Chapter 205 – Six Path Ravenous Ghosts

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Ghosts, who had ashen faces and wore tattered clothing, appeared, and they gave off a gloomy and cold aura. They appeared like an army of ants and gathered so densely that it was impossible to see how many of them there were.

“Ghost attack!” A large shout caused the entirety of Great Qin’s aura to freeze and become incredibly tense as soldiers and residents quickly started moving.

Figures quickly appeared on the town walls. Goblin Warriors raised their large shields, Gnome Arbalists and Archers held their crossbows and bows, Kobolds gripped their spears…

Everyone entered a battle state!

Zhao Fu also went up onto the town wall and looked at the Ghosts in the distance. There were roughly 30,000 Ghosts in total, but that was only for this side of the wall. There were around 30,000 for each of the other sides, which was around 120,000 in total.

Facing such a figure, no one dared to be careless. What’s more, this was the first battle of the night, and one could only imagine how terrifying the subsequent battles would be.

Countless ghostly howls once again tore through the air as the Ghosts rushed towards the Great Qin Town. As the Ghosts entered the attacking range, arrows started to rain down on them.

Chi, chi, chi…

Normal Ghosts who were hit instantly disintegrated into traces of ghostly qi. Unlike before, even if these arrows didn’t hit the Ghosts in their vitals, they could still kill them. What’s more, these arrows could even pierce two Ghosts. This was because not only were the arrows made of peach wood and dipped in black dog’s blood, but there was also a Ghost-Slaying Talisman stuck onto each of them. Zhao Fu had bought 15 million talismans, and most of them were Ghost-Slaying Talismans.

Each talisman paper cost 20 copper coins, and with the peach wood and Yang-attribute blood, each arrow costs around 30 copper coins. In the real world, each arrow would cost Zhao Fu $300 – what the Archers were shooting weren’t just arrows but also bundles of money.

While Zhao Fu had spent a massive amount of money, the effects were also massive. In just one wave of arrows, they had killed almost 20% of the horde.

The Ghosts continued to rush up without any reservations, and another wave of arrows shot out, leaving only half of the Ghosts remaining. By now, the terrifying Ghost horde had reached the town walls, but the Ghosts didn’t dare to touch them.

Zhao Fu had madly stuck so many talisman papers to the town walls that it was impossible to see even an inch of the actual town wall. To the Ghosts, the town wall was a massive piece of red-hot iron. A Devil Ghost roared, and an eerie ghostly qi erupted from its body as it swiped its claws towards the town walls.

“Roarrr!!!” The Devil Ghost’s claws seemed to have come into contact with red-hot iron, and the Devil Ghost gave off traces of white smoke as it sizzled. The Devil Ghost screamed as it retreated.

Upon detecting the massive wave of ghostly qi, the countless Evil-Warding Talismans and the four Gold grade talisman papers gave off a faint light and released their evil-warding power. The golden light from the four Gold grade talisman papers was like four massive lights shining in the dark night.

Even though the Ghost horde was able to reach the town walls, they were unable to do anything to the people on top of the town walls. They were unable to even touch the town walls – it was a completely one-sided massacre.

Unlike the ordinary Ghosts, who charged over like they were mad, some of the more intelligent Ghosts knew that this was pointless, so they chose not to stay and wait for death.

However, even if they wanted to run, Zhao Fu wouldn’t let them. He ordered his soldiers to concentrate their attacks on the Ghosts who were trying to escape, killing them all.

After dealing with those 120,000 Ghosts easily, everyone relaxed, and Zhao Fu was delighted. Just like that, they had obtained 120,000 Ghost Crystals – who else would be able to do such a thing?

Right now, it was only 7 PM, and the night had only just begun. Those 120,000 Ghosts were only the appetizer. The following waves were also destroyed by the Great Qin forces in a similar way.

Zhao Fu estimated that they had killed over 500,000 Ghosts, which meant that Zhao Fu would obtain 500,000 Ghost Crystals. The battle hadn’t ended yet, so they couldn’t go down and collect the Ghost Crystals to confirm how many they had.

When he thought of that figure, Zhao Fu became quite excited, as the top-ranked Hundred Ghost Illusionist profession only cost 25 million Ghost Crystal Points.

Just tonight, Zhao Fu had obtained 500,000 Ghost Crystals, which was five million Ghost Crystals Points. If they repeated this five times, he would be able to obtain the Hundred Ghost Illusionist profession. In fact, he would be able to even go for the second and third-ranked professions. When he thought of this, Zhao Fu couldn’t help but grin.

By now, it was nearly midnight, which was a special time – this was when Yin and Yang reversed and would often become unbalanced. Ancient stories commonly warned against going out at midday or midnight, as one could encounter Ghosts.

Suddenly, just as it reached 12 AM, the ghostly moon in the sky started to go through strange changes, and it started to emit a hazy bloody light.

Under this bloody moon, countless Ghosts raised their heads had howled as if they were on some sort of stimulant.

Suddenly, a sea of Ghosts rushed out from the distance. They all had strange, savage smiles and looked incredibly excited as they madly charged at the Great Qin Town.

There were over 200,000 Ghosts in this wave, and they rushed at the Great Qin Town from all directions. The terrifying aura that they gave off could cause any being within a few kilometers to tremble.

Within those 200,000 Ghosts, there was a new type of Ghost!

This type of Ghost wasn’t very tall: only 1.2 to 1.3 meters in height. They had gray skin, ugly faces, and looked incredibly hungry. They were incredibly skinny and seemed to be just skin and bones, but they had extremely large stomachs.

Their stomachs looked quite bloated as if there were many things stuffed within them. This new type of Ghost was called the Six Path Ravenous Ghosts!

The Six Path Ravenous Ghosts belonged to the Ravenous Ghost Path of the Six Paths of Reincarnation. It was said that after people starved to death, because of their vengeful aura, they would become Ravenous Ghosts. These Ghosts were extremely gluttonous and could never fill their stomachs.

The aura from these Ghosts was very strong, and it was stronger than even normal Devil Ghosts. At the same time, they seemed even more violent and bloodthirsty.

Zhao Fu stood on the town wall and looked down with a serious expression. The aura that the sea of Ghosts gave off was incredibly frightening, and he ordered to bring out the ballistae.

Great Qin had been building the ballistae continuously for a long time, and they now had more than 16,000. Now, each side of the town wall had 4,000 ballistae mounted onto it.



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