Chapter 291 – God Domain

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The 12 statues of the Yin General Ghost-Suppressing Formation were also spaced 5,000 meters away from the blood-red altar, creating a massive, formless formation.

Even though this formation was for suppressing ghosts, it was still effective against other evil creatures, though its effects were reduced.

Zhao Fu then took out four stone steles on which an Azure Dragon, Black Turtle, Vermillion Bird, and White Tiger were engraved. They made up the Four Corners Sealing Formation he had bought during the Ghost Festival, and he arranged them in the four different directions before setting up the Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation as well.

Finally, Zhao Fu gave all of his soldiers a bottle of Demon Resistance Potion. This potion gave them resistance against demon attacks, and it would also increase damage against demons.

After making these preparations, Zhao Fu looked at the soldiers around him. The soldiers all knew what he wanted to do, and they all of them looked quite serious and gave off a dense killing intent.

“Is everyone ready?” Zhao Fu asked.

The 50,000 soldiers simultaneously replied, “Yes!”

The sound was simply deafening.

“Assume the formation!” Bai Qi, Wei Liao, and Wang Jian yelled, and the 50,000 soldiers started to move, their feet moving in unison as they split into three teams that guarded the east, south, and west.
As for the north side, it was personally defended by Zhao Fu, two of the exploration teams, and 1,000 ballistae. Furthermore, Daisy and the other Holy Light skill users were there as well.

After all of these preparations were complete, Zhao Fu and Old Logue walked up to the blood-red altar, and Zhao Fu said seriously, “Let’s begin!”

Old Logue obeyed, raised his wooden staff, and started to chant. This chant felt incredibly dark, strange, and oppressive, and as Old Logue continuously repeated it, an evil aura started to come out of the altar.

The bound wild animals and humans started to cry out in fear as blood-colored auras rose up from their bodies and gathered towards the air above the altar. Soon, the beasts and people’s bodies started to wither at a visible rate.

As countless blood-red auras gathered above the altar, Old Logue finished his chant and yelled, “Great God Kerr, I invite you to descend with thousands of living creatures as a sacrifice!”

After finishing the chant, Old Logue raised his staff and slammed it down onto the altar. Immediately, the blood-colored aura above the altar started to spin, and it formed a blood-red whirlpool and created a gust of berserk wind.

“Arghhhhhh!!!” Around the altar, the beasts and humans gave a final cry before becoming dry corpses, looking quite terrifying.

A loud explosion sounded out as if space itself had been torn as a large crack appeared at the center of the blood-colored whirlpool. A black aura started to stream out from the crack, which was filled with darkness and evil.

The Sky Demon Sword at Zhao Fu’s waist could feel this aura, and it couldn’t help but feel excited, causing the sword to tremble.

A figure that gave off a shocking aura appeared. It looked like an imp and was 1.3 meters tall. There were three short horns on its head, and its eyes were completely back. There was also a pair of small wings on its back.

This was God Kerr, and it had been a long time since Zhao Fu had seen it. It looked essentially the same apart from the fact that its body was now solid instead of being just an image.

“Our lowly subjects, what have you summoned Us for?” God Kerr was very satisfied with Old Logue’s sacrifice, so it had quickly sent a clone to descend. However, to a godly spirit, creating thousands of clones was very simple.

Zhao Fu threw a bottle to Old Logue, and he quickly used it and ignored God Kerr. This immediately caused God Kerr’s pleased mood to sour.

At that moment, Zhao Fu turned to look at God Kerr, a calm expression on his face. He waved his hand, activating all of the formations. The Six Wood Absolute Barrier released six thin pillars of white light that rushed upwards until they hit the ceiling, and the white light started rippling out, causing the space around them to be locked.

God Kerr could immediately feel that there were many powers restricting it!
It looked at Zhao Fu and Old Logue with its black eyes and suddenly felt that it had been tricked. Its gaze became cold as it yelled, “You lowly creatures!”

God Kerr stretched out a sharp hand and pointed at Zhao Fu and Old Logue as a formless energy spread out.

However, Zhao Fu and Old Logue were completely fine, and they didn’t explode like God Kerr had expected. This made the atmosphere quite awkward.

Zhao Fu had long since predicted that God Kerr would be able to use the fact that his and Old Logue’s Demon Priest profession were given by God Kerr to easily kill them. As such, they had rid themselves of that profession. Changing profession was very easy, but the Demon’s Power, which was the power given by God Kerr, wasn’t so easy to get rid of.

At the ‘super auction,’ Zhao Fu bought a bottle of liquid, which was Profession Cleansing Water. It could completely erase one’s profession’s stats, skills, and attributes.

Most people were desperate for more professions, so it was inconceivable that they would want to get rid of a profession and all of the benefits that it brought. As such, Profession Cleansing Water was quite rare, and Zhao Fu had only found it at the last auction.

Even though they had fully gotten rid of the Demon Priest profession, they still had traces of God Kerr’s energy left within them. That was why God Kerr had thought that Zhao Fu and Old Logue were Demon Priests, and God Kerr wanted to use the Demon’s Power within them to kill them, resulting in this awkward scene.

God Kerr was so furious that its facial features distorted as it yelled, “Lowly human, you’ve angered the great God Kerr. You must die now!!”
God Kerr flew into the air and stretched out its hand, condensing blood-red fireballs that were as big as watermelons. There were hundreds of these fireballs, and all of them gave off an immense amount of heat, making the sky seem like it was burning and the temperature in this region to rise by ten or so degrees.

“Fire arrows!” Just as God Kerr was about to start attacking, Bai Qi and the others attacked first. Arrows with Evil-Crushing Talismans on them shot out, tearing through the air.

It was impossible to tell just how many arrows there were, and they contained a massive amount of force as they streaked towards God Kerr.

God Kerr condescendingly smiled as a blood-red dome expanded out from where it was, covering the 100-meter radius area around it.

Bang, bang, bang…

The countless arrows that hit the blood-red dome were knocked back, resulting in a rain of broken arrows.



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