Chapter 267 – Clan Armament Upgrade

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Looking at this cube, Zhao Fu couldn’t help but feel somewhat excited. After all, this was the City Heart of a Dynasty’s Legacy. These sorts of things couldn’t be bought with money, and they were priceless treasures.

Zhao Fu walked up and placed his hand on the cube after which a system announcement asked him, “Would you like to conquer this City Heart?”

Of course, Zhao Fu replied, “Yes!”

Immediately, a yellow pillar of light burst forth from the City Heart and rushed into the sky, dyeing the entire sky yellow.

“Roarrrr!!!” A massive dragon’s roar turned into soundwaves that rippled throughout the entirety of the northern side of the Midland Continent. This roar was filled with pain, reluctance, and sorrow.

In the northern side of the Midland Continent, all of the factions were completely shocked and rushed out of their buildings to look in the direction from which the roar came from. They knew what this sound signified – a Dynasty’s Legacy had perished.

For a Dynasty to perish so quickly, the unstable northern side of the Midland Continent fell into even greater unrest.

Zhang Heng rode on his donkey as he looked in the direction of the Great Shun Town with a serious expression, thinking to himself. Elsewhere, Su Yan sighed – he had already received news that Great Shun had fallen.

Green Apricot’s four City Lords all sighed and also felt somewhat thankful that they hadn’t involved themselves in this battle. Otherwise, the consequences would’ve been unimaginable.

Back at the Great Shun Town, a 100-meter long dirt-yellow dragon gave a final struggle in the sky before its body cracked and turned into motes of light before disappearing.

“System announcement! Great Shun has perished, and its Fate has been completely devoured by Great Qin. Great Qin has obtained a massive amount of Fate.”

“System announcement! Great Qin has destroyed Great Shun and obtained all of Great Shun’s Legacies.”

“System announcement! Great Qin’s City Heart has been enhanced, and its progress is currently 1/10.”

“System announcement! The Great Qin Town has obtained 1/5 of the Great Shun Town’s stats.”

“System announcement! The Nation Armament Twelve Metal Colossi has been upgraded, and it has risen to a Level 3 Nation Armament.”

“System announcement! The Clan Armament Imperial Ruler’s Seal has been upgraded, and it has risen to a Level 2 Clan Armament.”

“System announcement! You have conquered a town with a Dynasty’s Legacy, and you have obtained 3,000 Achievement Points.”

Zhao Fu was delighted when he heard these system announcements. The Fate that Great Qin had consumed previously had been completely restored by devouring all of Great Shun’s Fate, and he could now use his Nation Armament again.

He had also obtained all of Great Shun’s Legacies, which included their military professions and historical figures who hadn’t awakened yet. Their Heaven Prayer Platform now also belonged to Great Qin as well.

Great Shun’s military profession was E- grade, which was slightly weaker than the original Great Qin Soldier profession. Zhao Fu didn’t pay much mind to this, but there was a Special Military Profession

Roaming Soldiers: Grade: D- grade Military, Description: The valiant soldiers in ancient times of the ‘Roaming King,’ Effect: Receives skill [Valiant].

This military profession was a type of Infantry that used sabers, and this profession was quite good. They were incredibly valiant, ferocious, and powerful.

Zhao Fu didn’t know how many historical figures hadn’t awakened yet, nor did he know who they were. The four awakened historical figures of Great Shun had all been killed by Zhao Fu already.

The Great Shun Town’s Heaven Prayer Platform was relatively weaker than the Great Qin Town’s Heaven Prayer Platform. However, its stats could be stacked with the Great Qin Town’s Heaven Prayer Platform.

[Heaven Prayer Platform]: A special structure of an Empire Legacy Village. It can level up with a village. Special Stats: Resistance to natural disasters +35%, chance of spawning S grade or above villagers +15%.

After conquering the Great Shun Town, Great Qin’s City Heart had also been enhanced. It now displayed 1/10, which suggested that after conquering ten Dynasty’s Legacies, Zhao Fu would be able to upgrade the Great Qin Town to Epic grade.

The Great Qin Town also obtained 1/5 of the Great Shun Town’s stats. This suggested that Great Qin would receive greater stat bonuses the more Dynasty Legacies Great Qin conquered.
There were also the Nation Armament and Clan Armament – they had been upgraded when Zhao Fu had obtained the Myrtle Imperial Star, but now that they had also obtained Great Shun’s Fate, they had once again been upgraded. Obtaining Great Shun’s Fate was no small matter – after all, Great Shun had overthrown the Great Ming Dynasty, and Great Shun had quite a lot of Fate.

Finally, he had also obtained 3,000 Achievement Points. Normal Towns only gave 500 Achievement Points, so this meant that a Dynasty’s Town was worth six times as much. However, Zhao Fu felt that it was still a bit lacking.

With the King’s Ring bonus, this was doubled to 6,000 Achievement Points, which would be enough to boost Zhao Fu to a First-Ranked Baron. However, because Zhao Fu had diverted his Achievement Points to Zhang Dahu, his status was now the same as Zhao Fu’s. Zhao Fu had fulfilled most of the conditions to raise the Great Qin Town to a City, as he now had three Barons.

Now, the only requirement he was lacking was EXP. The Great Qin Town was still only an Intermediate Town, and it wasn’t an Advanced Town yet.

“Your Majesty, everything has been taken care of. How should we deal with the 5,000 or so players stuck in the Dark Ghost World?” Bai Qi reported as he cupped his hands.

Zhao Fu looked over and lightly laughed as he asked, “Bai Qi, what do you think should be done about them?”

Bai Qi didn’t hesitate to say with a cold expression, “Those traitorous, two-faced people betrayed Great Qin at a key moment. This lowly General believes that all 5,000 players should be executed!”

Zhao Fu nodded and agreed, and he came with Bai Qi to the central plaza. All of the players were kneeling there bound up, and they looked afraid as they glanced at the soldiers around them.

When the ten or so leaders walked out, they immediately called out, “Young master Zhu, we’re part of your faction. Why have you bound us up? We just wanted to congratulate you on taking the Great Shun Town!”

“Hahaha…” Did they really think that he didn’t know what they had done? Zhao Fu laughed before replying, “No need to congratulate me. I’ll be sending you off soon!”

Zhao Fu emphasized the second half of his sentence, but the ten or so leaders didn’t understand. They thought that they were safe now, and relieved smiles appeared on their faces.

“Prepare ropes!” Zhao Fu turned and ordered.

Bai Qi felt a bit confused, but he still carried out Zhao Fu’s orders. Afterward, Zhao Fu and his soldiers took the 5,000 players to the forest where Evil Fang’s 500 members’ corpses had been hung.

After reaching here, the players all felt that something was off, and the ten or so leaders smiled stiffly as they asked, “Young master Zhu, weren’t you going to let us leave?”

Zhao Fu faintly smiled as he replied, “Yes, I’m about to send you off!”

The soldiers pushed the players under the trees and tied ropes around their necks. By now, no matter how stupid the players were, they understood what was happening. They pleaded and begged before starting to curse.

The soldiers pulled on the ropes, cutting off all of their voices, leaving only sounds of wheezing and struggling.



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