Chapter 281 – A Million Corpses

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It was impossible for the other two City Lords not to know about a massive battle between two main cities, but because they all had their own grievances, they didn’t act and only watched from a distance.

Upon seeing Flowing Water City’s side lose and escape, both City Lords let out a sigh of relief – the situation wasn’t irredeemable. They had both thought that the matter was over when a massive amount of energy had suddenly exploded.

This energy was no ordinary energy – it contained a massive amount of Fate and tens of thousands of commoners’ aura. They were incredibly shocked and hurried over, as they understood that this was the energy from a Nation Armament.

“Hmph, I hope you’ll remember this because you’ll pay for your actions today in the future,” Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and could only retreat. He already couldn’t defeat two City Lords, and now that another had appeared, it was impossible for him to win.

Even though the third City Lord was on the Chinese side, he didn’t intend on helping Zhao Fu. Rather, he wanted to simply observe and collect the rewards after.

Since he would definitely lose, Zhao Fu could only give up on killing Hồ Ming. It was a pity that he had expended so much Fate – even though he had only used his Nation Armament for a few minutes, the amount of Fate he had consumed was massive.

Back then, Zhao Fu had used his own Fate to awaken the Myrtle Imperial Star and used the Myrtle Imperial Star’s True Son of Heaven power to kill Li Mu and take over the Great Shun Town. After devouring Great Shun’s Fate, Great Qin’s Fate had been restored.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible to recover Great Qin’s Fate in such a short period of time, which made Zhao Fu quite wary when using his Nation Armament. At the same time, his own Fate was quite important, so he couldn’t recklessly expend it.

He had used his Nation Armament for nothing today, making him feel quite angry. However, since the situation was like this, Zhao Fu could only calm himself down.

When she heard Zhao Fu’s threatening words, the young woman looked quite serious, and she understood that she had offended this person and that she would most likely suffer for it in the future. The revenge from someone with a Nation Armament would definitely be quite serious.

However, she had to save Hồ Ming – not only had Hồ Ming helped her in the past, but they were also allies on the same side.

“Please, go on! Don’t mind me; I’m just here to watch,” the elegant-looking young man said as he smiled.

However, how could Zhao Fu believe his words? He coldly gazed at him before looking at the thousands of dead Vietnamese soldiers around him. He had wanted to collect these corpses, but that would expose his motive. Right now, his soldiers were also collecting corpses from outside Whiteleaf City.

If his motive was exposed, these people would definitely obstruct him, and he would lose out greatly. There were roughly 90,000 Stage 1 corpses outside Whiteleaf City, so Zhao Fu could only sigh, let go of the benefits in front of him, and turn into a black blur as he disappeared.

After Zhao Fu left, the remaining people from Flowing Water City and the green-clothed young woman let out sighs of relief. The elegant-looking young man felt quite bored, so he turned into a ray of light and disappeared.
Hồ Ming had a grateful smile on his face and thanked the young woman before looking in the direction that Zhao Fu had left in. He suddenly felt that his adoptive father’s death wasn’t as simple as he had thought.

Zhao Fu returned to Whiteleaf City, and there were many people cleaning up the battlefield – there were not only Whiteleaf City’s soldiers but also many players. Most of these players were taking equipment and other items. Because there were so many corpses, the value was immense, so almost all of the players in the vicinity were here.

As such, it was very easy for Great Qin’s soldiers to blend in and collect corpses. However, they could only take Flowing Water City’s soldiers’ corpses, as Whiteleaf City had ordered that anyone who touched Whiteleaf City’s soldiers’ corpses would be immediately executed.

As such, Zhao Fu couldn’t be too greedy, and he first took care of Flowing Water City’s 50,000 corpses before thinking of how to obtain Whiteleaf City’s corpses.

After ten or so hours, Whiteleaf City’s soldiers’ corpses were all buried in graves. The Chinese side valued taking care of corpses and burying them properly as part of tradition, so this was only natural.

However, the Vietnamese soldiers and players weren’t treated as well – their corpses were heaped together, forming mountains of corpses that were ten or so meters tall. Their expressions before they died were quite terrifying, and it was truly a scene of a million corpses.
Even though they were mostly players who wouldn’t die true deaths, when the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world, they would stay dead. What’s more, this was only a battle between two system main cities. In the future, battles would be hundreds of times more grievous.

Torches were thrown onto these mountains of corpses, setting them alight and causing black smoke to roll up and cover the sky.

Now, Zhao Fu started to think about how he could obtain the 30,000 corpses from Whiteleaf City and some of the indigenous residents’ corpses. There would always be a few hundred city guards at Whiteleaf City Cemetery, as most people were buried there with some of their possessions.

Because there were some valuables within the cemetery, there were city guards stationed around the cemetery to stave off the players who viewed wealth as more important than their own lives. Often, a person would be buried during the day, and people would immediately go to dig the person up at night.

Zhao Fu couldn’t order his soldiers to just take shovels and dig up corpses, and because it was likely that they would be discovered, he decided to buy a type of bewildering fragrance. This fragrance was colorless and odorless, and it would cause the soldiers’ senses to be greatly weakened.
Following this, they carried out the plan.

Zhao Fu first bought the property next to the cemetery and ordered his soldiers to dig a passage under it. They stored all of the dirt they dug out into spatial rings, making the process quite convenient.

Following this, Zhao Fu lit the bewildering fragrance, making the city guards’ senses much weaker, preventing them from detecting Great Qin’s soldiers as they stealthily entered the cemetery.

They quickly found where the soldiers were buried because they were all buried together. 30,000 soldiers took up quite a lot of space, so they were easy to find.

Following this, they started to take the corpses and store them into spatial rings. Zhao Fu was quite nervous about this, and he observed from a hidden corner to prevent anything unexpected from happening.

In the end, the plan went incredibly smoothly, and Great Qin’s soldiers were able to retrieve most of the corpses without being noticed. Unless Whiteleaf City’s people dug up the graves, no one would notice anything.



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