Chapter 199 – Yin Qi Filled World

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Zhao Fu stood on the town walls and looked at a mob of thousands of figures. They wore tattered clothing and had pale skin, messy hair, and terrifying faces. They gave off a gloomy and sinister aura, but because these were all normal Ghosts, they weren’t very powerful.


When Zhao Fu gave the order, the Archers released their rooster blood covered peach wood arrows. They arced through the air and formed a rain of arrows as they descended on the thousands of Ghosts.

These normal Ghosts were quite unintelligent, and because they only possessed their basic instincts, their movements were quite clumsy and awkward.

Chi, chi, chi…

Arrows pierced through one Ghost after another, after which sizzling sounds sounded out. White smoke rose up from the Ghosts, causing them to howl in pain.

These special arrows would deal very little damage to normal people, but they were very effective against Ghosts. Many of the Ghosts, who were hit in their vitals, cried out before their bodies disintegrated, turning into ghostly qi. After the Ghosts died, they dropped a gray rhombus-shaped crystal.

The surviving Ghosts furiously rushed towards the Great Qin Town, but after a few waves of arrows, the thousands of Ghosts were all killed. Zhao Fu went down from the town walls and ordered his people to start collecting the crystals.

There were 4,000 Ghost Crystals in total. These Ghosts were all the weakest type, and they weren’t very important. The more powerful Ghosts could only be found in the wilderness outside of the town.

Normally, ordinary Ghosts would roam around aimlessly by themselves instead of gathering like this. The only explanation for a large number of Ghosts to gather like this was that a Ghost King had appeared.

Zhao Fu organized his 20,000 soldiers into teams of ten and sent them out to start exploring. Zhao Fu also gathered 20,000 residents and provided them with equipment. He then stationed them inside and outside of the village to kill ordinary Ghosts.

Sometimes, special Ghosts would appear within villages, towns, or cities, catching people off-guard and giving them a big fright. However, these Ghosts normally weren’t very strong, but they still needed people to defend against these Ghosts.

As for the rest of the residents, they could only stay indoors and stick talismans on the doors and windows to prevent Ghosts from entering. The Ghost Festival could be quite dangerous, and in order to keep the residents safe, Zhao Fu ordered most of them to stay indoors.

Within most main cities, every door and window was closed with talisman papers stuck on them. The streets were extremely quiet, and the lighting was quite dim. A cold wind howled, and with the ghostly moon in the sky, it made every city seem like a creepy and terrifying ghost city.

Most residents didn’t plan on participating in this festival because it was too terrifying and dangerous. As such, they decided to go to bed early and wait for the next day. Ghosts were normally afraid of sunlight, so they would usually hide during the day and come out at night. However, some of the more powerful Ghosts were more resistant towards sunlight.

Nevertheless, some people mustered their courage and went out onto the streets. Right now, the world seemed to be filled with Yin Qi and Ghosts, turning into a world of Ghosts. It was incredibly gloomy and eerie, making those walking on the streets to feel a chill on their backs.“Boss, let’s go back! This Ghost Festival is too scary, and it’s different than real life – there really are Ghosts here,” one lackey-looking person said as he shivered and looked around him.

A well-built young man ahead snorted as he replied, “What are you so afraid of? Don’t you remember what it said in that ghost movie we watched before? I really want to meet a female ghost and screw her a couple of times!”

The lackeys thought back to the ghost movie and remembered the female ghost’s seductive body, and they no longer felt as afraid. They even laughed as well.

However, their expressions suddenly froze because a red figure appeared behind their boss without warning.

The well-built youth still hadn’t realized it because he was still caught up in his fantasies. He laughed with glee, and when he came to his senses and realized that his lackeys were abnormally quiet, he turned around and looked.

Immediately, he gasped – behind him, there was a female ghost with long hair in red clothes. However, her face was completely distorted, looking incredibly terrifying.

The well-built youth was quite shocked and quickly swung his saber. However, the ghost behind him didn’t dodge, and she was fine even when the saber cut her. This was because normal weapons couldn’t harm ghosts unless they could release energy attacks like saber light or if they were the type of equipment that countered Ghosts.

“Heheheheh…” the female ghost coldly and eerily laughed, and everyone who heard it trembled.Seeing this, the well-built young man immediately turned tail and ran, throwing all of his lecherous thoughts aside. However, the female ghost chased after him, and a few heart-wrenching screams sounded out in the night air, causing the creepy atmosphere to become even more terrifying.

In actuality, this was a type of Vengeful Ghost that was created from vengeful thoughts. That was why their faces were so twisted and horrifying. However, saber light, sword light, and weapons with talisman papers could still easily kill them.

Elsewhere, Zhao Fu led a team of 50 soldiers, which included Tuoba Qing, to search for Ghosts. Zhao Fu also brought Little Black and Little Gray.

The lighting was quite dim, making it difficult to see. The team held torches as they advanced, and Zhao Fu rode Little Black at the front while Tuoba Qing was allowed to ride on Little Gray.

At this moment, Little Gray suddenly stopped and pressed against the ground, looking like it was preparing to battle, and it howled. An animal’s senses were superior to a human’s, and Zhao Fu raised his hand, signaling for his team to stop. Following this, they discovered 30 or so Ghosts in front of them.

Most of them were ordinary Ghosts, but there was one who was different. This Ghost looked like an elderly person and had a few strands of white hair on his head. His body was quite thin, and his eyes seemed to pop out, looking quite monstrous.

Furthermore, his fingernails were as long as a finger and blood-colored. His body gave off energy ripples, and it seemed at least ten times stronger than normal Ghosts. Despite being some distance away, they could feel an aura of violence coming from him.

This wasn’t an ordinary Ghost – it was a Malicious Ghost!

Malicious Ghosts were many times stronger than ordinary Ghosts. Zhao Fu raised his hand, and the Archers behind him drew their bows. As soon as Zhao Fu lowered his hand, arrows started shooting out.

Chi, chi, chi…

The arrows were as fast as lightning, piercing through one Ghost after another. These arrows were made of peach wood and extremely effective against Ghosts. However, they quickly found that these arrows weren’t very effective against Malicious Ghosts.

Facing the arrows, the Malicious Ghost waved its hand, and five rays of bloody light, which were extremely sharp, shot out and disintegrated the arrows heading towards it. This Malicious Ghost seemed quite powerful, so Zhao Fu turned to Tuoba Qing and said, “You go and deal with it!”

Zhao Fu brought Tuoba Qing along because he wanted her to gain some experience. By now, Tuoba Qing had already put on the Assassin profession’s equipment, and because it was quite tight, it emphasized her tender curves, making her look quite stunning.



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