Chapter 239 – Black and White Impermanences

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“All of you, go and support the left side!” Zhao Fu coldly glared at the Skeleton General and gave orders to the soldiers around him. With the Skeleton General’s strength, staying here would be equivalent to committing suicide.

The soldiers obeyed and retreated to the left side. The Skeleton General, riding on its Skeleton horse, had a powerful spirit flame in his head, and it eerily stared at Zhao Fu.

Suddenly, the spear in the Skeleton General’s hand turned into a blur as it stabbed towards Zhao Fu.


The sound of metal colliding rang out as sparks burst in the air. The Skeleton General rushed past Zhao Fu, while Zhao Fu stood his ground with a blood-red sword in his hand.

The Skeleton General reached Zhao Fu in an instant and stabbed its spear towards Zhao Fu’s chest. However, Zhao Fu instantly drew the Slaughtering Ghost Sword and chopped out with it, blocking the Skeleton General’s attack. The Slaughtering Ghost Sword’s attributes countered Undead creatures, so it was perfect to use it now.

Seeing that its attack had failed, the Skeleton General turned its Skeleton horse around and raised its spear as it once again rushed at Zhao Fu. This time, the spear shined with an icy light and seemed to contain energy that could pierce through all things as the Skeleton General charged at Zhao Fu.

“Slaughtering Ghost!” Zhao Fu lightly yelled as he used one of the Slaughtering Ghost Sword’s skills. The Slaughtering Ghost Sword seemed to be bathed in a blood-red light as faint ghostly cries sounded out, giving off an eerie and terrifying aura.

The Skeleton General arrived before Zhao Fu incredibly quickly, stabbing out with its spear so quickly that the air seemed to explode. Zhao Fu also slashed out with his sword, and the collision resulted in a powerful shockwave.

This time, the Skeleton General had been completely stopped by Zhao Fu’s block. For cavalry to be blocked by someone on foot, that was an extremely great humiliation, and the Skeleton General roared as the spirit flame in its head doubled in size. Immediately after, it once again ferociously charged at Zhao Fu.

Even though the Skeleton General had exploded out with more strength, Zhao Fu didn’t feel much pressure. The Slaughtering Ghost Sword’s attributes countered the Skeleton General’s deathly aura, and every time they clashed, the Skeleton General would suffer a bit. The deathly aura that it took time to condense would be blown away by the Slaughtering Ghost Sword each time.


Suddenly, a massive explosion rocked the ground beneath them as another powerful aura came from below. It was a Skeleton holding a large shield and a long saber, and the Skeleton had an aura that was even more powerful than the previous two Skeleton Generals.

This Skeleton General’s aura was like that of a mountain’s. It used its shield to vigorously bash the cliff, causing long cracks to appear. If this continued, the entire cliff would collapse because of the Skeleton General, and Great Qin’s soldiers on top would be in grave danger.

Zhao Fu knew that he couldn’t continue to be tied up by the Skeleton Cavalry General. He stretched out his hand, and the King’s Ring glowed with a golden light as ten Skeleton Cavalrymen riding on Skeleton horses, but with golden flames in their heads, appeared.

They were the King’s Undead Cavalry, and Zhao Fu ordered them to keep this Skeleton General under control. The ten King’s Undead Cavalrymen rushed over and easily engaged the Skeleton General, even suppressing it. Even though they were individually weaker than the Skeleton General, their overall power wasn’t less than the Skeleton General’s. Zhao Fu’s King’s Undead Cavalry were now quite powerful, as they had devoured a lot of deathly aura each time they fought when going out with Zhao Fu’s soldiers.

By now, at least 90% of the Skeletons were streaming towards the left side, and all of the soldiers were putting up a bitter resistance. There were less than 3,000 Skeletons left below.

Zhao Fu brought 300 Yin Soldiers, the Black and White Impermanences, Daisy, and a few other leaders to the bottom from another side while Bai Qi and Wang Jian continued to give orders above.

After reaching the bottom, Zhao Fu ordered Doke, Saar, Daisy, and a Goblin Warrior, who wielded a Gold-grade Shield and had been promoted to General, to engage the Skeleton Shieldbearer General.

Nearby, the remaining 3,000 Skeletons on the ground gathered and charged towards them.

At that moment, Zhao Fu’s 300 Yin Soldiers sprang into action and rushed to meet the Skeletons. Both sides were incredibly fast, and soon, they were only ten meters apart. In terms of the aura that they gave off, the 3,000 Skeletons seemed to be more powerful, but there was a vast difference in strength between them and the Yin Soldiers.

The two sides soon clashed, and the 3,000 Skeletons raised their weapons and started to attack the Yin Soldiers.
The Yin Soldiers showed no fear at all and vigorously stabbed out with their iron tridents, stabbing into the Skeletons’ bodies. They then sent their ghost-suppressing power into the tridents and twisted them, causing the Skeletons’ bodies to shatter and fall to the ground as fragmented bones.

This was because the Yin Soldiers’ ghost-suppressing power was effective against other Undead as well, and the Yin Soldiers could easily neutralize the Skeletons’ deathly aura. Without their deathly aura, the Skeletons were just bones.

Even though there were far less Yin Soldiers than Skeletons, the Yin Soldiers weren’t weak at all. The situation was in their favor, and none of the Skeletons could defend against the oxen-faced or horse-faced Yin Soldiers.

On the other side, Daisy and the others started to clash with the Skeleton Shieldbearer General. Saar and Doke faced it with direct blows, the Goblin Warrior with the Gold grade shield was in charge of defense, and Daisy launched long-range magic skills from a distance.

This Skeleton General was powerful, but Daisy and the other Generals had long since broken through to Stage 1, and with their flawless teamwork, they were able to completely suppress the Skeleton General.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Elsewhere, three blood-red fireballs flew towards the Skeleton Archer General and exploded, forcing the Skeleton General to dodge to the side.

At that moment, a violet arrow blasted towards the Skeleton General – Zhang Dahu caught that opportunity to shoot at the Skeleton General while it had dodged to the side, making it extremely difficult for it to dodge.

The Skeleton General could only draw the short sword at its waist and slash out with a powerful sword light, which collided with the violet arrow. The collision resulted in a great explosion and shockwave, causing the Skeleton General to stumble backward.

“Xiaoxi and Xiaojie, go help Zhang Dahu kill that Skeleton Archer General!” Zhao Fu ordered; he wanted to end this battle quickly.

The Black and White Impermanences obeyed and floated towards the Skeleton Archer General using some sort of skill. Each of them held a white and black wooden stick respectively and joined the battle.

With the Black and White Impermanences helping out, the Skeleton General fell into dire straits. This was especially so because of their wooden sticks; if they hit the Skeleton General, its spirit fire would flicker and grow slightly smaller, and its aura would become slightly weaker.

Above the left side, the blood-red eagle, the Archers, and the ballistae rapidly attacked, continuously reducing the number of Skeletons and sending them falling from the cliff.

On the other side, the ten King’s Undead Cavalrymen surrounded the Skeleton Cavalry General, while below, Saar, Daisy, and the others suppressed the Skeleton Shieldbearer General.

Everything seemed to be in Great Qin’s favor, and they were winning on all fronts. However, what Zhao Fu didn’t expect was for a terrifying aura to suddenly appear in the next second, sweeping in all directions like a massive wave.



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