Chapter 300 – Demon Star

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Editor: Modlawls123


The sound of metal clashing sounded out as four chains, each of which gave off a different colored light, wrapped around the Demon Star once, locking it down solidly.

Even though the four chains were two to three meters wide, compared to the blood-red star, they seemed incredibly thin and small, and this was evident when looking at the star from a distance.

Following this, the Chaos Imperial Star was locked down by the four chains, and the blood-red light it gave off slowly dimmed as the evil aura it gave off also gradually weakened.

The natural disasters caused by the Chaos Imperial Star slowly disappeared, and the people who had fallen sick and gone crazy gradually recovered.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief as countless Legatees’ Fate Dragons also settled down and came under the Legatees’ control again.

The abnormal signs caused by the Chaos Imperial Star gradually vanished, and everything started to go back to normal. The elders on the formation also slightly relaxed as well.

However, at this moment, the massive Demon Star in the sky started to slowly turn, giving off a massive air of suppression as the four chains became taut.

The four elders were given a big fright, and they immediately pressed their hands together and started chanting, once again channeling strength into the chains to bind the Chaos Imperial Star tighter.

As the four chains became tighter, the Chaos Imperial Star’s rotation slowed down.
“Arghhhhh!!” Zhao Fu’s body stopped re-forming, and boundless pain assaulted him. Zhao Fu once again screamed, and his scream was slightly hoarse, making him sound like a wild beast.


The Demon Star once again started to rotate, and one of the four chains locking it down broke. As the massive Demon Star rotated with even more force, the remaining three chains also broke.

This greatly shocked all of the elders, and the dimmed blood-red light once again became bright, shining on the world. Now, it was brighter, bloodier, and eviler than before.

All of the natural disasters that had been quelled once again exploded, and the situation became even worse than last time. Even wild beasts’ eyes became blood-red, and wild beasts started to kill and destroy whatever they saw.

The entire world seemed to start to collapse!

On a misty mountain peak, a Taoist wearing silver robes looked at the Demon Star that had broken free. He sighed, and as a serious look appeared on his face, he said, “All Taoist disciples, heed my command! Activate the Taichi Heaven and Earth Formation!”

On a simple, unadorned building, an extremely mysterious black-cloaked figure who seemed neither male nor female looked at the Demon Star as well and said, “All Yin Yang disciples, heed my command! Activate the Five Elements Formation!”

On a tall platform, an elegant-looking middle-aged man dressed in robes looked up and said seriously, “All Confucian disciples, heed my command! Activate the Boundless Righteous Qi Formation!”

In a grassy plain, a resolute-looking middle-aged man dressed in gray with a charcoal-like sword at his waist looked at the Demon Star and shouted, “All Mohist disciples, heed my command! Activate the Ink Gate Great Formation!”

In front of a large structure, a middle-aged man, who gave off an intense masculine aura, looked at the Demon Star and said in a low voice, “All Military disciples, heed my command! Activate the Soldier Conquering Formation!”

At that moment, those from the Hundred School of Thoughts activated their most powerful formations, and other sects, such as the Buddhist Sect, the Maoshan Sect, and the Shaman Sect, did the same.

All of the sects with grand Fate Legacies immediately acted, activating their formations.


A massive explosion sounded out as the School of Taoism acted first, creating a massive white chain that gave off a powerful aura and rushed towards the Demon Star.


Another explosion sounded out as a five-colored chain came from where the School of Yin Yang was, and it also rushed towards the Demon Star.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Great explosions continuously sounded out as the Confucians, the School of Military, the Legalists, the Mohists, the Buddhist Sect… countless sects shot out massive chains containing awesome power. They broke through the clouds and extended towards the Demon Star in the sky.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Over 100 chains shot out from the various regions all over China, and they wrapped around the massive Demon Star.

The multitude of chains finally caused the Chaos Imperial Star to stop rotating, and its light once again dimmed. The world gradually became calm again, and everyone let out a sigh of relief.


In the underground region, Zhao Fu’s body once again stopped re-forming, and the immense pain once again assaulted him, making him scream.

Outside, Bai Qi, Wang Jian, and Wei Liao detected something, and they felt a wave of fury wash over them as they drew their General Armaments.

“Seven Murders!” “Voracious Wolf!” “Army Destroyer!”

Three loud yells sounded out as Bai Qi and the others looked up and raised their General Armaments, invigorating all of the General Fate within them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three pillars of light containing terrifying auras rushed into the sky, causing the sky to tremble.
The people who had just breathed out in relief suddenly looked up in shock. They saw a blood-red star containing dense killing intent, a black star containing a dense conquering air, and a green star giving off an incredibly strange aura suddenly descend.

These three stars were also massive, but compared to the Chaos Imperial Star, they seemed quite small, like tomatoes around a cantaloupe.

After the Seven Murders Star, the Voracious Wolf Star, and the Army Destroyer Star appeared, they surrounded the gigantic, bound Chaos Imperial Star and started to radiate with power.


A massive explosion sounded out as a formless energy rippled out, obliterating the surrounding clouds. The three General Stars gave off their own resplendent starlight, and they started to help the Chaos Imperial Star break free from its bonds.

Everyone had forgotten that the owner of the Chaos Imperial Star was also the master of the owners of these three General Stars. Now, these three General Stars had created a massive storm that caused the thick chains to tremble. What was horrifying was that the gigantic blood-red Demon Star once again started to rotate.

With the help of the three General Stars, the Chaos Imperial Star became eviler and many times more powerful, and the terrifying aura it gave off caused the entire world to tremble.


As everyone stared with wide eyes, the first chain broke.



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