Chapter 250 – Great Qin’s Legatee

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After looking through these things, the bodyguard came back with Zhao Fu’s food – some rice and two dishes. Zhao Fu quickly ate because he was going to return to the Heaven Awaken World as soon as he finished his meal.

“Mr. Zhao, your grandpa and grandma are outside and wish to see you,” his bodyguard suddenly walked in and said.

“Grandpa and grandma?” Zhao Fu was quite surprised – normally, his grandpa and grandma wouldn’t come to visit him. If there was anything, they would call him. Why had they come to find him… was it something urgent?

“Invite them in!” Zhao Fu said before cleaning up a little bit.

Afterward, he went to the living room and saw two elderly people with worried looks on their faces as he asked caringly, “What is it, grandpa, grandma?”

When they saw Zhao Fu come out, his grandparents quickly grabbed Zhao Fu’s hands and pleaded with tears in their eyes, “Fu’Er, you must save your cousins!”

When he heard this, Zhao Fu thought that it was definitely something troublesome. However, seeing how worried they looked, he said reassuringly, “Don’t worry; tell me what’s going on first. If I can help, I’ll definitely help.”

Zhao Fu helped his grandparents to the sofa before listening to what they had to say.
The situation was like this – there were many talented youths from the big families, but there were also a lot of people who were scum. One of the young men from the Ying family’s main branch had set his eyes on a woman, and he wanted to use money to obtain her. However, because this woman’s family was quite rich as well, she wasn’t tempted by his money.

The young man continuously tried to woo her, but he was repeatedly turned down. In his anger, he ordered people to abduct her. However, because of their carelessness, she was able to escape and bumped into Zhao Fu’s hot-blooded male cousins.

Zhao Fu’s cousins had learned some martial arts before, so they were quite strong. They injured the abductors and the young man from the Ying family’s main branch.

Injuring a main family member as a collateral family member was a grave sin within the large families, so they were both caught. It was possible that their hands and feet would be broken, and if that young man insisted on not showing mercy, it was possible that they would be killed.

“Fu’Er! I heard that your relationship with Big Miss Ying Xi is quite good. With her status, she’ll be able to take care of this.” The two elderly people looked at Zhao Fu with hope and pleading in their eyes.

Zhao Fu’s feelings towards his cousins were only so-so. They had met a few times for family gatherings, but there was nothing special between them. Zhao Fu was a stranger to familial love apart from his mother, so he was cold towards others.

If it was just an ordinary person, Zhao Fu definitely wouldn’t help – after all, he was just a puppet for Ying Xi and didn’t have the right to speak. Within the Ying family, he was only a very small figure.

However, seeing how worried and teary-eyed his grandparents were, Zhao Fu sighed and replied, “Grandpa, grandma, you should go back for now. Don’t worry; I’ll take care of this.”
“Really? Thank you so much, Fu’Er.” Zhao Fu’s words greatly delighted the two elderly people. They simply had nothing that they could do, and it was possible that their two grandsons could lose their lives as a result of offending these people.

Zhao Fu bitterly smiled. After his grandparents left, Zhao Fu sat on the sofa and thought about this matter. His relationship with Ying Xi was just as her pawn. If it wasn’t for Wu Qingniang, he would be a mere chess piece for Ying Xi, one that she could sacrifice at any time. Without her protection, it was likely that he would’ve been killed by the Li family long ago.

However, now, because Wu Qingniang had taken interest in him, Ying Xi had completely given him over to Wu Qingniang and hadn’t paid any more attention to him. As such, Zhao Fu hadn't seen for her a while, so asking her for something like this would be quite difficult.

Zhao Fu thought about it and sighed before picking up his phone and dialing a number.

Following this, a car came to pick Zhao Fu up, and he came to a villa before following a female attendant to a luxurious room.

Wu Qingniang was wearing a sleeping gown, and her long hair fell past her shoulders. She looked like she had just gotten up from bed, so her hair looked a bit ruffled. Moreover, there wasn’t that air of confidence and domineeringness around her; rather, her expression seemed quite dim and frustrated.

It was quite rare to see Wu Qingniang like this, so Zhao Fu asked caringly, “What is it, Qingniang?”
Wu Qingniang forced a smile onto her face and shook her head as she asked, “What did you come to find me for?”

Zhao Fu felt somewhat awkward as he told Wu Qingniang about his two cousins. Normally, he hated to make requests of other people, but he was unable to do anything about this situation. After all, he had nothing to rely on in the real world.

“Pfft!” Wu Qingniang lightly laughed as she said, “You were that uncomfortable just about this? It’s simple! I’ll mention it to Lil Xi later.”

“Thank you very much!” Zhao Fu said with a tone of gratitude while letting out a sigh of relief.

Wu Qingniang smiled as she looked at Zhao Fu and asked, “Then, how will you repay me? None of my people in the Forest of Horrors have heard any news from you.” Wu Qingniang suddenly came closer to Zhao Fu and stared into his eyes as she continued, “Don’t tell me that you were lying and that you’re not actually in the Forest of Horrors? And, where’s the faction you promised to make for me?”

Zhao Fu felt quite awkward – he remembered this, but he hadn’t done it.

“Don’t tell me you forgot?” Wu Qingniang asked as she continued to stare at him.

Zhao Fu could only shake his head to indicate that he hadn’t forgotten, but he didn’t admit that he had neglected this matter all this time.

Wu Qingniang lightly harrumphed as she sat down on the sofa, feeling a bit angry, “Now that the Myrtle Imperial Star has descended and the world has fallen into chaos, I don’t know what you’re thinking. If you don’t start a faction now, it’ll be too late in the future. This is especially so for you because you’re in the north with Great Qin’s Legatee. I’m afraid the north won’t be very peaceful in the future.”
Hearing her words, Zhao Fu thought back to her dim expression from before and asked, “Were you worried about Great Qin’s Legatee before?”

Wu Qingniang lightly nodded before sighing, “Who would it be apart from him? With him present, I can only feel a patch of darkness ahead with no light. Right now, Great Qin’s simply too powerful. Not only has Great Qin been ahead at every step, but Great Qin has also awakened a Myrtle Imperial Star. The rest of us can’t even keep up.”

Zhao Fu felt quite amused – so she had been feeling like that because of him. However, he still pretended to comfort her, saying, “It’s not that big of a deal to awaken a Myrtle Imperial Star; I’m sure that you can awaken one too.”

Wu Qingniang rolled her eyes as she replied, “If only it was as easy as how you’re making it seem! Do you think Myrtle Imperial Stars are as easy to obtain as cabbages? It’s the sign of a Son of Heaven!”

However, Zhao Fu continued to look at her with confidence and said, “But I still believe you’ll be able to awaken one!”

When she saw Zhao Fu’s gaze, Wu Qingniang felt a wave of warmth in her heart. A slight look of happiness appeared on her face, and she didn’t look so depressed anymore. A hint of her usual confidence reappeared on her face, and she stretched out her hand as a female attendant handed her the phone. Wu Qingniang rang a number and spoke for a short while before hanging up.

Following this, she said to Zhao Fu, “Your cousins will be fine; you can take them back now. However, don’t forget to establish that faction as soon as possible!”



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