Chapter 254 – King’s Power

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The youths standing guard became extremely terrified, grabbed the duel invitation, and ran into the courtyard. Soon after, a grim-looking man bringing a large group of people came to the gate and ill-naturedly looked at Zhao Fu as he said, “You’re just a brat, yet you dare to come to the Azure Snake Gang and challenge me?”

Zhao Fu calmly looked at this middle-aged man and ignored his words, calmly asking, “Will you submit? Or do you want to be destroyed?”

The middle-aged man’s gaze became sinister when he saw that Zhao Fu didn’t put him in his eyes at all. He drew his long sword and didn’t even bother for the official start. He suddenly stabbed the sword towards Zhao Fu’s throat.

The middle-aged man’s attack was as fast as lightning, and it came completely out of the blue. By the time everyone realized what was happening, the sword was nearly at Zhao Fu’s throat. Those who were here to watch the action all thought to themselves, “What a shameless attack!”

However, Zhao Fu stood his ground and didn’t even move as he looked at the middle-aged man. Facing Zhao Fu’s gaze, the man felt a chill in his heart, and he felt as if his opponent wasn’t even looking at him like a living human being.

The grim-looking middle-aged man sent even more of his strength into his attack when he suddenly saw Zhao Fu move. Zhao Fu seemed to move slowly, using two fingers to catch the sword. This caused the middle-aged man to feel quite surprised, and he tried to draw his sword back.

Zhao Fu twisted with his fingers, breaking the middle-aged man’s sword before slashing out with the part of the sword he had broken off, drawing a cold light through the air.


The middle-aged man’s neck was slashed open by the sword, causing blood to spurt out. The man covered his throat with both hands, a look of disbelief on his face. He couldn’t understand how Zhao Fu was so strong, and even though he couldn’t accept it, he still slowly slipped away.

All of this happened in the span of just a few seconds, and it looked incredibly easy for Zhao Fu to kill that middle-aged man in a single attack.

Everyone in Heaven’s Choice was extremely shocked – this grim-looking man’s cultivation was slightly higher than the five core members Zhao Fu had accepted, yet he couldn’t even resist in front of Zhao Fu. This caused the five core members to feel a chill in their hearts – if Zhao Fu wanted to kill them, it would be as easy as breathing for him.

The spectators stared with wide eyes – anyone who could be the boss of a gang was definitely quite strong. And yet, he had been killed so easily and simply.

“Take revenge for the boss!” the Azure Snake Gang members yelled, raising their weapons when they finally came back to their senses and rushing over.

Zhao Fu’s eyes seemed to shine with a cold light as he instilled his King’s Power into the sword shard between his fingers, causing it to shine with a black light. Zhao Fu swept out with it, causing the air to be torn as a five-meter-wide arc of light appeared.

Chi! Chi! Chi!
This incredibly sharp light pierced ten or so people’s bodies and split them in half, causing their guts and blood to spill out, making the scene incredibly gory.

Zhao Fu unleashed his massive aura, suppressing the entire scene as his eyes sharply fell on the Azure Snake Gang members’ bodies and coldly said, “This place now belongs to Heaven’s Choice. Scram!”

Under this immense aura, the Azure Snake Gang members realized how powerful Zhao Fu was and didn’t dare to retaliate anymore. They didn’t want to die and started to scatter like frightened birds and beasts.

The Heaven’s Choice members were incredibly excited when they saw just how powerful and domineering their leader was.

The news of the Azure Snake Gang being destroyed quickly spread. Most large factions heard about it but didn’t care. After all, the Azure Snake Gang was only a small faction and wasn’t worth mentioning.

Zhao Fu left 50 or so people to manage this place and continued on with the rest of his people. If he wanted to become the biggest faction in Demon Tree City, he had to have great fame. As such, even though he normally didn’t like to act like this, he had to do it, or he wouldn’t be able to increase his fame.

Zhao Fu had high hopes for this faction – in the future, he wanted it to be a top-tier faction even within the entire Heaven Awaken World.

“Ergou, are there any more troublemaking factions nearby?” Zhao Fu asked Wang Ergou as the members following behind him grinned.
Wang Ergou also felt quite excited and happy, and he led Zhao Fu to another courtyard and said, “Young master! This is the territory of the Hundred Thief Society, and they’re mostly made up of thieves and bandits. They very rarely show up during the daytime, and there are around 400 of them, a little weaker than the Azure Snake Gang.”

After listening to Wang Ergou’s explanation, Zhao Fu walked up to the gate, where there were also a few people standing guard. However, because of their professions, the people here were quite wary, and when he saw Zhao Fu bring so many people, they nervously asked, “Excuse me, why have you come to the Hundred Thief Society?”

“Just give this to your leader.” This time, Zhao Fu didn’t kill anyone, and he instead just handed the duel invitation to one of the people. Before, the person from the Azure Snake Gang had died because of his poor attitude.

After receiving the duel invitation, the person looked at Zhao Fu with alarm and immediately ran into the courtyard, following which a vulgar-looking young man and some others walked out.

“You want to duel me? And for the Hundred Thief Society to submit to you?” the vulgar-looking young man coldly harrumphed as he looked at Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu calmly nodded.

“Don’t look down on the Hundred Thief Society so much! Brothers, go! They have far fewer people than us, so let’s show them our might!” the vulgar-looking young man angrily shouted.

The Hundred Thief Society members took out their daggers and knives and rushed towards Zhao Fu and his people because it seemed that Zhao Fu had greatly disrespected them.

However, what they didn’t know was that compared to the Azure Snake Gang, Zhao Fu had already shown them a lot of respect.

The vulgar-looking young man and his two elites equipped their weapons and rushed at Zhao Fu, wanting to deal with him together.

Zhao Fu stood his ground, and a trace of a cold smile appeared on his face.

The first person rushed at Zhao Fu from the side, his knife dancing with a cold light as it slashed towards the back of Zhao Fu’s neck.

Zhao Fu circulated his King’s Power and gripped his hands into fists as he punched out, hitting that person in the chest. The sound of bones cracking sounded out as that person coughed up a mouthful of blood and flew backward.

The other person attacked from Zhao Fu’s other side, his dagger sweeping towards Zhao Fu’s throat. Zhao Fu pivoted and spun, smashing his other fist into the person and blasting him backward.

At that moment, the vulgar-looking young man suddenly appeared in front of Zhao Fu and rapidly attacked with two daggers, waiting for an opportunity to use his lethal skill.

The vulgar-looking young man’s body suddenly split into countless clones and started attacking Zhao Fu from all directions. The vulgar-looking young man was quite confident of this skill, and when he saw that his dagger was about to pierce Zhao Fu’s chest, he felt pleased.

However, suddenly, his throat was gripped by a pair of steel-like hands, and he looked up and stared at Zhao Fu in shock.


Zhao Fu broke the vulgar-looking young man’s neck, causing his head to droop down powerlessly with his eyes wide open. Even when he died, he had no idea what had happened. His skill would’ve been powerful against normal people, but how could it deal with Zhao Fu?



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