Chapter 208 – Ghostworld Yin Soldier

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Ge Nia picked up the three items, walked over to Zhao Fu, and handed them to him. Following this, Ge Nia silently stood beside Zhao Fu as if he himself didn’t exist. Zhao Fu didn’t look at those items just yet, putting them away and continuing to gaze at the battlefield.

The massive blood eagle was extremely effective, and it continuously destroyed crowds of Ghosts. Under the soldiers’ concentrated efforts, the 350,000 Ghosts were rapidly killed, and all that was left was to clean up the remaining ones.

It was a pity that killing these Ghosts didn’t give any EXP. Otherwise, after killing so many Ghosts, Great Qin would have long since become an Advanced Town.

After killing this wave of Ghosts, they had no time to rest. The Deathcry Flute and the reversed Allmonster Warding Talisman immediately attracted over even more Ghosts who assaulted Great Qin from all sides.

After killing a few more waves, when the first rays of dawn broke through the clouds, the darkness started to retreat as sunlight once again shined on the ground. The eerie and terrifying gray world disappeared, and everyone once again collapsed to the ground.

The battle had been too intense, and at night, they barely had any time to relax. This was especially so after using the Deathcry Flute – the Ghosts’ attacks hadn’t ceased at all. By now, everyone was numb to killing.

When he saw how exhausted everyone looked, Zhao Fu ordered them to go back and rest before ordering those who hadn’t participated in the battle to collect the Ghost Crystals and arrows.

After taking care of all of this, Zhao Fu turned to look at Asani, who was holding the flute with both hands. There were two black eyebags under her eyes, and she seemed completely drained. After all, she had played the flute for an entire night, and Zhao Fu smiled as he told her to go back and rest.

Afterward, the stats were collated. They had obtained a shocking number of Ghost Crystals, more than 2.4 million; 10,000 or so Treasure Sacks; and countless City God Stones.

At the same time, the Six Path Ravenous Ghosts dropped a type of upgrade stone, ten of which could upgrade a Blue grade City God Temple into a Silver grade City God Temple.

Zhao Fu went to the City God Temple and used ten upgrade stones, causing the City God Temple to shine with a dignified golden light.

“System announcement! Congratulations, your City God Temple has been leveled up!”

System announcement! Congratulations, your City God Temple has risen to Silver grade and unlocked a special ability. Please take a look.”

When he heard this notification, Zhao Fu was quite curious and walked into the City God Temple to take a look. The special ability was called [Ghostworld Yin Soldier].

[Ghostworld Yin Soldier]: You can spend Yin Coins to summon Ghostworld Yin Soldiers. Limit: 30.

“Ghostworld Yin Soldier?”

Yin Soldier was a profession in the Ghost World that followed the orders of the Underworld, and Yin Soldiers caught evil Ghosts. They were a type of profession that specialized in suppressing Ghosts.

Now that it was the Ghost Festival, hiring some Yin Soldiers would be quite useful. However, even though Zhao Fu wanted to hire some, he didn’t know what Yin Coins were. In the real world, Yin currency was just useless paper used to trick superstitious people out of their money. How could they summon Yin Soldiers?

After asking around, Zhao Fu found out that Yin Coins referred to coins that were filled with a deathly aura, and they could be created from normal coins. After hearing this, Zhao Fu gathered some Yin Coins and chose to summon some Yin Soldiers.

Yin qi spread from the City God Temple as 30 tall figures walked out from within the dense Yin qi and appeared before Zhao Fu. They were tall, muscular, and had regular humans bodies. However, they had the faces of oxen or horses.

They wore armor and held iron tridents and had an iron chain wrapped around their waists. These were all things that suppressed Ghosts.

[Ghostworld Yin Soldier]: C- grade Military, Description: Yin soldiers who capture Ghosts, Effect: Receives skill [Ghost Suppression].

“We pay our respects to Respected Lord!” After appearing, the 30 Yin Soldiers kneeled before Zhao Fu and greeted him together.

Zhao Fu smiled as he replied, “You can all rise!”

Following this, Zhao Fu talked with them, but after he asked them to help him kill Ghosts, he was displeased with their reply.

One of the Ox-Faces replied, “Respected Lord, it’s not that we don’t want to help you, but right now, it’s your Legacy Land’s Ghost Festival. Right now, the doors to the Ghost World are open wide, and we Yin Soldiers don’t have the authority to deal with it. If there are Ghosts around during normal times, we will definitely catch them without fail.”

Hearing their words, Zhao Fu was quite confused, “My Legacy Land’s Ghost Festival?”

Zhao Fu didn’t quite understand – wasn’t the Ghost Festival happening all over the Heaven Awaken World? And what was a Legacy Land?

Just as Zhao Fu was about to ask, a Horse-Face elbowed the Ox-Face, and no matter how Zhao Fu tried to ask, they refused to answer. In the end, he could only give up. However, Zhao Fu was resolved to find out what those words meant.

Afterward, Zhao Fu looked at the City God Temple’s stats.

[City God Temple]: Grade: Silver, Description: Contains a trace of divine power and can protect the residents of a village, town, or city. It requires sacrifices of incense and can be leveled up. All evil creatures that step within the territory that the City God Temple is in will be suppressed by the City God Temple, which will reduce their strength by 20%. Residents will also receive protection and have some immunity to dark powers.

The Silver grade City God Temple’s effects were much more powerful, and they could reduce the strength of all evil creatures by 20%. The protection it gave was also much stronger, and Zhao Fu felt that the Yin qi around him no longer drew close to him.

It was a pity that this protection only applied within his territory – upon leaving his territory, he would lose the protection because the City God normally only protected villages, towns, and cities.

After looking at the City God Temple’s stats, Zhao Fu looked at the things that the Sky Ghost had dropped. Another two Sky Ghosts had appeared afterward, and they had dropped the same things.

There were three gray-gold Ghost Crystals that were worth 100,000 Ghost Crystal Points each, which was equivalent to 10,000 Ghost Crystals.

There were also three gray-gold Treasure Sacks, but they were different from normal Ghost Treasure Sacks. They were labeled as Sky Ghost Treasure Sacks.

After opening the three of them, Zhao Fu opened a Gold grade hatchet, a Gold grade material, and a golden stone.

The Gold grade weapon and material weren’t very attractive to Zhao Fu, but he looked at the golden stone curiously. This stone was about as big as a palm and round, and it felt like it was made of jade.

[Unsealing Stone]: A special stone that can unseal anything that is sealed or suppressed.

When he saw this stone, Zhao Fu couldn’t help but feel excited. His power had been sealed and suppressed by that azure energy this entire time, and now that he had the Unsealing Stone, he could finally return to the peak of his strength.



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