Chapter 293 – God vs Four Beasts

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The Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation cost a large number of energy stones to use, but because Zhao Fu now had a massive energy stone mine, he didn’t mind using the formation.

The golden crow gave off a brilliant golden light as it flew into the air and joined the other three beasts, surrounding God Kerr in four different directions.

God Kerr started to look serious, and the four beasts savagely gazed at God Kerr as they roared.

Suddenly, the green wolf acted and sprang towards the God Kerr with immense speed, opening its mouth and biting towards God Kerr’s neck.

God Kerr quickly moved to the side, dodging the green wolf’s attack while it stabbed upwards with its pitchfork, sending the green wolf flying upwards.

“Roarrr!” the black tiger roared and turned into a black blur, opening its mouth as it bit towards God Kerr’s back.

God Kerr narrowed its eyes, turning and raising its pitchfork as the pitchfork gave off a massive violet light. When the black tiger was just two meters away, God Kerr stabbed the pitchfork towards the black tiger, and a formless energy smashed the black tiger back onto the ground.

“Skreeeee!!” At that moment, the blood-red eagle took this opportunity to attack. Its claws gave off an incredibly sharp aura as they grabbed towards God Kerr’s head.
God Kerr was given a big fright and used its pitchfork to block before crying out, “Godly Demon’s Shield!”

Suddenly, the hand that was gripping the pitchfork shot out a blood-red light that turned into the image of a massive shield. This shield was ten meters long and four meters wide, and there was a picture of a demon with a human’s body and a goat’s head on it.

At that moment, the blood-red eagle’s iron-like claws raked down on God Kerr.


An explosion sounded out as the terrifying claws were blocked by the massive shield. The shield looked illusory, but it actually contained immense defense.

“Skreeeee!!” The golden crow chose that moment to attack, and it spread its wings and rushed forwards as it stabbed towards its back.

“Arghhhh!” God Kerr screamed as a bloody wound appeared on its back, from which violet blood flowed out. The wound also sizzled because the Holy Light attribute that the golden crow contained greatly suppressed God Kerr’s demon attributes.

This sneak attack completely infuriated God Kerr, and its pitchfork shined with a massive amount of violet light as it stabbed towards the golden crow. In response, the golden crow quickly beat its wings and dodged to the side.

“Godly Demonic Thrust!” God Kerr yelled as the violet light formed into the image of a massive pitchfork that stabbed out. The golden crow was unable to dodge this attack, and its left wing was hit. It was able to get away after struggling, but the golden flames around it had become much dimmer.
Luckily, the golden crow wasn’t a true living creature but a creation of the Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation. With enough energy stones, it could immediately recover.

“Awoooo!” the green wolf howled as it once again rushed at God Kerr, looking incredibly ferocious.

The massive battle between the four beasts and God Kerr was simply heaven-shaking, and massive explosions continuously rang out. If it wasn’t for the fact that the region was covered with Vajra Talismans, it was likely that it would’ve collapsed.

As the battle went on, the four beasts seemed to have the upper hand. After all, the three beasts’ energy came from 50,000 soldiers, while the golden crow’s energy came from the Sunblaze Emperor Immortal Formation.

However, God Kerr was different – it was only a clone, and its connection to the main body had been severed by Zhao Fu’s super isolation barrier. As such, it became weaker and weaker as it battled.

“Roarrrr!” The massive black tiger once again leapt at God Kerr as God Kerr heavily swung its pitchfork.


The collision of the two energies resulted in another explosion, causing a wild gale to sweep out.

As God Kerr clashed with the black tiger, the Golden Crow grasped this opportunity to once again attack from behind God Kerr.

However, God Kerr was prepared this time, and it quickly moved to the side and slashed out with its pitchfork, creating another pitchfork image that was many times bigger than before and knocking the golden crow tens of meters away. However, the golden crow beat its wings and steadied its body before once again streaking towards God Kerr.
Seeing the golden crow attack again, God Kerr narrowed its eyes and prepared to attack it again.

“Whoosh!” A pair of claws suddenly raked downwards – at the moment that God Kerr had been distracted by the golden crow, the blood-red eagle had swooped down and grabbed ahold of its body. God Kerr was greatly surprised and quickly stabbed at the blood-red eagle with its pitchfork.

However, at that moment, the blood-red eagle swung God Kerr with great force, sending it falling downwards quickly. God Kerr beat its wings, trying to slow down its body, but the sound of the air exploding sounded out in the next moment as a massive tail whipped towards it.


A muffled explosion sounded out. Even though God Kerr had used its pitchfork to block in front of it, its body was still sent flying.

On the other side, the massive green wolf bared its fangs and bit down towards God Kerr with enough strength to crush mountains.

Facing this bite, God Kerr’s expression became savage, and it used its divine power that was running low to once again use the Godly Demon Shield. A massive shield’s image blocked in front of the green wolf, but God Kerr wasn’t able to even breathe before a wild gale swept at him and the blood-red eagle once again appeared above him.

God Kerr immediately gripped its pitchfork, causing a massive amount of violet light to flow out and stab upwards. A massive pitchfork image appeared, giving off an aura that seemed to be able to pierce through anything as it stabbed towards the blood-red eagle.
The blood-red eagle had long since become accustomed to God Kerr’s attack, and its body flipped in mid-air as it narrowly avoided this attack.

At that moment, the golden crow, black tiger, and green wolf simultaneously attacked God Kerr.

God Kerr’s expression became grim as a blood-red flame burst around its body, causing its aura to become even more powerful.

“Activate the Four Corners Sealing Formation!” Zhao Fu could tell that God Kerr was trying to do something, and its aura was becoming stronger and stronger. As such, he didn’t hesitate to use the final formation.

Azure, white, black, and red lights shot up into the sky, turning into four massive images. They were the Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, the Black Turtle, and the Vermillion Bird.

These four images appeared around God Kerr and gave off different lights when suddenly the lights formed a square around god Kerr and a complete formation appeared, giving off a powerful suppressing and sealing power.

Within the formation, God Kerr felt its body become heavy, and an invisible force restricted it, making it impossible for it to move even an inch.

The powerful formation slowly descended, and God Kerr was also brought down with it.

Finally, the four images returned to their stone steles, and the formation was lowered to the ground while God Kerr was also bond to the ground, unable to move at all.

Now, all they had to do was deal a final blow and heavily injure God Kerr before putting it onto the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation and refining it. Then, everything would be over.

Zhao Fu stood outside the Four Corners Sealing Formation, and he saw that God Kerr had lowered its prideful head for some reason. Because they would be suppressed by the formation if they entered, Zhao Fu ordered his countless Archers to take aim and fire.

Suddenly, God Kerr raised its head and looked towards Zhao Fu as its eyes became blood-red, and a wicked smile appeared on its lips.

“Godly True Descent!”



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