Chapter 309 – Six-Eyed Flood Dragon

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Zhao Fu made some simple preparations before heading off into the depths of the Forest of Horrors.

The trees blocked out the sun, and they were many times taller than the trees outside. There were also various low-grade spirit grasses, but because their quality wasn’t very high, Zhao Fu didn’t bother picking them.

At the same time, the atmosphere here wasn’t as relaxed as in the forests outside – it was incredibly tense and oppressive here, and dangers lurked in every corner.

Suddenly, a black blur rushed at Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu casually drew his sword and slashed out at the black blur.

It was a weasel-like animal that had gray-white fur. It was a bit bigger than a normal dog, and it had Stage 2 strength.

As a result of Zhao Fu’s attack, a deep gash appeared on the creature’s shoulder, from which blood slowly flowed out. It seemed that its injury was quite serious.

Zhao Fu’s strength already rivaled that of a City Lord’s, and a casual strike was enough to severely injure these animals.

Despite being so heavily injured, the creature still wanted to attack. After leaping at Zhao Fu again, its neck was pierced by Zhao Fu’s sword, and it died.

Within the depths of the Forest of Horrors, almost all of the creatures were at least Stage 2, or it would be impossible for them to survive. As such, Zhao Fu stayed incredibly wary.
After looking at the creature’s corpse, Zhao Fu found that the materials that could be extracted from its body were only Normal grade. By now, Zhao Fu wasn’t impressed by even Blue grade materials, let alone this Normal grade material. Just as Zhao Fu was about to leave, he suddenly thought of something.

From the beginning, he had only used the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation to refine human corpses to obtain their grades or cultivations, and he had never refined animals before. Even though this creature’s materials weren’t great, it was Stage 2, so perhaps refining it would result in some good items.

After he thought of this, Zhao Fu decided to put the creature’s corpse away before continuing onwards.

Not long after, a four meter long rhinoceros rushed out and didn’t hesitate to attack. This rhinoceros had Stage 3 cultivation and made Zhao Fu frown. The density of the creatures in the Forest of Horrors was simply too great, and they were all quite strong.

Zhao Fu killed this rhinoceros in a few hits and put the corpse away before continuing.

Night time in the Forest of Horrors was quite terrifying – it was completely dark, and there were no sounds from birds or bugs. There was a dense aura of danger, making the atmosphere incredibly tense.

Zhao Fu lit a bonfire and started to roast a few wild chickens that he had caught. It had been a tiring day, and the only thing he had gained was about ten or so creatures. He still hadn’t seen even a trace of the Dragon Incubating Celestial Grass, and Zhao Fu planned to go deeper the next day.

“Roarrrr!” A massive dragon-like roar reverberated through the forest as an extremely powerful aura descended from the sky. The air seemed to freeze as the countless creatures within the forest trembled.

A massive figure appeared in the sky – it was 1,000 meters long; had black, glistening scales; and had four powerful-looking claws. It also had six blood-red eyes and a long, black horn. Its body flew in the air despite not having any wings, and it gave off a powerful air of suppression.

Below, Zhao Fu immediately hid his aura and was surprised to find the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon already. The Six-Eyed Flood Dragon was the ruler of this region, and the aura it gave off was simply too powerful. Only after feeling its aura did Zhao Fu realize the extent of its might.

However, when Zhao Fu looked up at the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon, he felt that it would feel incredibly awesome if he could subdue it and use it as a mount.

As a Chinese person, Zhao Fu was greatly interested in Flood Dragons, but it was a pity that Zhao Fu didn’t have the power to subdue the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon. However, he was excited to try in the future.

After resting for the night, Zhao Fu headed deeper into the Forest of Horrors as soon as the sun rose.

He encountered many powerful creatures and avoided them when he could. After all, his main goal was to find Dragon Incubating Celestial Grass, not to fight. He couldn’t afford to let these creatures waste his time.

Within the depths of the Forest of Horrors, the creatures were all much more powerful than those outside. However, they were no longer as densely gathered because the creatures here all had superior intelligence and their own small territories.

Of course, they wouldn’t just let any creature enter their territory – upon entering, they would immediately attack. As such, Zhao Fu became increasingly careful because the creatures here all had Stage 4 cultivation.

At the same time, there were many high-grade spirit grasses here, and Zhao Fu started to look around him attentively. Even though there was danger lurking around every corner, Zhao Fu would be able to deal with them easily, primarily because his Assassin profession allowed him to move incredibly stealthily.

Soon, Zhao Fu found something of value – it was snow-white grass that seemed quite furry, and it had a single leaf.

This was called Snowfur Grass, and it was a Stage 4 spirit grass. It was worth a considerable amount of money, and Zhao Fu had discovered it next to a rotting tree. Such a high-grade spirit grass wasn’t something that could be bought with money.

Zhao Fu had been quite lucky because there weren’t any powerful creatures guarding it, and it was in an accessible place. As such, Zhao Fu was quite happy.

After continuing onwards, Zhao Fu avoided all of the places that gave off powerful auras as he looked around. His luck was quite good, and he found a couple more types of spirit grasses without much danger.

Just like that, another day passed, but Zhao Fu was unable to find any Dragon Incubating Celestial Grass. By now, Zhao Fu started to doubt the information that he had received.

However, since he had made the trip here, he couldn’t just leave like this. Zhao Fu could only carefully advance further and further.
Another day later, Zhao Fu was hiding at the top of a tree and looking ahead of him, a smile on his face. He had discovered ten or so fruit trees that were three meters tall. They grew white fruits that were as big as lychees and gave off strange ripples of light, looking quite extraordinary.

Zhao Fu had seen these spirit fruits before – they had been growing next to the place where he had killed the Whitefur Monkey King. After returning that time, Zhao Fu had done some research and found that these fruits were called Windbell Fruits, and they would ring like a bell when touched.

There were ten or so Windbell Fruit Trees here, and Zhao Fu could dig them up and replant them in the Great Qin Town. Windbell Fruits were Stage 3 spirit fruits, and if he could find a pill recipe for them, he would be able to refine Stage 3 medicinal pills, which would be even more effective than the Stage 2 Hundred Origin Pills.

Not only would this increase his soldiers’ cultivation speed, but it would also give them an advantage over the system main cities, which only had Stage 2 medicinal pills.



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