Chapter 290 – Demon God

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After looking at the fishing rod’s stats, Zhao Fu saw the following information:

[One World Rod]: A fishing rod made from the branch of the ancient World Tree, Heavenly Flax String, and Silver Moon Hook. It has three effects:

Effect one: Fishing Proficiency: Learns all skills related to fishing to a proficient level, and one can be called a Fishing Grandmaster.

Effect two: Fishing Blessing: Adds an extra 500% chance of catching fish when fishing and greatly increases the chance of fishing rare types of fish.

Effect three: Fishing Comprehension: This item is quite special and contains a type of source energy. When using it, it will allow one to comprehend the heavens and earth easier.

After looking at these things, Zhao Fu was somewhat shocked – the One World Rod was a special item and not just any normal piece of equipment. It didn’t give bonus stats, and while Zhao Fu wasn’t very interested in its first two effects, he was still curious about the third effect.

“Master, I want to fuse into this fishing rod!” a voice said in Zhao Fu’s mind – it came from the silver ring on Zhao Fu’s hand.

Back in East Green, when Zhao Fu unlocked the Gloomy Jungle, he had obtained a silver ring, Celia Klumin, which was also a Legendary grade piece of equipment.

Celia normally stayed in her ring and didn’t say much, so she didn’t have as large of a presence as his other equipment. Now that Celia had suddenly requested to fuse with this fishing rod, Zhao Fu was quite surprised and asked, “Why?”
Celia obediently replied, “Master, I possess an ancient Elf Bloodline, and I’ll receive great benefits from staying in a rod created from the ancient World Tree.”

When he heard this, Zhao Fu thought about it and decided that there would be no harm in this, so he agreed.

After receiving Zhao Fu’s approval, Celia turned into a silver light that covered the one World Rod before slowly fusing into it. As a result, the light from the deep violet One World Rod became deeper and deeper.

As for the silver ring, it disintegrated into powder and disappeared. It seemed that all of the energy in the ring was stored within Celia herself.

After Celia fully fused with the One World Rod, the One World Rod’s light actually became half orange.

Zhao Fu understood that the one World Rod had become Half-Epic grade, and it was only a bit away from entering Epic grade. It was a pity that it wasn’t a piece of equipment and therefore didn’t give any stats.

After looking at the One World Rod’s information again, Zhao Fu found that its three effects had been strengthened. In particular, Fishing Blessing was strengthened, increasing the extra chance to 800%. A the same time, a fourth effect was unlocked.

Azureleaf Raincoat: When it is raining, it will automatically appear to block the wind and rain for you. It also increases your comprehension of the heavens and earth.

This effect didn’t seem very useful either.
After looking through all of the One World Rod’s information, Zhao Fu was still quite disappointed. After all, he had spent a lot of money and even destroyed a Legendary grade ring to obtain this useless item. ‘Comprehension’ of the heavens and earth was simply too vague and fantastical.

“Celia, you stay inside there then. I’m going to put it away,” Zhao Fu said to Celia.

Zhao Fu had a good impression of Celia because she was obedient and easy to get along with, so he treated her quite well.

“Mm! Thank you, master!” Celia said happily from within the One World Rod.

Zhao Fu put the One World Rod into the King’s Ring. Now, he had taken care of everything from the auction.

Finally, it was time to carry out the God-Killing Plan that he had planned for a long time. Zhao Fu was quite curious – what would he get from the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation after refining a godly spirit?

His target this time was a godly spirit’s clone, and he wouldn’t dare to think about refining the main body of a godly spirit. With his current strength, such a thing would be impossible. Even though it was just a clone, Zhao Fu still prepared for a few days. Right now, Great Qin’s population had reached 280,000, and Zhao Fu’s military had expanded to 50,000 soldiers.

Zhao Fu decided that the location where they would take down the godly spirit would be underground. The underground region was ten or so kilometers wide, and Zhao Fu didn’t want anyone to interfere with this operation.

In order to prevent the underground region from being destroyed, he had his people set up many Vajra Talismans and Demon Crushing Talismans.
These talismans not only reinforced the underground region, but they would also weaken the godly spirit. Zhao Fu also put various protections around the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation’s altar because it was now an essential part of Great Qin’s plans, and he couldn’t allow it to be damaged no matter what.

Apart from these things, Zhao Fu also spent a lot of money to buy a Flight Stone. The godly spirit had wings and would most likely be able to fly, while Zhao Fu didn’t have such abilities. Therefore, he would have to use a Flight Stone to engage it in the air.

However, the Flight Stone’s effects weren’t that great – the flying altitude and speed were both limited, but this was the best flying-type item that Zhao Fu could find. In the end, it was better than having nothing at all.

After all of this was prepared, Zhao Fu led his 50,000 soldiers down to a large empty area in the underground region where they had moved the blood-red altar from Logue Village. There were also various wooden stakes around the altar on which wild beasts were bound – there were wild boars, goats, deer, and even tigers. Altogether, there were thousands of wild beasts.

There were also hundreds of pillars on which people were bound. Most of them were males, and there were both elderly and young people.

Of course, these people didn’t belong to Great Qin; rather, they were all evildoers and criminals who should have been killed by Zhao Fu’s forces. However, they were kept to be used as sacrifices to summon the demonic godly spirit. After all, to demons, humans were the most delicious.

Right now, whether they were wild beasts or humans, all of them felt deeply unsettled. The wild beasts tried to struggle free, and some of the people loudly cursed, wanting Zhao Fu to release them.
Zhao Fu stood in front of the stakes and pillars and coldly looked at them. He wouldn’t show any mercy to these sorts of people.

Now that the sacrifices were ready, Zhao Fu ordered his people to set up the various barriers. First was the Six Wood Absolute Barrier, a high-grade isolation barrier. It was one of the first things that Zhao Fu had obtained, and it would seal the surrounding space to prevent the demonic godly spirit from escaping.

The six white sticks were arranged around the blood-red altar, and they were about 5,000 meters from the altar each.

Apart from this, Zhao Fu had bought another 36 ordinary isolation barriers. They were black tubes of iron that were two meters long, and four of them formed a set. Ordinarily, they would be used in city battles to prevent the use of teleportation channels.

The 36 ordinary isolation barriers were arranged around the six white sticks, forming a super isolation barrier with the Six Wood Absolute Barrier as the foundation.



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