Chapter 270 – Natural Disaster Resistance

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The Town’s stats rose just like they had before, and Zhao Fu now turned his gaze to the three structures that had also leveled up.

[Heaven Prayer Platform]: A special structure of an Empire Legacy Village. It can level up with a village. Special Stats: Resistance to natural disasters +65%, Chance of spawning S grade or above villagers +35%.

[Level 2 Earth Temple]: Contains a trace of divine power and can protect a piece of land. It requires sacrifices of incense, and the more incense there is, the more powerful the Earth Temple will become. Current stats: Crop production time -30%, crop output +30%, resistance to natural disasters +15%.

[Level 1 City God Temple]: Grade: Legendary, Description: Contains a trace of divine power and can protect the residents of a village, town, or city. It requires sacrifices of incense and can be leveled up. All evil creatures that step within the territory that the City God Temple is in will be suppressed by the City God Temple, which will reduce their strength by 60%. Residents will also receive powerful protection and immunity to dark powers.

The Earth Temple and City God Temple’s stats had also increased, though not by too much.

What delighted Zhao Fu was that he now had two Heaven Prayer Platforms, and their effects added together were quite powerful.

What Zhao Fu cared about most was the natural disaster resistance stat. In the future, when there were floods or famines, that would be a true disaster. In ancient times, many people starved to death because of such natural disasters.

The natural disaster resistance stat was key in such situations. Many nations perished because of natural disasters in the past. When commoners had no food and went crazy from hunger, they would most likely rebel for food.

The higher the natural disaster resistance they had, the less they would suffer in the future when natural disasters struck.

Zhao Fu had already re-established the Great Shun Town 300 kilometers away from the Great Qin Town. It was possible to use the Great Shun Town as an important stronghold in the future, so he gave it some space to develop.

However, because Great Shun’s Legacy had been taken by Great Qin, as the Great Shun Town developed, some of its special structures wouldn’t level up, such as the Heaven Prayer Platform. That was quite a pity.

As for the 30 or so Subsidiary Villages around the Great Shun Town, Zhao Fu also relocated them and only received a portion of the EXP and no Achievement Points. Zhao Fu established them in the same formation as they had been in before. Now, Great Qin controlled 210 villages, which spawned 1,260 new villagers every day.

Adding on the people he was buying from the various regions, Great Qin gained 6,000 people every day, and with his expedition groups conquering more villages, the growth of Great Qin was simply terrifying.

Finally, Zhao Fu went to the Great Qin Town’s Origin because a system announcement had told him that one of Great Qin’s historical figures had awakened. Every time this happened, Zhao Fu would always feel quite excited, and he would try to guess which historical figure it would be.

A gold light flashed from the Origin as a 20-year-old or so, steadfast-looking young man appeared before Zhao Fu. After appearing, the young man’s eyes flashed with life as he looked at Zhao Fu and immediately half knelt while calling out, “Your Majesty!”

Name: Meng Tian

Grade: SS

Title: None.

Profession: [General], Profession Effects: Can hold two different military professions.

Achievement Points: Commoner (0/200)

Race: Human

Age: 22 (100)

Loyalty: 100

Stats: Strength: 10, Intelligence: 8, Constitution: 8. Agility: 8

Cultivation: Stage 0

Cultivation Technique: None

Skills: None

Equipment: Coarse Cloth Clothes, Cloth Shoes, Coarse Cloth Pants

Meng Tian was someone from the time of the First Emperor of Qin, and he was a famed General who conquered the State of Qi and led 30,000 soldiers to defend the great wall against the Xiongnu people. The Barbarians didn’t dare to herd their livestock around there or shoot any arrows. He also made many meritorious contributions to Great Qin when Great Qin was unifying the other six states.

In the end, after the First Emperor of Qin died and Hu Hai became the new Emperor, he was sentenced to death.

Zhao Fu had an excited smile on his face – he had obtained yet another excellent General, and he immediately replied, “You may rise!”

Zhao Fu first told Meng Tian to familiarize himself with the Great Qin Town. Zhao Fu then took Great Shun’s four Generals’ corpses to the underground region and prepared to refine them. He wondered what would happen after refining historical figures’ corpses.

Now, he no longer lacked energy stones, so he put all four corpses onto the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation and activated the formation.

The four corpses were brought into mid-air by a formless energy, after which their flesh dissolved and red streams flowed towards their heads.

“System announcement! These four corpses have sealed General Stars. Please choose whether you would like to perform a normal refining or special refining. Normal refining will result in four Grade Orbs, while special refining will fuse the corpses’ Grades and General Stars into one product.”

Zhao Fu suppressed a laugh – it turned out that the corpses of historical figures were quite special!

Not all Generals had General Stars; only the incredibly important and famous ones who could affect the fate of the world would have one. Only such people would have one of the 13 General Stars.

Normal Generals had one of the 36 stars of the Heavenly Spirit Stars or one of the 72 stars of the Earthly Fiend Stars. However, none of them were as powerful as the 13 General Stars, and all of them had different effects.

When someone with a General Star was born, that person would cause abnormal signs, and the corresponding General Star would descend; it was evident how powerful the 13 General Stars were.

However, the Heavenly Spirit Stars and Earthly Fiend Stars were different – although some were born with them, most were formed after birth. Most people were born as ordinary people, but because of their Fate, they may have been led onto the path of Generals, allowing them to obtain one of those stars.

Bai Qi, Wang Jian, and Wei Liao had one of the 13 General Stars, but most people would only have one of the 36 Heavenly Spirit Stars or one of the 72 Earthly Fiend Stars.

The system announcement stated that it was possible to fuse not only the four corpses’ Grade Orbs together but also to fuse their sealed General Stars as well. This was quite surprising.

Of course, Zhao Fu decided to pick the latter option, which was to fuse everything together!

A blood-red orb formed at the center of the four corpses’ foreheads, and they then rose up and fused together, giving off a bright blood-red light. In the end, it formed a roughly-shaped blood crystal that was as big as a small pearl.

Zhao Fu deactivated the formation, and the bones of the four corpses fell to the ground with a crash while the blood-red crystal hovered in the air. Zhao Fu walked over and looked at it curiously:

Innate Talent Blood Crystal: After consuming it, it will greatly increase one’s grade and allow one to obtain a General Star. Can be continued to be fused.

This Innate Talent Blood Crystal’s effects were different than a Grade Orb’s. While a Grade Orb could directly boost one’s grade, the Innate Talent Blood Crystal would only greatly increase one’s grade. It seemed like the Innate Talent Blood Crystal wasn’t as good in this regard, but the key was how much it would increase one’s grade by.

Apart from the grade component, what was important was that the user would be able to obtain a General Star. This was the fusion of the four corpse’s General Stars, and because he wasn’t sure what its effects would be like, Zhao Fu looked into the Innate Talent Blood Crystal more.



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