Chapter 203 – Shattersteel Iron

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Zhao Fu first went to the Orc City. Before the Ghost Festival had officially started, he had sent messages requesting to trade for Ghost Crystals. After their cooperation during the Ten Thousand Flower Festival, both sides quickly came to an agreement.

Now, Zhao Fu went to the Orc City to see how many Ghost Crystals they had gained in one night.

Zhao Fu came to the city gates and took out Gunador’s command medallion. Following this, an Orc soldier took Zhao Fu to Gunador’s tent.

Apart from Gunador, the well-built Orc, Bodili, was also there. Despite not seeing them for a few months, they looked more or less the same.

However, as soon as Zhao Fu walked in, Bodili’s expression became serious, and he didn’t look as condescending as before. When Zhao Fu walked in, he could feel a very dangerous aura – compared to when Zhao Fu had first visited the Orc City, he had become much more powerful.

“Long time no see, respected Vice-Lord!” Zhao Fu said as he smiled and cupped his hands.

Gunador smiled, stood up, stretched out his hand, and said, “Indeed, it has been a while. Come, esteemed guest, please sit!”

Zhao Fu sat down on a furry rug and casually chatted with Gunador for a while before asking, “Respected Vice-Lord, how many Ghost Crystals has the city obtained?”Gunador smiled and waved his hand, and a mountain of Ghost Crystals appeared before Zhao Fu – there were around 50,000-60,000 in total. Seeing this, Zhao Fu felt somewhat disappointed because Great Qin had obtained 160,000 or so, while the Orc City had only obtained 50,000-60,000.

However, Zhao Fu knew that the only reason he had been able to obtain so many was because he had used the Allmonster Warding Talisman and the Reversal Talisman together. The Ghost Festival wasn’t something that everyone could participate in, so he couldn’t use the Orc City’s superiority in numbers to gain as large of an advantage.

After thinking about that, Zhao Fu could understand why the Orc City hadn’t obtained as many Ghost Crystals as he had expected. The main cities most likely hadn’t obtained many Ghost Crystals either, and he prepared to take out some food to trade.

Because of Zhao Fu’s cloak, Gunador couldn’t see Zhao Fu’s disappointed expression, and he thought that Zhao Fu was very pleased. After all, it had taken him a lot of effort to obtain these Ghost Crystals.

At that moment, Gunador smiled as he said, “Esteemed guest, we have enough food, but our warriors’ weapons are too crude. I wonder if esteemed guest has any equipment to trade. If I remember correctly, esteemed guest should have quite a lot of equipment.”

Last time, during the Ten Thousand Flower Festival, the Orc City had already received a large amount of food from Zhao Fu, so they didn’t lack food anymore. Now, what they lacked was equipment. The Orcs weren’t good at forging, and even if they had exquisite materials, they wouldn’t be able to create good equipment. As such, all of their equipment was quite crude, which was why they wanted to trade Ghost Crystals for equipment.

Zhao Fu understood what Gunador was thinking, but a serious expression appeared on his face. When Zhao Fu gave them food, it wouldn’t affect their battle strength. However, if he gave them equipment, he would be increasing their overall strength.

Zhao Fu naturally didn’t want the Orcs to become too powerful – even though they had friendly relations right now, everyone knew that they were only using each other.If this Orc City discovered Great Qin, they wouldn’t hesitate to attack and conquer it without any mercy. This wasn’t a true friendship at all.

At the same time, if Great Qin wanted to quickly develop, they would have to stand against the Orc City sooner or later, and they would have to fight. This was something that was unavoidable. Right now, if he gave them equipment, he would be making his future more difficult.

Zhao Fu decided that he had to think hard about this. Of course, he couldn’t directly refuse, as he still needed them to provide Ghost Crystals. Relations were still good, so they could maintain this partnership for a while.

After thinking for a moment, Zhao Fu took out some ordinary equipment and some good equipment and traded for the Ghost Crystals. After going back, he would think about this issue more.

Seeing the equipment Zhao Fu took out, Gunador had a pleased smile on his face and completed the transaction with Zhao Fu. Afterward, Zhao Fu took the Ghost Crystals and left.

After Zhao Fu had left for a while, Bodili, who had been staring at Zhao Fu the entire time, finally said, “That human has become so powerful!”

Hearing this, Gunador was quite surprised, and a deep look appeared within his eyes.


Elsewhere, Zhao Fu used a teleportation channel to go to Mountain Willow Town in East Green. They had only gathered 5,000 or so Ghost Crystals, but because Zhao Fu hadn’t expected much from them, he wasn’t too disappointed.

Zhao Fu didn’t want to relocate Mountain Willow Town because there was a historical remnant in East Green, and it wouldn’t be easy to bring so many people over. In the future, Mountain Willow Town would be the foundation for Great Qin’s expansion into East Green.

Just as Zhao Fu was about to leave, he heard someone call out to him.

“Wait, Your Majesty!” Liu Subai suddenly ran over to Zhao Fu’s side.

When he heard this, Zhao Fu stopped and looked over curiously as he asked, “What is it, Subai?”

After interacting with Zhao Fu for a while, Liu Subai had become quite familiar with him and no longer found him as terrifying. Instead, she found him easy to get along with, and they had grown closer, though it was Liu Subai taking most of the initiative.

Liu Subai handed Zhao Fu a black ore that had a faint glimmer and looked a lot like iron ore.

Shattersteel Iron: A type of special ore that can increase a weapon’s sharpness. If two weapons with Shattersteel Iron clash, the weapon with less Shattersteel Iron will immediately shatter.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu couldn’t help but start laughing loudly – this was the best material for plotting against others! He had just been worrying about the Orc problem, but this was the perfect solution.

If he gave the Orc City weapons made of Shattersteel Iron and fought against them with weapons containing more Shattersteel Iron, the battle would definitely be very glorious.

“What are you laughing about, Your Majesty? Is this Shattersteel Iron useful to you?” Liu Subai smiled as she watched Zhao Fu laugh.

“Yes, this ore is very important for my future plans. You’ve made a great contribution,” Zhao Fu said as he praised Liu Subai.

“Hehe, how are you going to reward me then, Your Majesty?” Liu Subai sweetly smiled as she looked at Zhao Fu expectantly.

When he heard this, Zhao Fu thought for a moment. He didn’t have anything of value on him, so he asked Liu Subai what she wanted.Liu Subai thought before replying, “Your Majesty, I want to go to Great Qin to look around.”

This wasn’t a big deal, so Zhao Fu nodded and accepted. Afterward, Zhao Fu went to various main cities and spent a lot of money to buy a countless number of items. These items were all very important to Great Qin for the coming night.

Zhao Fu felt that there would definitely be many times more Ghosts tonight than the previous night. After all, he had activated the Reversal Talisman at 3 AM the previous night, so they had only fought with the Ghosts for 4 hours. Tonight, they would fight with the Ghosts for more than 10 hours, so the battle would definitely be more intense and dangerous.



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