Chapter 209 – Dark Ghost World

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What was important was whether the Unsealing Stone would work on him. When Zhao Fu tried to use the Unsealing Stone, he received the notification: “The Unsealing Stone is unable to completely unseal this sealing energy, and it can only unseal this sealing energy for one day. After one day, the energy will once regain its sealing properties.”

This caused Zhao Fu, who had previously been excited, to become speechless, and he could only put the Unsealing Stone away.

Afterward, Zhao Fu left the Great Qin Town and went to the Orc City to exchange for Ghost Crystals. This time, Zhao Fu brought only excellent equipment made of Shattersteel Iron. If not for the fact that the equipment made from it could shatter, the sharpness it gave to weapons would have made it an extremely good material.

In order to prevent the Orcs from discovering anything, all of the weapons were forged with exactly the same amount of Shattersteel Iron. As such, when their own weapons collided, they wouldn’t shatter.

After obtaining these weapons, the Orcs would definitely use them to train against each other. If these weapons contained different amounts of Shattersteel Iron, Zhao Fu’s plot would be foiled because the Orcs weren’t idiots.

Zhao Fu had to keep the secret of the Shattersteel Iron hidden to trick the Orcs and use it against them in future.

Even though this was quite dishonest, Zhao Fu couldn’t show mercy to these future enemies. If Zhao Fu was soft-hearted and these Orcs one day slaughtered the Great Qin Town, who would Zhao Fu complain to?

When they saw Zhao Fu take out so much good equipment, Gunador was quite delighted and immediately took out a large number of Ghost Crystals to trade. This time, they had more than last time – around 80,000 Ghost Crystals in total.

When he saw so many Ghost Crystals, Zhao Fu became satisfied. After all, with these Ghost Crystals, he would have enough to purchase the top-ranked profession.

After completing the transaction, Zhao Fu didn’t dally and immediately went to Holy Light City. He came before the Exchange Stone Stele and purchased the profession without any hesitation.

A violet light flashed from the Exchange Stone Stele, causing countless people to become dumbfounded. They simply couldn’t believe that the top-ranked profession, the Hundred Ghost Illusionist, had already disappeared.

This was like a massive boulder that had caused thousands of waves in a sea, and all of the large factions that had been nervously collecting Ghost Crystals were given a massive fright.

“How is this possible?!”

It was only the second day of the Ghost Festival, so how could someone have obtained so many Ghost Crystals already? When the large factions heard about this, all of them felt disbelief, and they went to see for themselves.

After verifying that what they heard was true, they were forced to admit that this was reality. None of them could have thought that someone would have obtained so many Ghost Crystals so quickly. If they knew that Zhao Fu had collected that number in a single night, the large factions most likely would have had a heart attack.

As the top-ranked profession disappeared, the factions started to feel terrified. Once the top-ranked reward disappeared, this always meant that the ones below wouldn’t last for long either. As such, they all desperately thought of ways to gather more Ghost Crystals.

As for who had amassed so many Ghost Crystals so quickly, everyone couldn’t help but think about Great Qin. After all, the rumors said that the top-ranked weapon from the Ten Thousand Flowers Festival, Sky Demon, had been claimed by Great Qin.

However, after investigating, they found that the likelihood of this was quite small. There hadn’t been any news from East Green, and they all thought that Great Qin was like them – even if Great Qin was stronger, it couldn’t be that much stronger and have so many Ghost Crystals.

However, the disappearance of the top-ranked profession still dealt a mental blow to the other factions. They had all felt quite confident before, but now, they found it very difficult to maintain that confidence.

Si Ji, Great Xia’s Legatee, looked into the distance and sighed. After entering the Heaven Awaken World, nothing had gone smoothly for him. As the Legatee of China’s first dynasty, it should have been him who was first at everything.

However, not only was he suppressed by the system factions, but he had also been suppressed by Great Qin as well. While being suppressed by system factions was understandable for now, being suppressed by Great Qin made Si Ji feel quite uncomfortable. What’s more, Great Qin was far more famous than Great Xia.

Upon hearing this news, Di Wutian flew into a fit of range and continuously bedded ten or so of the Nine-tailed Fox women. After doing this, he lay on his luxurious bed, calming himself down as he said, “Nine-tailed Foxes, go and think of something. This time, Great Shang must obtain one of the top five professions.”

The ten or so women lying on his bed coquettishly smiled, and they agreed to think of something to help achieve Great Shang’s desire. This pleased Di Wutian, and he once again started rolling around with the women.

Elsewhere, Ji Shenming frowned as he said, “Teacher, you must help us; Great Zhou can’t fall behind them, especially to Great Qin. Our nations have irreconcilable grievances, and whenever I think of Great Qin, I can’t feel at ease.”

Jiang Ziya, who had white hair and a ruddy face, nodded and said reassuringly, “Your Majesty, you don’t need to worry about Great Qin too much. Great Zhou’s enemy is not only Great Qin, and if we are too focused on Great Qin, that will be adverse to our future prospects.”

When he heard this, Ji Shenming agreed, deciding not to worry about Great Qin as much anymore.

Over at Great Han, Liu Ye had gathered countless Confucians. Even though they knew all sorts of wondrous skills and could use their vital energy to suppress Ghosts, their methods were too simple. They couldn’t compare to the School of Yin Yang and the School of Taoism, making Liu Ye feel quite worried about the rest of the Ghost Festival.

As for Zhao Fu, after obtaining the Hundred Ghost Illusionist profession, he returned to the Great Qin Town in great spirits.

After arriving, he took out a gray, ghost-shaped stone stele – this was the Hundred Ghost Illustionist’s Profession Change Stone Stele, which could allow Zhao Fu to train 300 Hundred Ghost Illusionists.

After setting it down, Zhao Fu chose some soldiers with fairly high Intelligence and told them to change professions.

Following this, Zhao Fu found that the Hundred Ghost Illusionist profession was indeed quite powerful.

First, Hundred Ghost Illusionists had powerful skills. These skills were quite special, and they weren’t like normal attacking skills. Instead, they were very strange and abnormal attacking skills.

The first skill was called [Phantom Strike]: An attack that seems real yet illusory, allowing the user to kill enemies without leaving a trace.

The first skill was a life-saving skill for Illusionists, while the other three were illusion skills. They were all fairly simple illusions, but they were quite powerful and related to Ghosts.

This was especially so for the last skill – ten Hundred Ghost Illusionists could work together to unleash the illusion [Dark Ghost World].

Dark Ghost World’s range and strength were both incredibly terrifying. Anyone who fell into this illusion would feel as if he or she had fallen into a world of Ghosts, and those in the illusion would be attacked by countless Ghosts until their minds collapsed.

What’s more, they also obtained [Hundred Ghost’s Power], which was a fairly strong power. It could even change their constitution into the Yin attribute and raise their cultivation level quickly. However, the side-effects were that the person would become quite gloomy.

With these Hundred Ghost Illusionists, Great Qin had once again become much more powerful. Zhao Fu chose 298 people with fairly high Intelligence and allowed them to change into this new profession.



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