Chapter 244 – Chaos on Earth

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The green star in the north didn’t hang far away, and it instead seemed incredibly close to the ground. The shining green light gave off a mysterious and cold feeling.

“Voracious Wolf!” countless espers and ability-users exclaimed as they stared with wide eyes. Not just these people, but even He Xianru, Zhang Heng, and Su Yan’s expressions changed as they once again looked towards the north.

The other four Legatees of the five Great Dynasties also looked extremely shocked as they discovered the green star.

Below the green star, Wei Liao raised the Earth Crystal God Sword and raised it towards the Voracious Wolf Star as a green pillar of light fell on his body.

The Voracious Wolf Star signified strategy, resourcefulness, intelligence, and wisdom. However, there was also a sinister and cruel side to it, and while it couldn’t compare to the Seven Murders Star or the Army Destroyer Star in power, those who had it as their General Star were extremely adept at creating sinister plots.

Wei Liao didn’t have much fighting power, but very few could compare to his war management and strategies. He had a pair of eyes that seemed to be able to see past anything, and he could devise countless strategies and plots, allowing his side to win in the end. This made him very suitable for the Voracious Wolf Star.

Within the green starlight pillar, Wei Liao also underwent shocking changes. His aura became more powerful, and his eyes became green and gave off a chilling feeling, making anyone who saw him feel that he was extremely dangerous.

At the same time, traces of green aura appeared around Wei Liao – this was the Voracious Wolf baleful aura, and even though it wasn’t very powerful, it was extremely hard to deal with and to get rid of.

The 13 General Stars all had their own baleful auras, and each of them had their own effects. This sort of General baleful aura was much more powerful than a normal soldier’s baleful aura.

The green starlight pillar around Wei Liao gradually shrank, and the ten orbs of light in the air also slowly moved towards Wei Liao and fused into the Earth Crystal God Sword.

The originally transparent Earth Crystal God Sword, under the influence of the Voracious Wolf’s power, became green, and it gave off a cold and mysterious aura, making it seem like an otherworldly sword. The words ‘Voracious Wolf’ were also engraved on the sword, turning the Earth Crystal God Sword into the Voracious Wolf Sword.

As the green starlight disappeared, the abnormal signs also gradually disappeared as well. After his experience with the Seven Murders Star, Zhao Fu had decided to fuse these General Armaments far away from the rest of the Great Qin Town. Not only were the abnormal signs quite terrifying, but they would also damage many of Great Qin’s structures, creating a lot of debris.

Suddenly, just as Zhao Fu wanted to look at the Voracious Wolf Sword’s stats, he realized that the green star in the sky still hadn’t disappeared, and it was instead slowly descending as if affected by some sort of power.

Suddenly, Wang Jian and Bai Qi’s Army Destroyer Sword and Seven Murders Sword gave off piercing black and blood-red lights, and a formless Fate energy descended. Wang Jian and Bai Qi were unable to control their bodies, and they pulled out the Army Destroyer Sword and the Seven Murders Sword and pointed them towards the sky.


A massive explosion sounded out as a blood-red pillar and a black pillar of light exploded out from Bai Qi and Wang Jian and rushed up into the clouds with great force.

The heavens and earth seemed to shake, and the surrounding clouds completely dissipated.

A blood-red star giving off a murderous air and a black star giving off a conquering air rippled with immense power and slowly descended from above, hanging at the same height as the Voracious Wolf Star.

The Seven Murders Star, the Army Destroyer Star, and the Voracious Wolf Star were all close to each other and shined with a resplendent light as a formless energy spread out.


An explosion sounded out as if something had been destroyed, and a massive number of clouds started to gather. A wild gale also started to blow, and it seemed as if the entire Heaven Awaken World was being buffeted by that wind as countless tall trees trembled and swayed.

The sky gradually darkened, and it wasn’t just the Chinese region or the Midland Continent that darkened but the entire Heaven Awaken World as a heavy feeling of suppression descended.

The countries outside of China had no idea what was going on, but they could see in the distance that there were three stars giving off green, black, and blood-red lights.

Tina Pendragon, the Roman Empire’s Legatee, Egypt’s Legatee, and countless Legatees all over the world felt an incredibly dangerous aura, and their gazes became dim. They all lost their composure as they looked at the three stars shining in the distance.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sparks of lightning appeared in the sky, and they brought with them an incredibly dangerous aura, which grew more and more. Soon, lightning bolts that were thicker than buckets descended and repeatedly smashed down onto the ground.

It seemed as if the entire world was going to be destroyed, and countless beings trembled under this terrifying might and felt the aura of death creeping close.

There was a legend that said when the Seven Murders Star, the Voracious Wolf Star, and the Army Destroyer Star were gathered, they would form the ‘Murder Destroyer Wolf’ formation.

The Seven Murders was the bandit who threw the world into disorder!

The Army Destroyer was the general who swept across the world!

The Voracious Wolf was the scholar who created sinister and vicious plots!

Now that these three stars had gathered and formed the Murder Destroyer Wolf formation, the world would be sent into great chaos. War would erupt all over the world, with battles and disasters happening continuously. Many people would find it difficult to live, and this was something that was irreversible!

Because Zhao Fu had gathered these three General Stars and the General Armaments had returned to Zhao Fu’s three Generals, they had formed the Murder Destroyer Wolf formation.


Under the three massive General Stars, Bai Qi, Wang Jian, and Wei Liao seemed to be guided by some sort of power, and they simultaneously roared, invigorating the General Star Power within their bodies, causing their veins to bulge and for their faces to look extremely savage.


Each of the three people exploded out with a wave of powerful energy, and when he detected this energy, even Zhao Fu was given a big fright. He stretched out his hand, and his King’s Seal appeared on it as he unleashed his King’s Domain with all of his might. However, he was still sent back by a step.

By now, the ground in a 100-meter radius had completely collapsed!

The three Generals’ bodies lit up with blood-red, black, and green flames, and the three General Stars in the sky shined even brighter. Each of them was separate yet connected as if they were calling out to something.


A shocking explosion rang out, and the sky seemed to split as a gigantic and extremely majestic violet star of sovereignty slowly appeared in the sky.


At that moment, countless Legatees – regardless if they were Chinese or from another nation – felt a pain in their chest as they coughed up a mouthful of blood, apart from Zhao Fu himself.

In the real world, the sky instantly darkened, making the world extremely dark, as a resplendent violet star appeared in the sky.

This shocked even many of the old monsters, seniors, and masters.



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