Chapter 265 – Abnormal Changes

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The black dragon gave off a domineering aura that filled the heavens and earth, completely suppressing the dirt-yellow dragon. The dirt-yellow dragon gave off an even more powerful dragon’s might than before, not accepting its loss, and the two dragons hung in the sky, facing off against each other.

A confused look appeared on Li Mu’s face as he looked at the black dragon in the sky and felt its aura. He realized that Great Qin’s legendary Legatee… had also come!

Below the massive black dragon, Zhao Fu raised the Sky Demon Sword and coldly looked up at the dirt-yellow dragon. He gathered his strength and released it, causing traces of black aura to enter the black dragon’s body – he was consuming the Fate he had stored within him.

“Roarrrrrr!!” a massive dragon’s roar sounded out, deafening almost everyone who heard it. Even the sky seemed to tremble, and after receiving Zhao Fu’s power, the black dragon looked at the dirty-yellow dragon as it gave off a boundless black light.

Under the black light, the blood-red eagle, black tiger, and green wolf seemed to become more powerful, and a faint black light and black arcs of lightning appeared around them.


The three beasts exploded with power and once again charged at the Great Shun Town’s walls. Li Mu was given a big fright and tried to use his Fate Dragon to block, but it was completely suppressed by the black dragon.

The three massive beasts once again smashed against the town walls, causing terrifying cracks to appear on the town walls. At the same time, the Great Shun Town’s City Heart continuously trembled.


The three massive beasts once again smashed against the town walls, and Great Shun Town’s City Heart gave a mournful ring as the three town walls collapsed. The three massive beasts rushed into the Great Shun Town and started destroying everything in their paths as the Great Qin soldiers flooded in behind them and started massacring.

Great Shun’s soldiers hurried to meet them and desperately resisted, but they seemed incredibly weak in front of those three beasts and Great Qin’s soldiers. Seeing this scene, the 3,000 or so players who had just surrendered and the 2,000 players who were loyal to Li Mu understood that Great Shun was fated to lose, so they decided to run for their lives.

It was a pity that they chose to run in the wrong direction, towards the north where there weren’t any massive beasts. However, the Dark Ghost World was there, and in their desperation to escape, these players all stepped into the illusion.

Immediately, they felt as if they had entered a different world. Everything was gray and white here, and there was a dark, ghostly moon in the sky. Terrifying ghostly howls could be heard everywhere. The players were scared into desperately running, but they could never escape.

Li Mu looked at the three beasts, and a determined look appeared on his face. He raised his sword high and brought it down, summoning all of his strength and allowing the dirt-yellow dragon to break free from the black dragon’s suppression. It roared as it rushed down towards the three beasts. The dirt-yellow dragon was 100 meters long, while the three beasts were only ten or so meters long.

At that moment, the dirt-yellow dragon opened its mouth and bit towards the black tiger, forcing the Army Destroyer tiger to retreat. The dirt-yellow dragon then swept its tail, bringing with it massive destructive power and a wild gale, sending the green wolf backward. Finally, it flew into the sky, grabbing towards the blood-red eagle with its claws and forcing the eagle to dodge in the air.

The beasts created by the Seven Murders Star, the Voracious Wolf Star, and the Army Destroyer Star had been stopped by the dirt-yellow dragon, but they weren’t weak either. They loudly roared and joined forces, battling with the dirt-yellow dragon.

The dirt-yellow dragon once again opened its mouth, biting towards the green wolf’s throat. In response, the green wolf flipped backward, avoiding that bite, while the black tiger took this opportunity to leap forwards and bite the dirt-yellow dragon’s abdomen. The dirt-yellow dragon angrily roared and swept its tail, sending the black tiger flying backward.

“Skreeeee!” The blood-red eagle rushed down from the sky, raking its sharp claws against the dirt-yellow dragon’s body and injuring it.

At that moment, the dirt-yellow dragon turned its head and used its two dragon horns to knock the blood-red eagle away, but the green wolf immediately followed up.

This massive battle was incredibly destructive, and it gave off massive explosions and wild gales. The surrounding structures had all crumbled into ruins.

However, because of the dirt-yellow dragon, Great Shun’s forces weren’t falling as fast as before.
Suddenly, a massive black dragon entered the fray and bit down on the dirt-yellow dragon. It vigorously swung its head, throwing the dirt-yellow dragon into the air and seeming incredibly domineering and ferocious.

The black dragon was twice as big as the dirt-yellow dragon, and its body was more corporeal. It looked incredibly savage, and the aura that it gave off was simply terrifying. Even the beasts formed by the Seven Murders Star, the Voracious Wolf Star, and the Army Destroyer Star felt a trace of fear towards it.

A person wearing a black cloak also appeared in front of Li Mu.

Li Mu’s expression became grim as he looked at this cloaked figure because he knew who it was. Apart from Great Qin’s Legatee, who could he be

“If you can spare Great Shun this once, all of Great Shun’s people and resources will belong to you, and I’ll swear that I will never be enemies with Great Qin again!”

Now that things had come to this, Li Mu didn’t want Great Shun to fall while in his hands, so he spoke to Zhao Fu with an air of defeat.

Zhao Fu lightly laughed as he replied, “Do you really think that’s possible?”

By now, it was impossible for Zhao Fu to let off Great Shun. Zhao Fu wanted Great Shun’s people, resources, and Legacy. How could Zhao Fu do something as stupid as letting a tiger back into the mountain?

Hearing Zhao Fu’s words, Li Mu clearly knew that there was no room for negotiation, so he could only go all out. His expression became savage as he gripped his sword and rushed towards Zhao Fu.

As a Legatee, Li Mu had some fighting strength. His cultivation wasn’t too inferior to Zhao Fu’s, but he was till far too weak.

Li Mu rushed up, and he circulated all of his cultivation’s power and sent it into his sword, which gave off a large amount of sword light. Li Mu then raised his sword and slashed it down towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu stood his ground, not moving at all as he casually swept out with his black sword. Li Mu immediately flew backward and smashed against a wall, causing it to collapse.

Even though Li Mu’s cultivation wasn’t too far below Zhao Fu’s, Zhao Fu already had multiple pieces of Epic grade equipment, and he had the King’s Power and other high-grade powers supporting him. He could now rival Stage 3 experts, while Li Mu had none of these things – how could he retaliate?

Li Mu crashed to the ground and coughed up a mouthful of blood. He had long since heard that Great Qin’s Legatee was incredibly powerful, and now he had experienced that power for himself. Li Mu felt quite bitter, and he knew that he really didn’t have any chance of winning.

He turned and looked at the fight between the dragons. The dirt-yellow dragon was being completely dominated by the black dragon, and the dirt-yellow dragon was covered with wounds. Even one of its horns was broken.

Li Mu could only withdraw the dirt-yellow dragon and sacrifice the Fate he had to increase his power to make a final struggle.

The dirt-yellow dragon circled before returning to Li Mu’s body, causing Li Mu to erupt with a terrifying amount of power. His body shined with a dirt-yellow light that was powerful enough to make others tremble.

Zhao Fu waved his hand, and the black dragon returned to his body. Traces of black aura rose up from his body as a similar terrifying power exploded out from him.

The terrifying might caused abnormal changes in the heavens and the earth, and countless dark clouds appeared as thunder rumbled.

“Arghhhh!!” Li Mu roared as he rushed at Zhao Fu and attacked, and they soon became entangled in battle.



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