Chapter 262 – Heaven Awaken World

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Within a room, Zhao Fu looked at the four family leaders and asked, despite already knowing the answer, “Why has everyone come to find me?”

When they heard this, the four family leaders looked quite awkward, but one of them still brazenly said, “Young master Zhu, the four of us were blind and made the wrong choice. Please forgive us. This time, we’ll definitely do all we can to help you destroy Great Shun. Please believe us.”

Zhao Fu coldly laughed inwardly. Believe them? Did they really think he was that stupid? These families only prioritized their own benefits.

However, Zhao Fu still smiled and said graciously, “It’s fine, and I can understand. However, I hope that this won’t happen again!”

When they heard this, the four family leaders felt delighted and understood that Zhao Fu was willing to work together again. As such, they quickly nodded and replied, “Don’t worry, young master Zhu. There won’t be a next time.”

Zhao Fu didn’t believe that at all – if the situation turned against him, these four people would immediately betray him again. Zhao Fu had only accepted because he wanted to get rid of Great Shun and the other two families first before dealing with these people. Otherwise, it would be quite difficult to deal with six families allied together.

Elsewhere, Li Mu also heard about this, and he received news that ten or so of Great Shun’s people had been killed. What’s more, this number was continuously rising. As such, Li Mu immediately put a stop to all of his businesses and withdrew to the Great Shun Town.
These greedy people would do anything for money. No matter how powerful Great Shun was, they wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation. One gold coin was worth $100,000 in the real world, and right now, all of the large families and corporations were desperately selling everything they had to purchase things in the Heaven Awaken World. This was because after the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world, everything in the real world would be worthless, so everything in the real world was devaluing more and more.

Li Mu quickly called Su Yan and told him about this.

Su Yan frowned as he said, “Why did you break the status quo that we established? Great Shun isn’t his match right now, and he should be focused on developing right now. You’ve only hurt Great Shun by doing this!”

Li Mu felt quite unconvinced and retorted, “Great Shun’s already the number one faction in Green Apricot, and no one would easily act against me. That mysterious faction is just an outside faction, while Great Shun’s roots are in Green Apricot – I don’t think we’ll lose!”

When he heard this, Su Yan coldly harrumphed, “Then what if I told you that the mysterious faction was Great Qin? Would you still think that way? Right now, you only have one option, which is to abandon everything and move the Great Shun Town to another region.”

After saying this, Su Yan hung up. To him, this chess piece was useless now.

“Great Qin!” Li Mu was given a great fright, and he could feel cold sweat gathering on his back. There was now a trace of fear in his heart. But how could this faction be Great Qin? Wasn’t Great Qin in East Green? It was so far away, but Su Yan wouldn’t lie to him like this.

Suddenly, Li Mu realized that the call had ended, and he quickly called back. However, despite trying a few times, Su Yan didn’t pick up. This caused a chill to pass through Li Mu’s heart.

Did he really have to give up everything and move Great Shun to another region? That would be tantamount to crippling Great Shun – after all, relocating a Legacy village wasn’t like relocating a normal village. Once it was relocated, the Fate it possessed would decrease by two-thirds, and its grade would fall by one grade. In other words, Great Shun’s City Creation Stone would fall from Gold grade to Silver grade.

What’s more, would everything that he had worked so hard to establish be just destroyed like this? Li Mu felt very reluctant.

As such, he immediately summoned his subordinates to discuss this matter: Li Guo, Liu Zongmin, the Red Lady, and Niu Jinxing. They were all the famed Generals of Great Shun, and Niu Jinxing was SS grade, while the other three were S grade.

Niu Jinxing thought about it before advising, “Your Majesty, I think it’s best to let go of everything and develop elsewhere.”

Deep down, Li Mu also knew that it would be best to relocate Great Shun, but that would essentially cripple Great Shun. How could they do such a thing? Perhaps Great Qin wasn’t that powerful, and what’s more, Green Apricot was his territory. He wasn’t necessarily going to lose!

In the end, after thinking about it, Li Mu decided to stay, and he started to discuss how to deal with Great Qin.

Afterward, Li Mu decided to accept anyone who wanted to join Great Shun without any restrictions. After all, since Great Qin’s Legatee was rich and gave out one gold coin for killing one of his members, he would see just how rich Great Qin’s Legatee was. There were six million players in Green Apricot, and Li Mu didn’t believe that Great Qin would have that much money.

Once this news spread, not many people joined, as most people weren’t stupid and knew that Great Shun was obviously trying to use them as meat shields.

However, there were some who were quite sly – since players wouldn’t die true deaths, they would collude in pairs. One person would join Great Shun and be killed by the other person, and they would split the money. After all, the rewards were simply too enticing.

As such, there were still quite a lot of people who joined Great Shun to farm money, and soon, more than 100,000 people had joined Great Shun.

This delighted Li Mu – before, he only had 80,000 people with 40,000 of them being players and 40,000 of them being indigenous residents. Now, with another 100,000 people, he had 180,000 people – did he still have to fear Great Qin?

What’s more, the number was still rising, and after half a day, another 100,000 players joined. It could be seen how greedy and crazy these players were.

Now, Great Shun totaled 280,000. By now, Li Mu felt so confident that he didn’t have to fear anyone at all.

Even now, the numbers were still rising!
However, it was obvious that this wouldn’t last. Soon, people found that the quest to kill Great Shun members had a new rule: ‘Killing members who only recently joined won’t count.’

This caused the countless players who wanted to make easy money to feel incredibly disappointed, and they immediately chose to leave the Great Shun faction. Even despite Li Mu’s promises to treat them well, they were still unwilling to stay. Without sufficient benefits, no one wanted to risk his or her own life. Just like an ocean tide, the 200,000 players quickly came, but they also quickly left.

Great Shun’s 40,000 players also started to act differently. They weren’t as loyal as the indigenous residents, and now that Great Shun was in a precarious position, they could only hide within the Great Shun Town. After all, if they went out, it was likely that they would be killed.

They could endure this for a short while, but this couldn’t go on forever. As such, players soon started to leave Great Shun.

Li Mu wanted to kill a few people to scare the others into not leaving, but he realized that this was useless against players because they wouldn’t actually die. Rather, this might cause players to retaliate, so he could only watch as the number of Great Shun’s players dwindled.

In a secret room, Zhao Fu looked at the ten or so people in front of him and smiled as he said, “Great Shun no longer has any future prospects, so I’m sure that you don’t want to die with it, right? Join me! Everything that Great Shun can give you, I’ll give you double.”



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