Chapter 274 – State of War

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The two alliances immediately became the two most powerful factions in North Nam, and even the system factions didn’t dare to take them lightly. Each of these factions had over 500,000 people, making them enormous powerhouses.

Of course, Northwind was created by Zhao Fu. No one would have expected that the two massive alliances were actually both controlled by Great Qin.

The next day, Zhao Fu wanted to continue bringing people to ambush the system main cities’ soldiers, but he found that each of the system main cities had entered a state of war. Soldiers seriously patrolled about and carefully examined everyone going in and out of the cities. Everyone was treated with great suspicion and distrust, and anyone who was suspicious was detained.

It was evident that the main cities’ defenses were much stricter than before, making it difficult for Zhao Fu to do anything. Since the main cities were being so careful now, if he tried to do anything, it was likely that he would suffer disastrous losses instead.

Zhao Fu wanted to use these two massive factions to carry out his plans, and this would cause a massive catastrophe in North Nam. It might even shake the real world, but Zhao Fu had no hesitations about this.

First of all, the two factions combined only had one million people, while each region had at least six million players. This meant that there was still a massive number of people who weren’t participating, so he needed to find a way to draw them in.

Zhao Fu, acting as the leader of Northwind, sent out invitations to conduct the first Vietnam Destroyer Alliance meeting. None of the factions that received the invitations felt that anything was off, as this was something that was bound to happen.
However, some of them wondered who Northwind’s leader was to be able to establish such a massive faction in such a short amount of time.

The place of the meeting was a large hall that was 500 or so square meters, and it was exquisitely decorated. The ground was covered with red carpet, and there were wooden chairs spaced around the hall.

The leaders of the various factions each brought a few bodyguards, and the event seemed like a meeting of heroes. Many of them knew each other and greeted each other as they walked in with smiles on their faces.

Even the system factions attached great importance to this meeting and sent a few people to secretly observe.

Zhao Fu didn’t act all high and mighty, and he waited in the hall from the beginning. Of course, he wore a black cloak to hide his appearance.

Seeing Zhao Fu, the various leaders felt a bit surprised but still smiled as they courteously greeted him, and Zhao Fu also politely greeted them back.

Finally, the 389 leaders all arrived and were seated within the hall. At first, it was quite noisy as the leaders all chatted with each other.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

A few crisp claps sounded out, seeming to carry with them some immense power, causing everyone to freeze and look towards Zhao Fu. Everyone could sense how powerful he was.
Facing everyone’s gazes, Zhao Fu didn’t feel anything at all as he smiled and said, “The meeting will now officially commence. What does everyone think about the future?”

Just as he finished speaking, a big man got to his feet and said loudly, “It’s obviously to gather our strength and destroy those Vietnamese players. They’ve dared to provoke us for so long, so they’re simply seeking death!”

A heroic-looking woman also stood up and said, “Exactly! They think that we Chinese players are easy to bully? My husband was ambushed by a few of them and died horribly. After getting back to the real world, he told me that we had to destroy the Vietnamese side no matter what!”

“Big sis, the same happened to my little brother. He was caught by those scum and had his private parts cut off!” a sharp-faced young man said angrily, making everyone else resist the urge to chuckle.

Most of the people here had enmity with the Vietnamese side, which was why they had joined the Vietnam Destroyer Alliance. Their only goal was to attack the Vietnamese side and take revenge. As such, they started to discuss how to attack.

At midnight, the bright moon’s moonlight shined on the ground, making it seem as if the ground was covered by a silver blanket. All sorts of animals had already fallen asleep, and because it was already autumn, it was slightly cold.

Despite the beauty of the moon, tonight was fated to be a bloody night. Zhao Fu and the other factions’ leaders brought 30,000 people in total and went to attack the Vietnamese side under the cover of night.
The 30,000 people Zhao Fu led was a terrifying sight, and they were a nightmare for any faction.

This massive army’s first target was a village with barely 300 people. The noise from 30,000 people was simply too great, and it sent the entire village into high alert. Upon looking out, they saw a flood of soldiers rushing towards them and were unable to defend at all.

The small village was annihilated in an instant, but the weakness of the army was quickly revealed – with so many different factions, it was impossible to completely unite these people, and all of them acted in their own interests. As soon as they saw that the village was defenseless, they started to pillage everything of value. Some pillaged equipment, others pillaged items, others pillaged money, and others took villagers. Everything fell into chaos in just an instant, and it was evident that this was just a disorganized mob that didn’t have much fighting power. They were essentially only relying on numbers, and seeing this, Zhao Fu inwardly shook his head.

However, an army of 30,000 people looked quite imposing and terrifying, and it was like an unstoppable flood that could wipe away anything in its path. No one could defend against such a mighty force.

The village was instantly reduced to bubble, and the flood of people continued onwards. No matter how well-hidden a village was, it was bound to be found by 30,000 people.

The massive flood of people destroyed everything in its path, and cries continuously sounded out as lives were continuously lost.
This slaughter continued to 5 or 6 AM and only stopped when the sun started to rise. During this operation, they destroyed 168 villages, killed over 50,000 Vietnamese players and indigenous residents, and captured 20,000 or so Vietnamese players and indigenous residents. They obtained countless items and 2.5 million copper coins. As for their casualties, there barely were any, as it was 30,000 people attacking villages of a few hundred people each time.

These gains didn’t include the rewards from the Chaotic World Stone Steles or the main cities, which were already worth billions of dollars in the real world. The greatest gains were, of course, the City Creation Stones and the people they captured.

However, because there were roughly 300 factions that participated, the rewards were all split according to whatever everyone could take for themselves. Everyone more or less reaped some rewards from this operation.

Many of Zhao Fu’s Assassins had led the way, and Zhao Fu was only interested in people and City Creation Stones. Because there were so many factions involved, it was difficult for Zhao Fu to obtain many City Creation Stones or people, so he set his eyes on the City Creation Stones.



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