Chapter 283 – God-Killing Plan

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In order to avoid the same fate as Great Shun, all of them had ordered that no players were to be brought back to the main village, and the players could only operate within the system main cities. All of the people who knew of the position of the village were either killed in the real world or strictly controlled.

What’s more, they increased the benefits for the high-ranking members to make them more loyal and got rid of the useless members who were just trying to survive and not actually loyal.

Now, people realized that simply having a lot of members was useless – what was important was how many people were truly loyal and would help in desperate times.

Zhao Fu didn’t try to suppress the four Legatees, as that sort of method wasn’t very effective and could make them overly alert. Rather, Zhao Fu wanted to attack them out of the blue, which would be more effective.

Right now, the most important thing was to find where their main villages were. If he couldn’t find them, Zhao Fu would only be able to forget about this matter for now.

Great Qin returned to its normal operations, and the boost to the number of Stage 1 soldiers greatly increased its ability to conquer other villages and towns. After all, it was almost impossible for villages in the wilderness to have any Stage 1 soldiers. As for the production and business side of things, they also continued to be successful.

Zhao Fu used all of the 292 City Creation Stones obtained from before and established them in the 500-kilometer radius area around Great Qin. Now, Great Qin controlled the 2,000-kilometer radius area around it, and the surrounding 500-kilometer radius area was completely safe.

Zhao Fu left some soldiers in each of the villages and allowed them to operate normally. Seeing that he now had so many villages, Zhao Fu couldn’t help but feel excited.

In the next few days, he allowed these villages to develop and grow.

Soon, he received news that a few regions were joining together to hold a super auction in three days at Kong Willow.

Zhao Fu was extremely interested in this auction. Because it was a ‘super auction,’ it would definitely have many good items, so he started to prepare money.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye. Because most of his Generals were outside conquering villages and towns, Zhao Fu only brought Tuoba Qing and Wang Ergou to one of the system main cities in Kong Willow. This was where the super auction was going to be held.

It was said that the City Lords and grand figures from the surrounding few regions were all coming. Although there were Void Zones, it was quite easy for City Lords to travel through these Void Zones.

This auction attracted many people’s gazes, and almost all of the factions within Kong Willow came. Right now, the main city, Azure Willow City, was almost bursting with people.

When Zhao Fu, Tuoba Qing, and Wang Ergou arrived, they saw a massive sea of people, making the scene incredibly noisy and raucous. As such, Zhao Fu quickly took them to a large structure.

This large structure was ten or so meters tall and had four levels, and it was made out of wood. Lanterns hung from the ceiling, and the grand structure covered around 40 hectares and could fit tens of thousands of people. This was the auction hall!

In front of the auction hall, there were hundreds of city guards giving off powerful auras to maintain order. The entrance was already completely filled with people, and anyone who wanted to enter would have to pay five gold coins to enter. Five gold coins were worth $50,000 in the real world, and that sum wasn’t something ordinary factions could afford to pay.

Zhao Fu squeezed up and handed over an invitation. One of the city guards looked at it before calling over an attendant who took Zhao Fu and the two others to a separate room.

The room was exquisitely decorated, and it was a private room. The invitation that Zhao Fu had handed over was something that he had spent a few hundred gold coins to buy. After his last experience at Red Plum, he no longer wanted to squeeze together with others at the bottom.

There were also VIP rooms and Sovereign rooms – the VIP rooms cost thousands of gold coins. Zhao Fu would be able to afford one, but because he didn’t see the need for one, he only bought a private room.

As for the Sovereign rooms, they couldn’t be bought for money because they were prepared for the City Lords and other grand figures. Normal people couldn’t even think about going to them.

Because there was still some time until the auction began, an attendant brought in some tea, fruits, and desserts.

Tuoba Qing peeled a mandarin and carefully picked off the pith before smiling with an embarrassed look on her face as she brought a piece of the mandarin to Zhao Fu’s lips and said, “Your Majesty, please eat this.”
Zhao Fu smiled and ate the segment of mandarin offered by Tuoba Qing. Seeing this, Wang Ergou felt like this was an opportunity to earn brownie points with Zhao Fu, so he also picked up a mandarin and peeled it. However, he had completely butchered his, and because it was too unsightly to offer, he could only eat it himself.

After chatting among themselves for a while, the auction finally started.

The first level was already completely packed with people, while those on the second, third, and fourth levels opened their windows and looked down at the stage below.

An elderly man with white hair and ruddy cheeks walked up – his aura was quite powerful, and he was most likely a Stage 3 expert.

“Welcome to this auction everyone. The auction will now begin, and the first item will now be brought up.” The elderly man’s voice was quite loud, and it instantly suppressed all of the voices in the auction hall.

A beautiful attendant brought up a violet ore on a tray!

The violet ore looked like jade, and it was as big as a fist and gave off a fiery light, making it look quite extraordinary.

The elderly man started to introduce it, saying, “This is a Violet Fire Jade! It is a Silver grade material and can be used to craft Superior Silver grade equipment. Because of Violet Fire Jade’s unique attributes, it is much better than normal Superior Silver grade equipment. The reserve price is 5,000 silver coins!”
Zhao Fu had never thought that the first thing to be brought up would be a Silver grade material. Usually, the first item was the most ordinary thing – this meant that many good items would be brought up later.

“6,000 silver coins!”

Those who could enter this auction hall were all somewhat powerful and rich, and because this amount of money was nothing to them, some people immediately started to make bids.

However, they were quickly outbid, and in the end, the Violet Fire Jade was sold for 15,000 silver coins.

The second item was soon brought up – it was a bottle of medicinal pills, and the elderly man started to introduce it, saying, “One Body Pills, a Stage 3 medicinal pill. It has powerful healing properties for external injuries and can erase all scars. There are ten pills in this bottle, and the reserve price is 7,000 silver coins.”

Healing medicinal pills were in just as high demand as cultivation medicinal pills because they could be used to save one’s life in critical situations. These One Body Pills were greatly sought after by the crowd, and an intense bidding war started.

“10,000 silver coins!”

The very first bid already increased the bid by 3,000 silver coins, but that person was quickly outbid. In the end, the bottle of medicinal pills was sold for 24,000 silver coins.

All of the bids so far were from people on the first level, and no one from the second, third, and fourth levels had spoken yet.

Next, the third item was brought up. It was a bottle, but it was unknown what was inside. After the elderly man started to introduce it, Zhao Fu shot to his feet because it was what he had been searching for this entire time – the final thing he needed for the God-Killing Plan.



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