delighted. He felt that He Xianru wasn’t from the School of Gourmet but from the School of Yin Yang. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to possess such a powerful Yin Yang item.

Facing Zhao Fu’s gaze, He Xianru lightly smiled as she reminded him, “Your Majesty, your food’s going to get cold!”

When he heard this, Zhao Fu decided to put these matters aside, and he turned his gaze to the food on the table. He Xianru’s culinary skills were simply exceptional – even the simplest dishes made by her tasted heavenly.

After leaving the Westfall Restaurant, Zhao Fu first went to the Exchange Stone Stele and took a look to see what was being offered this time. He found that while the focus of the best rewards for the Ten Thousand Flower Festival was equipment, the best rewards for the Ghost Festival were 40 Ghost-related military professions. These military professions were also ranked:

[Hundred Ghost Illusionist]: S+ grade Military, Description: A profession that can create illusions, Effects: Receives skill [Ghost Illusion]. Profession Change Limit: 300.

[Ghost Whisperer]: S grade Military, Description: A profession that uses ghost voices to attack, Effect: Receives skill [Ghost Voice]. Profession Change Limit: 300.

[Ghost Summoner]: S- grade Military, Description: A profession that can summon ghosts, Effect: Receives skill [Ghost Summon]. Profession Change Limit: 300.

[Ghostgod Swordsman]: A+ grade Military, Description: Powerful swordsmen who have Ghostgod’s Power, Effect: Receives [Ghostgod’s Power]. Profession Change Limit: 300.

[Berserk Ghost]: A+ grade Military, Description: A Ghost-type profession with explosive strength, Effect: Receives skill [Berserk Ghost]. Profession Change Limit: 300.

[Evil Ghost Saberman ]: A+ grade Military, Description: Powerful sabermen who have Evil Ghost’s Power, Effect: Receives [Evil Ghost’s Power]. Profession Change Limit: 300.

[Ghostmonster Cavalry]: A+ grade Military, Description: Powerful cavalrymen who have Ghostmonster’s Power, Effect: Receives [Ghostmonster’s Power]. Profession Change Limit: 300.

[Great Ghost Shieldbearer]: A+ grade Military, Description: A profession with powerful defensive abilities, Effect: Receives skill [Ghost Shieldbearing]. Profession Change Limit: 300.

[Netherghost Archer]: A+ grade Military, Description: A strange Archer profession, Effect: Receives skill [Netherghost]. Profession Change Limit: 300.

[Tenghost Warrior]: A+ grade Military, Description: A powerful Ghost-type warrior profession, Effect: Receives skill [Tenghost]. Profession Change Limit: 300.

After looking through these professions, Zhao Fu found that the Profession Change Limit was always 300 soldiers. Each of them was a powerful profession, and because most current professions were around E grade, these A grade or above professions were incredibly powerful.

Even though Zhao Fu had ten SS+ grade King’s Undead Cavalry, there were only ten of them, while these professions could allow 300 soldiers to change professions. The first three professions would definitely be powerful professions even in later stages.

Following this, it was time to make preparations. Zhao Fu went to the market and bought a large number of talisman papers. Holy Light type skills were also hot in demand, and they were quickly bought. Talisman papers were also mass produced, so it was possible to buy them in bulk at cheap prices.

In the end, Zhao Fu bought three types of talisman papers:

Ghost-Slaying Talisman: A talisman that can be stuck on a weapon, giving it Ghost-Slaying properties and increasing its damage towards Ghosts.

Evil-Negating Talisman: Injuries caused by Ghosts leave a Ghost-type corrosion. This talisman can heal such injuries.

Evil-Warding Talisman: Carrying this sort of talisman can give one protection, making it so that weaker Ghosts will not dare to approach.

Ghost-Slaying Talismans were for attacking; Evil-Negating Talismans were for healing; and Evil-Warding Talismans were for protection. After buying a large number of the three types of talismans, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Town.

After he set up the Yin General Ghost-Suppressing Formation on the town walls, the 12 statues gave off waves of gray light and connected with each other, creating a formless formation. Once the formation was set up, a gray wave of light rippled out from the center of the Great Qin Town. Following this, Zhao Fu received a system announcement:

“System announcement! Congratulations, you have successfully arranged the Yin General Ghost-Suppressing Formation. Ghosts within your territory will be suppressed by the formation, and their strength will be reduced by 20%.”

After hearing this system announcement, Zhao Fu couldn’t help but marvel at He Xianru’s abilities. This item was incredibly valuable right now – reducing Ghosts’ strength by 20% made it much easier for Zhao Fu and his soldiers to take down Ghosts. Let alone 20%, even 1% would be a great help.

After setting up the Yin General Ghost-Suppressing Formation, Zhao Fu recalled all of the soldiers outside of the Great Qin Town and searched for peach trees in the Great Qin Town’s territory. Whenever they found any, they would cut them down and use them to make arrows. They also prepared a lot of rooster blood and black dog blood, things with Yang attributes.

After making these preparations, everyone nervously waited in anticipation. Time gradually passed, and soon, it was midnight.

Suddenly, changes started to happen within the heavens and the earth. Gray fog started to rise from the ground, and an eerie feeling started to fill the land. The silver moon in the sky became gray, and it looked like a sinister ghost moon.

At that moment, terrifying howls sounded out from all around them, and strange and sinister figures started to appear. The Ghost Festival… had begun!



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