Chapter 234 – Sword Sect

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After returning to the restaurant, Zhao Fu started to act on Zhang Heng’s advice. The suggestions he had given him were already quite comprehensive and well-thought-out, so Zhao Fu didn’t have to make many changes.

Today, he would start with setting up Ge Nia’s faction. The day passed quite quickly, and the next day, Ge Nia was scheduled to have a fight. Upon hearing that the famed Sword Demon was going to fight, many people came to the Arena, filing it to the brim – Ge Nia’s popularity was simply unheard of.

This time, Ge Nia was to fight someone at Stage 1-9 and was only a single step away from breaking through to Stage 2. He had challenged Ge Nia as he couldn’t accept that someone who was at Stage 1-0 could enter the ranks of Gold token fighters. After all, even though he was at Stage 1-9, he was still a Silver token fighter.

The fight soon began!

The challenger wielded a large battleaxe and viciously rushed towards Ge Nia. As soon as he came before Ge Nia, he brought the battleaxe crashing down towards Ge Nia with enough strength to split mountains.

Ge Nia quickly stepped to the side and avoided the battleaxe and flicked upwards with his sword. A sharp arc of light rushed upwards, forcing the challenger back.

The challenger became furious, and he gripped his battleaxe and swung it, bringing with it a massive gust of wind as it rushed towards Ge Nia. Facing this terrifying attack, Ge Nia didn’t try to meet it head-on, as his cultivation was much lower than the challenger’s, and he could only look for an opportunity to kill the challenger in one blow.

Bang! Bang! Bang!
The two of them began an intense exchange, and the spectators became incredibly excited. Most of them were yelling out, causing the Arena to seem incredibly raucous and lively.

The challenger suddenly roared loudly, seeming like a ferocious tiger as he leaped into the air and swung his battleaxe ferociously downwards at Ge Nia.


Ge Nia suddenly twisted his body, avoiding the battleaxe as it crashed into the ground and created a three-meter wide crater. At that moment, Ge Nia’s sword stabbed upwards, bringing with it an icy gleam as it pierced through the challenger’s throat in an instant.

Blood spurted from the challenger’s throat, and he gurgled a few times before falling to the ground and dying. The Arena once again burst into roars and cheers as countless people cheered, “Sword Demon! Sword Demon! Sword Demon!”

However, something completely unexpected that made them even more excited happened. Ge Nia stood over the challenger’s corpse and slowly took off his black cloak, revealing his cold and handsome face.

The Arena fell silent, and time seemed to pause as everyone stared with wide eyes. No one had expected Ge Nia to reveal his appearance.

Everyone had always been incredibly curious as to what Sword Demon looked like, but their curiosity had never been sated. This came as an incredibly pleasant surprise, and none of them knew how to react.

Right after revealing his appearance, Ge Nia left the Arena. Afterward, this matter became the most hotly-discussed topic in Battle City.

Most people had no idea why Ge Nia had suddenly revealed his appearance.

However, some of the factions realized the intent behind this – to them, it was a declaration that another powerful contender had appeared.

As expected, soon after, Sword Demon created a faction called the Sword Sect!

The Sword Sect was a faction that only recruited elites who used a sword. Anyone who joined the Sword Sect could receive personal guidance in sword skills from Sword Demon himself, which made many people interested. Sword Demon’s godly sword techniques had remained fresh in their minds.

Many people who used swords decided to give it a go and went to the recruitment area for the Sword Sect to participate in the trials. If they were chosen and received personal guidance from Sword Demon, their skill with the sword would definitely improve by leaps and bounds.

Anyone, regardless if it was a player or an indigenous resident, who was proficient at using the sword was accepted. Ge Nia wanted his faction to be filled with elites, and there wasn’t a single useless person within the Sect.

They only accepted 500 people this time, but their overall battle strength was comparable to that of a faction with 2,000 to 3,000 people.

The Sword Sect would be linked to Ge Nia’s ideals and develop according to his will; Zhao Fu wouldn’t interfere with any of it. After all, he believed that Ge Nia would be able to bring glory and fame to the Sword Sect.

Zhao Fu also gave Ge Nia a Stage 2 Blood God Pill; this was what he had obtained after refining Xiang Shaotian’s corpse. Zhao Fu told Ge Nia about its affects and gave him the discretion as to when he wanted to use it to boost his cultivation.

At the same time, Zhao Fu left Ge Nia with a large amount of money because Zhao Fu had ordered all of Great Qin’s Departments to not have any connections with the Sword Sect. This was so that the Sword Sect could properly integrate into Battle City and become part of it.

After taking care of these matters, Zhao Fu was able to rest at ease. He told Ge Nia to stay at Battle City and not to return to the Great Qin Town unless there was anything urgent.

Within the Town Tall, an elderly man with short, silver hair and a masculine, powerful aura listened to the reports from his subordinates and had a mysterious smile on his face.


After returning to the Great Qin Town, Zhao Fu started to take care of some matters that he had stopped, including setting up a ranch for livestock. He had been stopped by many things in the past, but he finally had some time now.

Zhao Fu rode on Little Black and brought along Little Gray and Little White to spend some time with them as he went to the place that he had decided on.

After arriving at the place, Zhao Fu found that it was incredibly beautiful here. The ground was flat, and the place was filled with lush, green grass. There were also some white flowers and a few small creeks. The sky seemed incredibly blue here, and combined with the grass and the creeks, this seemed like an incredibly good place for a ranch.

After deciding on this place, Zhao Fu asked some Scholars to come over and build a teleportation channel. However, before moving any livestock over, they would have to build wooden fences to prevent the livestock from running off.
As for who would take care of the livestock, Zhao Fu decided on the Xianbei people and Xiongnu people who had surrendered to him. They were originally nomadic tribes who took care of livestock and had a lot of experience in that area, so Zhao Fu decided to give the management of the livestock to them.

Upon hearing about this, they all seemed quite happy, as they enjoyed this sort of lifestyle and were glad that Zhao Fu was treating them as his own.

They could raise a large number of cattle and sheep here, and this livestock would not only feed Great Qin, but the livestock could also be sold. However, Zhao Fu felt that using them to supply his restaurants would provide the greatest profits.

At the same time, Great Qin’s business model also went through some changes. Right now, Zhao Fu was doing his best to turn Great Qin into a business nation and earn a large amount of money while they still held many advantages to fuel Great Qin’s growth.

After taking care of these matters, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Town and there didn’t seem to be anything else requiring his attention, so he started to walk about in the Great Qin Town until he arrived at Rising Qin Academy.

After many renovations, Rising Qin Academy was many times bigger than before, and the conditions within it were much better. There were many more classrooms, and there were also more than 30 teachers now.

These people would all be the pillars of the state in the future. Zhao Fu cared very much for these young men and young women, so he went over to take a look.



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