Chapter 305 – God-Killer Royal Bloodline

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Following this, Zhao Fu looked at the next system announcements.

“System announcement! Congratulations on re-forming your body. Your attributes have greatly changed.”

“System announcement! You have unlocked a Grade.”

“System announcement! You have unlocked the God-Killer Profession.”

“System announcement! You have unlocked Divine Sense.”

“System announcement! The Great Qin Town has obtained a massive amount of Fate and been upgraded into an Epic grade Town.”

After looking through these announcements, Zhao Fu immediately looked at his stats, and he found that they had indeed greatly changed. Now, with his current strength, he would be able to fight on equal grounds with a Stage 4 City Lord. Of course, that was if the City Lord didn’t use his City Lord Seal.

Apart from this, Zhao Fu also received a Grade. It wasn’t from F grade to S grade but called ‘Upper Earth grade.’

This made Zhao Fu feel quite curious – after all, weren’t grades from F to SSS? What did ‘Upper Earth grade’ mean? Could it be a special grade for players?

Zhao Fu looked at the detailed information and found that Grades weren’t just from F to SSS; rather, there were grades above SSS that were Human, Earth, and Heaven.

Each of the grades was split into Lower, Middle, Upper, and Complete. From the information he was given, it seemed that there were even higher grades, but they weren’t described.

Zhao Fu suspected that most people didn’t know about this, and if it wasn’t for the fact that Zhao Fu had unlocked his Earth grade, he also would’ve been in the dark about this.

It seemed that the Divinity’s effects were quite powerful, boosting his grade directly to Earth grade. Even though there was no indication, Zhao Fu felt that his grade from before had been perhaps S.

This was because even if he spent the same amount of time cultivating as Bai Qi, his speed was far slower than Bai Qi’s speed. By now, Bai Qi’s cultivation was at Stage 1-9, and after consuming two Blood God Pills, Zhao Fu’s cultivation was only at Stage 1-6.

Now, with his Earth grade, he had left Bai Qi in the dust, making Zhao Fu grin. Following this, he looked at the next system announcement.

Upon looking at the God-Killer profession, Zhao Fu’s eyes lit up, and he immediately looked into it.

He found that the God-Killer profession was the same as the King profession. It was something that surpassed other military professions and a profession that could develop.

In its early stages, it didn’t have any stats or skills and only gave God-Killer’s Power, which was similar to divine power but greatly countered divine power.
At the same time, this profession gave him a God-Killer Bloodline, which could also be passed on to his descendants.

The King profession and God-Killer profession were both incredibly rare and difficult to obtain; the King profession required one to establish a nation, and because Zhao Fu had Great Qin’s Legacy and Ancient King’s Power, he had been able to unlock it quite early.

The God-Killer profession required one to kill a god to unlock. Because Zhao Fu had used the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation to steal some of God Kerr’s Divinity and fused with it, he had unlocked this profession.

Whether it was establishing a nation or killing a god, neither of these things was easy to accomplish, and they would be impossible for most people.

As such, the Royal Bloodline and God-Killer Bloodline were both high-grade bloodlines. After Zhao Fu’s body had been re-formed, they had perfectly combined into an unknown bloodline, which Zhao Fu called the God-Killer Royal Bloodline for now.

The God-Killer Royal Bloodline was already a Level 11 Bloodline. Before, Zhao Fu’s Royal Bloodline had been a Lower Level 10 Bloodline.

After looking through the God-Killer profession, Zhao Fu then looked at the ‘Divine Sense’ system announcement.

“What’s this?” Zhao Fu wondered to himself. Zhao Fu started to read the description in detail, and he found that it was one of the five Celestial Senses. If he unlocked all five, he would be able to enter Celestial Mode.

Zhao Fu didn’t know what Celestial Mode was, but it sounded quite powerful as the description stated that it would be able to repel all evils and that demons and gods would avoid it.

The description didn’t say what the other four senses were, but it gave an introduction to Divine Sense. Divine Sense strengthened a person’s mind and willpower; it could also be said that one’s spirit was strengthened. There were two ways to unlock Divine Sense. The first requires one’s spirit to almost be destroyed. After it recovers, it will become more powerful. The second required one to attain a certain level of comprehension, causing one’s spirit to evolve.

Zhao Fu was most likely the first type. Even now, Zhao Fu’s body was trembling from the pain he had suffered during the re-forming of his body.

The main effect of Divine Sense greatly reduced the effects of illusions, mental attacks, and spiritual attacks. At the same time, it greatly increased the effectiveness of his own illusions and mental attacks. All in all, it was quite useful.

Now that he had unlocked Divine Sense, there were four more senses to unlock. Zhao Fu was quite curious about Celestial Mode and the four other senses.

The next system announcement was that the Great Qin Town had become an Epic grade Town. Zhao Fu hadn’t expected this at all because he had thought he would have to destroy ten Legacy Villages in order to do such a thing.

The reason for this was because everything, whether it was an individual or a nation, had its own Fate. If Zhao Fu took down a system main city, he would obtain a massive amount of Fate. Similarly, Zhao Fu had killed a powerful clone of a godly spirit and refined it, and the Myrtle Imperial Star had also fused with the Chaos Demon Star – both of these things had given Great Qin a massive amount of Fate.
The massive amount of Fate also caused the Twelve Metal Colossi and Imperial Ruler’s Seal to be upgraded again. Now, the Twelve Metal Colossi was a Level 3 Nation Armament, and the Imperial Ruler’s Seal was a Level 2 Clan Armament.

Comparatively speaking, it was much harder to level up a Clan Armament than a Nation Armament – it not only required a massive amount of Fate but also something that greatly affected the Chinese race as a whole.

Afterward, Zhao Fu went to the Town Hall and looked at the floating cube that was now orange-colored. The aura it gave off was more powerful, and Zhao Fu looked at the Great Qin Town’s new stats:

Village Name: Great Qin Town (Epic)

Level: Advanced (269,200/750,000)

Village Area: 500 square kilometers.

Village Territory: 12,180 square kilometres.

Residents: 242.950/420,000

Military: 31,640/72,000

Popular Support: 85

Village Special Stats: Territory Crop Output +110%, Territory Crop Growing Time -110%, Population Limit +80%, Residents’ stats can randomly +7, Soldiers’ stats +8%, Population Attraction+100%, chance of attracting higher grade population +810%.

Subsidiary Village Limit: 600

Subordinate Villages: Logue Village, Jean Village, Dorun Village, Li Family Village, Wolf Village, Ferocious Tiger Village…



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